[COOKING] 제육볶음피자???? 송쉪표 #제육피자 & 제육#오븐스파게티 | SUB

[COOKING] 제육볶음피자???? 송쉪표 #제육피자 & 제육#오븐스파게티 | SUB

& BAKED SPAGHETTI) Hi, Songnims! The food that Chef Song gonna make today is.. Here is the hint Right! It is Chef Song-style PIZZA!
(CLAPS) I am not really a fan of pizza, but there are times when I feel like eating it I decided to to make this new pizza because I wanted to go for something that Koreans would love The name of my pizza is PIZZA with KOREAN STIR-FRY SPICY PORK Can you imagine eating pizza with Korean stir-fry spicy pork? I made it because I just wanted to and it was super yummy! That is why I want to make Chef Song’s pizza with Korean stir-fry spicy pork and baked spaghetti today Please try making them too, as I invented the recipe Let us start with the ingredients I brought this drinkable yogurt for myself (NOT ONE OF THE INGREDIENTS)
(ADVERTISING (X)) The ingredients are.. you need sauce It is OTTOGI meat spaghetti sauce and kimchi You need spaghetti noodles, minced garlic, sugar, hot pepper powder, parsley powder, oyster sauce, teriyaki sauce, butter, and meat for stew The type of meat does not matter. It is up to you You also need cheese! I want to make dough as well, but you know how dirty and messy your kitchen will get later.. So what I have here is.. the tortilla! I chose the big size tortilla Onions! That is all for the ingredients Shall we start cooking now? Let us get it! First, let us start with onions Cut them into thin slices
– Cut onions into thin slices Have the packaged kimchi with you and cut them into pieces
– Cut kimchi into small pieces We are already done with the ingredients.
It is easy, is it not? We need sauce for both pizza and spaghetti, so I will make sure we have enough You have to preheat the pan Why do we need sugar? I will coat meat with sugar, so that it tastes sweeter TIP FOR YOU :
Meat tastes sweeter and becomes crispier if you cook it with caramelized sugar Please add sugar You guys have made Dalgona (Korean Sponge Candy) before, right? We will caramelize sugar just like that
– Caramelize sugar on the pan after heating it up You see this? I should make Dalgona next time Tada! You then add meat
– Fry the meat together with caramelized sugar And butter! Butter-fried meat even tastes better Can you see it is perfectly coated? (COATED MEAT) You now cut them into small pieces Do not cut them too small, though Just cut the meat into edible sizes
Fry the meat with butter, and cut it into edible sizes I think it is all good Now, here comes garlic! Add one big tablespoon of minced garlic and fry them together
– Add minced garlic to the pan We will then add the teriyaki sauce, just one big tablespoon of it is fine
– One big tablespoon of teriyaki sauce + oyster sauce (makes everything taste good) + red pepper powder You fry all There is a reason why the packaged kimchi is good Drain like this After that, you just add kimchi
– Add kimchi and continue frying Let us see what it tastes like (GIVES A BIG THUMBS UP) Add onions! It looks like the Korean stir-fry spicy pork that you know, does it not? The tomato sauce! Weighing is needless here, just add the sauce as much as you like
– Add the sliced onions and the tomato sauce and fry them together Add water, not too much
– Add water and heat the pan over low heat Oh yeah right!
Remember I struggled with the oven last time? So I will preheat the oven first Set it to 200°C Let us boil the noodles Add water in the large pan If you have the lid, cover the pan with it Many people do not know how to measure the spaghetti noddles the right way Make a one big ring with your fingers, and that is for one person (FOR ONE PERSON) (WAITING FOR THE WATER TO GET BOIL…) When it starts boiling, add the noodles Cool, right? It is cool
– Add the noodles and cook them Stir them It takes quite a long time to boil the spaghetti noodles, so cover the pan with the lid What am I supposed to do now? Oh! Check the oven if it is ready (STILL ON AIR) What was it.. Oh! I will get everything ready for the baked spaghetti You know what, I even bought this I wanted to make my spaghetti look exactly like the ones you eat outside I bought this from Homeplus Transfer the sauce to the bowl as much as you like
– Transfer the sauce to the bowl Wow~! (GIVES TWO THUMBS UP) It is so good. It is spicy Transfer the sauce like this Can you see? And then.. you add cheese to the sauce
– Add cheese to the sauce You have to check the noodles often See if you have cooked them enough You have to boil the noodles for a long time I will add this to the spaghetti later I think I will just have to boil them for a minute (DRINKABLE YOGURT TIME)
Enjoying the cup of drinkable yoghurt while waiting for the noodles! I think the noodles are cooked now Let us drain first and transfer them to the bowl Put the spaghetti in the sauce Amazing, huh?
– Drain the water and put the spaghetti in the sauce You put the sauce on top again
– Once again, put the sauce on top In case you find the sauce not enough, no worries! Remember we have.. (HE IS THE ONE WHO CANNOT FIND THE SAUCE) the tomato sauce? With little water, add the sauce more
– Cook the noodles with water and tomato sauce if you want to have some more sauce Just put the sauce on top! It looks like this Top with cheese as much as you like!
– Top with cheese TADA! We will now put this in the oven While waiting, let us make our tortilla pizza
– Put the spaghetti in the preheated oven (set to 200 °C) Have one sheet of tortilla
– Place the tortilla in the preheated pan to let the water escape Put the sauce on the tortilla
– Put the tomato sauce on the tortilla Make sure you put the sauce evenly Tada! Top it with cheese
– Top it with cheese and cover the pan with the lid After topping, you can cover the pan with the lid if you have one We just have to plate them It is crazy, is it not? (CLAPS)
The pizza and the spaghetti are all ready! I will take them out of the oven right away WOW~ Lemme cut them into 4 slices
– Cut them into edible slices and sprinkle parsley power on the tortilla Gosh~ It is crazy Can you see this, guys? I will take the spaghetti out of the oven now WOW~ It is unbelievable! (CLAPS)
The baked spaghetti and the pizza with Korean stir-fry spicy pork are all ready! As you all can see, I made a lot. Did I not? I will give one slice of each to my manager and editor that always work hard for me Some of you are probably in doubt, as to whether my foods are really good or not So..I will ask my manager to taste them Come over here Help yourself Can you see the cheese? (HIS MANGER IS IN DOUBT) (NOT FRIENDS WITH THE CAM) How is it? Tell us about its taste (TURNS BACK) (WE ARE NOT BEING PUNISHED)
Let the viewers see you eating! Why are you turning back~ WOW~ This is what happens when you put enough cheese on the tortilla Is it good?
– Yeah Do you not think the pizza with Korean stir-fry spicy pork is really good? What does it taste like? Does it taste a lot different, compared to the normal pizza we usually eat? (HIS BRAIN IS NOT WORKING CUZ YUNHYEONG ASKED SO MANY QUESTIONS AT ONCE) Give me a sec, lemme eat more They serve you like this when you go to pizza restaurants, right? With chopsticks and rubber band.. It is hot! I want to work with you It is good
– It is?
(CLAPS CLAPS) The pork is no joke Yummy, right?
– (NODS) I will get going for an ASMR for Chef Song’s Pizza& Baked spaghetti with Korean stir-fry spicy pork then! You have to eat them before they get cold Let us go! WHAT’S ON NEXT EPISODE?
Pizza & Baked Spaghetti with Korean Stir-fry Spicy Pork ASMR Mukbang Video

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  1. I'm definitely going to try to make this spicy pork sauce for my next pizza day. I love using naan bread for making personal pizzas. Thanks, Check Song!

  2. Yunhyeong!!! You gave me an ideaaaa! That another way of making pizza!!! Coz I failed every pizza I tried making at home hehe

  3. 오빠 비행기 타고 가요2 브이로그 찍어 주세요!!방송이 너~~무 재미있어요^^
    그 중 열일 하는 오빠의 얼굴과 친절해두!너~~무 친절한 오빠의 성격이 또 한 몫 해 주는 것 가타여❤

  4. Yunhyeong you're so passionate. I wanna be like you. You always inspire me to do my best and I get that energy through your videos.

  5. No one:
    Song: use a pan to cover another pan

    Another life hack from our chef. I will never look at a pan the same way🤣🤣🤣

  6. 5:05 wala na hindi pa na preprepare yung spaghetti ubos na yung pasta,prince yunhyeong di makapag hintay lang?HAHAHAHAHAHA choUr iloveyouuuu prince song

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