Cooked Salmon Sashimi Recipe – Sous Vide Cooking

Cooked Salmon Sashimi Recipe – Sous Vide Cooking

Welcome back to another sushi video tutorial,
I am Chef Devaux and today I am going to show you guys how to make something spectacular,
something impossible, something revolutionary, something innovative. It’s possibly the future
of sushi, although it might not be — who knows. But what’s certain is over the last
100 years, sushi have evolved so much from something that took six months to make by
fermenting rice and fish together, something you can make instantly in sushi bars across
the country. So this could be the future. Basically I use a Sous Vide machine to cook
the fish to the exact temperature, 40°C and then what happens is the fat dislocates from
the fish and you create these sashimi size fish flakes which are juicy and tender and
perfectly cooked, unlike anything you will ever be able to achieve in a pan or a pot,
and they are just magnificent. It’s a completely new way to look at sushi.
So I hope you guys enjoy this little video, let’s get straight into making it.
Alright so first thing you want to do is you want to get a nice piece of salmon with the
grain going right across, you won’t want curving of the grain, so I cut it specifically to
be like so. Now, you just want to make the brine which is simply 500ml of water and then
6% salt and 4% sugar. Now you just want to let this dissolve inside, and then add your
fish. Leave in brine for 24-hours In the fridge.
Alright, so it’s been 24-hours since I’ve brined the fish and I have just patted it
dry, and what’s happened is the brine has seasoned the fish perfectly and it’s changed
structure so that albumen doesn’t leach out, the albumen is the white stuff that coats
the outside of the salmon while you cook it, and this way it will stay nice and orange
when you cook it. Now I am just going to put it inside this sous vide bag and then I am
just going to add 40g of extra virgin olive oil — perfect.
Alright so this part is very easy, you just put it inside your vacuum sealer, make sure
it’s aligned properly, close it and seal it — perfect, that easy and it doesn’t matter
if there is a little air pocket with oil because you just want to basically poach it inside
the oil, that’s the plan here. Alright so I have got the Sous Vide machine
at 41°C, I am just going to add the salmon in.
You want to cook the salmon to about 40°C and I put the Sous Vide machine at 41°C to
make it go a little bit faster and you want to leave it in there for about 25-minutes
to 27-minutes. 27-minutes if it’s pretty thick salmon, 25 if it is not.
Alright so after 27-minutes you pull your salmon out and then you just let it rest for
one or two minutes. Alright once it’s cooked what I am going to do here is just take a
butter knife and get right in between layers of fat and separate it, like so — this piece
is a little bit small. Small piece=Chef’s lunch
And just like so they come off pretty easy, and it’s almost like sashimi slices but not
quite because this is not how you cut sashimi. Alright so you just put your knife in between
the fat layer and it just comes apart, and just help it slightly with your hand and this
is so soft, it’s just incredible. Alright so you place your knife in between
the fat layer and it should just slide in and it just comes off the fish like so. It’s
extremely soft because what’s happened during your soft cooking is the fat as sort of melted
and the tender-tender fish is just so soft and juicy that it just falls apart.
Alright, so now I’ve got everything prepared, I’ve got some avocado slices and my salmon
flakes in pieces, which look a lot like sashimi. I am going to add just a little bit of soy
wasabi air — which you can check out how to make by clicking on the link on the top
left corner — to a plate, beautiful. Now you just pull it out, now you just add
some sliced avocado, make sure to spread them out nicely…perfect, and now you add your
salmon and just finish it off by adding a couple little herbs or something to decorate.
In this case I’m using some mint and you can maybe just make your air come to it so it
can be fixed in place – perfect. I hope you guys enjoyed watching how to make
this delicately cooked salmon sashimi, and if you want to make it without a Sous Vide
machine, it’s possible but it will take a lot of effort, you have to sit there and turn
the gas on and off and watch it with a thermometer for 27-minutes, which would be hell. So I
would suggest just making the investment, it’s the same as any other cooking machine
in your kitchen, it costs money. If you want to buy it you can just do that
now by clicking on the left. Anyway, I guess that’s everything and I guess there is nothing
left to do but try it. Look at that delicate fish, dip it inside
the soy sauce and then it’s here. It’s got such juicy, delicate flavors of fish and the
texture is just — it’s somewhat in between cooked and raw, it’s…remarkable.
I really suggest you guys try this at home, it’s amazing. God! That’s all and now I will
just show you a little clip about my new kitchen which is being built.
Alright so this is going to be my new kitchen. Now it’s still in construction as you can
see, I am really excited about it. It’s been taking so long to build this. I had to lay
down a concrete floor with tiles, 2.4 tons to complicate that, that was painful work.
And I figured out how to do it all by watching YouTube videos and getting on with it, which
is what it’s all about, isn’t it. Alright so once this kitchen is finished in
about one to two months it’s going to be dedicated to making only YouTube videos and making better
sushi video recipes, now that’s the sort of dedication I have to making better videos.
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you can see all my other videos. Thank you for watching, until next week good-bye.

85 thoughts on “Cooked Salmon Sashimi Recipe – Sous Vide Cooking

  1. You are asking me a pretty tough question… 😛 I would have to say you maki sushi roll recipe, I love the simplicity and beauty of the roll, as well as the taste! All of your videos are my favorite, but the maki sushi recipe video goes a little bit above the rest. Anyway, love your videos, and hope the new kitchen goes as planned!

  2. Yeah I still don't like eating in front of a camera but I'm getting used to it, it's sort of like sky diving once you jump out the perfectly fine plane once it's not that difficult the second time round…. 😀

  3. Thanks for sharing which was your favorite video! I liked the fours seasons maki sushi roll too, its sometimes the simplest things which end up being the best.
    I hope the kitchen goes as planned too 🙂

  4. Dave, you could be the man to revolutionize the way sushi is cooked! I'd love to read your name in some kind of book of cooking story, it would be amazing. Thank you for making such awesome and creative videos, i'm already looking forward to see the next one!

  5. @med icine where's the rice in this video?? He's enthusiastic about it because he made it perfectly cooked. Not something quick and simple but perfect art.

  6. Woooow that looked amazing. I think I'm going to love this because I fancy the look of sashimi but not a fan of raw fish so this could be perfect for me. Thx

  7. Great recipe. But to make the vacuum with that kind of machine is not safe because it can draw liquid, like oil, as well (unless you has a professional chamber vacuum sealer). But you can avoid the risk to damage the tool putting freezed oil (or water or anything else) before cooking. Enjoy!

  8. you should also mention that the salmon has to be kept frozen under -18C for at least 24 hours before doing this.
    ..unless you wanna kill people

  9. Hi Chef – loving your stuff. 

    I want to try your recipe in my SV machine this weekend.I am intending to do salmon three ways – normal – seared -sous vide. Wondering if I can prepare your style and leave it in the fridge as part of a devastation menu?

    Also wondering what else I could put in the foam given I have an allergy to wasabi?


  10. cool dish, but i'm not sure how many people can "try this at home" as you suggest. sous vide machines are not common at all in households

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  12. I absolutely love raw and smoked salmon, but absolutely hate cooked salmon. Although I've got to admit this looks delish…

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  14. This might sound really stupid but i'm just curious. I thought bacteria grows between 41 – 70 degrees. So my question is, did the brining
    make it so that it's safe to eat or how does that work? 

  15. I know I'm being pedantic, but "cooked sashimi" is an oxymoron. It does look good, though; I'll have to try it now that I have a good sous vide machine.

  16. First it's not sushi. Say "mushy", vaguely inspired by japanese cuisine. Second I hate the idea of cooking anything in plastic. Third cooked under vacuum everything tastes boiled as there is not caramelization of the sugars (all the barbecue lovers will understand. Fourth it's totaly useless, and expensive, the material will end in some closet like the super kitchen robots. If you do not like raw fish, marinate it or grill it (for example after marinating the salmon with fresh ginger, orange juice and soya sauce for 1 hour). Or use a fish kettle. Or even simpler cook the salmon in milk with salt, pepper and dill.

  17. The word "sashimi" can means two things 1) Raw fish or 2) fish that are thinly sliced…. in this video the way how this salmon is cooked is what the rest of world or real chef will call Salmon Mi-Cuit not cooked salmon sashimi as the fish is neither raw nor sliced thinly. The brine is usually 6% to10% salt,

  18. yeah but dont call it sashimi….because the word sashimi indicates that its raw fish slides. called it slow cooked salmon or something.

  19. Great tip! I cooked the salmon 25m at 40ºC and the fat didn't disolve at all. Do you suggest to increase time or temp? Gracias!

  20. So brining eliminates the white thingies on the salmon. I smoke my salmon using a donabe and results always leaves me with that unsightly white coating. I'll have to try that method next time I smoke.

    I also just purchased a sous vide and will try your recipe out.

  21. I got the larger version in case I ever needed the internal volume. This thing is HUGE, and uses a lot of water.>>> The instructions say to not leave water sitting in it after use. The temperature maintains very well and easily. I would have liked for there to be a delay start timer. All in all a great buy, had it for about 2 months now.

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