Cook With Me,  Nougat Candy, From  Handmade Candies  Cookbook by Adi Endevelt

Cook With Me, Nougat Candy, From Handmade Candies Cookbook by Adi Endevelt

oh hi everybody this is just a home grandma and I am bringing you I cook with me um and I'm doing new Girt today i'm attempted your new you haven't done nougat in a while this is a recipe I'm actually doing a review also because this was a cook book and ebook I got and um the authors on the UM on the page but I'll put everything in the comment section if you want the cookbook and it's actually quite good um a lot of them call for a lot of nuts and I don't do nuts because I don't like not to my candy and also my granddaughter is allergic to nuts and also eggs so she can't have this anyway but I'm going to read the ingredients you in then we're gonna go try it okay so let me with this yeah so and you're gonna add half a couple of fourth of a cup of water 2 cups of sugar 1 cup of glucose and the glucose is actually this is the English one she wrote in England so this is also the light sort the cornstarch shirt so we're gonna use this okay and this is light syrup it's 33% of fewer calories okay so anyway and then we're going to use some egg whites which I've already separated because I just didn't want to see if I was going to bomb and how big all over me I didn't want you to see that no I just separated her so there wouldn't be that long and then I got to find only thing I left out was and I have this sprayer so I'm gonna get out ain't turning my back to you but yes I'll try not to so how's everybody doing I am doing just fine house is completely empty it's so quiet here it nothing I miss the kids don't really do what on the other hand the mother thing this is that you don't have to stir this is the egg show okay this is the except later that I use so this is my double boiler add a little double boiler but I didn't think I didn't quite know whether that would fit in here so in the pan I'm going to put 1/4 of a cup of water we're just running 2 cups of granulated sugar I'm gonna hold it down and then I'm going to put a cup of course judge I mean cool now again they call it glucose inhaling and I'll actually show you how to make it next sometimes you got to do it sometime correction so I'm gonna sit the off woman don't get up and I'm gonna sit down because yeah [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and I'm done long time either so then well while we're waiting for on everything did to melt you're going to UM let's place the water and the glucose and the double boiler and stir it oh yes Stuart gently once with a wooden spoon it's very important time prior to boiling if any sugar accumulates to get it on the other side so I do stir it I thought I didn't stir it excuse me sometimes I read things wrong so it's melting melting slowly what's melting so hey Wade's going down slowly I'll go back in a minute mmm so the egg is already whipped and it's fluffy and foamy why not stiff so see this is why I got confused too because it said it's very important prior to boiling if any sugar accumulates on the side too low the grains into a mixture around using the wet pastry brush but then it said hey no place the water sugar glucose and in a double boil bottom of the pan and stir gently with the wooden spoon and that's why I got confused as I was reading down in there I do that occasionally so what's everybody doing today I'm just enjoying myself I had to Amelie I've been reading this cookbook and it's very good I was going to do the fudge but I don't really like fudge and I haven't had do it in a long time and I liked new Girt so that's what I went with it might have lollipops in it it has the soft candy it has all kinds of things in it it's really a great book Oh let's check right and I can't suit my own you know let me stick their elbow in the milk you we just make sure this is right okay so she's got to be poor in 2d so beating the phone yeah probably you can do with an eggbeater but I don't want to I'm still kind of careful and on fire so and I wish I did have a hand mixer it was an automatic feeder but I don't have anymore still haven't gotten over you know things with the heavy flame yet stroke will do that too but I'm still doing things so I'm happy but anyway so it seems like it's getting that way I'm just trying to make it as thin as possible it's alright now so I'm going to you yeah minutes try to see how cool this is which much was much better though it's not the mixer I think I have a yeah I do and I should have worked that out there gotta have that little mix of the film the battery in it so they'll say we shall see in the meantime spray a little Pam I don't think I think I don't you know you would think I would have a square cake pan but I don't cuz I really don't make dessert and I think tomorrow I'm going to make a peach cobbler because my program said it was all by himself and I told him I said I'm making my peach cobbler so let me go over and get another sister of a peon I'll be right back you don't put among yourself so I hope this man I forgot I do have this one this is my little brownie pan well this is I'm here with Brian absolutely yeah she's the one who hits the ground spray this and that's pretty much the new Gert let me take a well foot to pull up so I'm going to try out you've been good yes I will take piece and try so if you like this like chances where I believe all the comment give me a thumbs up leave all the comment section I will also leave all of the information in the comment section as well as in the section with all my other stuff like Shan subscribe leave a comment in the comment section join my facebook join my into the Instagram I'm you later I don't care I love you take a dub life bye bye

10 thoughts on “Cook With Me, Nougat Candy, From Handmade Candies Cookbook by Adi Endevelt

  1. The color scheme of your kitchen is lovely. I've never made candy at home before so this upload fascinated me to watch. Looking forward to the follow up video with the taste test:) God bless!

  2. hello beauty my granny use to make a lot of different candies fudge was her favorite and it was so good I enjoyed watching cause I have not made any home made candy in over a decade now because of you I think I will make some with my youngest baby it will be fun tfs happy Sunday and summer and I haven't forgotten about you Im still working on sending everyone's gift out at the same time like 4

  3. Hey Mom, I wish I was at your house right now….. I love homemade candy!!! Tfs and blessings to you ♥️ ♥️♥️

  4. Cook With Me, Nougat Candy, From Handmade Candies Cookbook
    by Adi Endevelt
    Ingredients for English cake pan or any other small pan: ¼ cup water 2 cups sugar 1 cup glucose 2 egg whites from large (L) eggs at room temperature 3½ oz (100 grams) chopped almonds, walnuts or pistachios For greasing: Canola Oil Spray
    Preparation: 1. Line a pan with a greased sheet of baking paper. 2. Place water, sugar and glucose in a double bottom pot and stir gently with a wooden spoon. 3. Very Important: Prior to boiling, if any sugar accumulates on the sides of the pot, lower all of the grains into the mixture using a wet pastry brush (see explanation on page 10). From this moment onward, do not continue to stir! 4. Bring the mixture to a boil over a medium heat and continue to cook (remember, do not stir!). 5. Meanwhile whip the egg whites into a fluffy but not stiff foam. 6. When the syrup in the pot reaches the temperature of 124°C (255.2°F) (measure using a sugar thermometer) pour some of it into a mixing bowl with the egg foam (the remaining syrup continues to boil in the pot) and whip until the mixture is thick and glossy. 7. When the syrup in the pot reaches a temperature of 154°C (309.2°F) add it as well to the mixing bowl and beat together for 10 minutes until it forms a stiff and stable foam. 8. Turn off the mixer and fold almonds, walnuts or pistachios into the 8. Turn off the mixer and fold almonds, walnuts or pistachios into the foam using a spatula. 9. Flatten the mixture in the prepared pan and leave at room temperature for about 10 hours for stabilizing. It is recommended to cover the nougat with another sheet of baking paper and to place on it a heavy dish to help stabilization and compression. 10. After it has stabilized, cut the nougat into slices or squares using a knife. 11. Store the nougat in a closed container at room temperature.

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