Welcome to the breakdown where we breakdown
all the messed up shit! My name is Spooky, and so in the last video that I uploaded,
the top comment thread was talking about a film called Concrete. I’ve been holding it
off for a while and that’s because I had a pretty anxious moment. Let me explain. Concrete
is a film based on the murder of Junko Furuta, easily one of the most saddest and disturbing
murder cases I’ve ever heard of. If you’ve been subbed for a while, you would know that
I had an anxious moment viewing a ero guro manga from Uziga Waita based on that crime.
Only two times have I been scared to look at something, which is that manga and Rare:
A Dead Person. So if its not obvious, this film is based on her case, showing the delinquents
and their social conditions first before culminating with their torture and murder of Junko. I
think its fair to say that the murder of Junko has inspired countless extreme films, especially
when adolescents are the sick and twisted. This film was directed by the same guy who
did All Night Long. This isn’t a complete factual way that things went down. Its just
simply a retelling similar to The Girl Next Door is a retelling of Sylvia Likin’s murder.
So, if you want to see what happens, including all the messed up parts, stay tuned for the
breakdown, cue the Gohan! Concrete begins with a quote. “Youth is blessed
only in that it holds the promise of a future”. It next states that crimes committed by juveniles
have grown ever more heinous. The story we see will involve young people who lost their
touch on reality and acted according to their basest desires. Some teens are moving a barrel
of concrete. Believing that nobody will even pay any mind to it. Then we cut back to the
past. A young guy named Tatsuo is called in to be bullied by people in his little Judo
team. They are extra jealous that he won a tournament. He beats them up pretty good at
first but soon just gets overwhelmed. After his ass whupping, his mother desperately wants
to call for help. She is considering everybody who could help even the police. He just wants
to stubbornly handle his own problems though, an gets into an argument about her not really
caring about him. (Sarcastically) Yeah, I see I mean, if I were bullied, and my mom
says “oh what happened, we have to call the police, we have to get help”, yeah she doesn’t
care. What a b word. What a terrible mom! That was sarcasm yall. He puts his hands on
his own mom, get this, because “she doesn’t show that she cares”.
He quits school, working at some kind of tile placing company. He is trying to raise money
so he can convince his girlfriends mom here to agree to their marriage. This is his girlfriends
mother, who has trouble even talking to her kids. They both leave just because they don’t
get what they want. This kid here has a name but I’ll just call him Minato. Some time later,
Tatsuo gets in trouble with the police. His boss from his tile placing job helps him out
though. Probably the only person he likes at all. He doesn’t respect his family at all.
His father is gone and he beats on his mother randomly. He says “Girls need hitting sometimes”.
His boss stages a little intervention but Tatsuo keeps insisting that “This bitch ain’t
done shit for me”. You know, Tatsuo you have a fucking roof over your head. Shelter. I
think ass whuppings come in handy sometimes yall. Sometimes you need a good ass whupping
to see the light, he probably hasn’t even got a spanking. Some time later, Tatsuo is at work but some
overconfident bullies in flashy suits bully everybody. This must be the Dojima Family.
One of em, Shimada is an old friend of Tatsuo. Shimada is just rank and file member at the
moment, and reaches out to the patriarch or chief to see if Tatsuo can accompany them.
He wants Tatsuo to join the Yakuza, walk with your head high, get money and girls. So I’m
sure this is like a cabaret club or hostess club. The Yakuza flex their status, and he
might definitely want to join their ranks due to the reputation they carry. His girlfriend
though, doesn’t agree with him getting money in a sneaky way only seen by yakuza members.
Honestly she’s kinda hard to read. Like at this moment, she doesn’t want him to be a
yakuza member, but at the same time, she fucking sniffs glue. Like what is your stance on anything?!?
Tatsuo soon begs under the patriarch to see if he can leave the family. If you’ve played
Yakuza 0, you know the only way you are leaving the Yakuza is by death, and Tatsuo bitch ass
aint got hands Like A Dragon. Tatsuo just sits awkwardly among his fellow members knowing
he wont be leaving any time soon. Sometime later though, he is chosen to lead
and organize his own gang called The Ryujin gang. Tatsuo is the chairman and recruits
Ozaki with the brown hair and the blond Ikeda to join his ranks and get some others to join.
Remember Minato here. Well I guess Tatsuo is dating his sister who doesn’t live in this
house but they bum rush his house and recruit Minato against his will. They also make this
little room their base of operations, despite the fact that Minato’s parents are downstairs.
The Ryujin gang does criminal acts like stealing purses and money. They imagine that maybe
high school girls may be an easy mark. That’s what we see here, them chasing some students
through a field, bullying them and even ripping their clothes off. This Ryujin gang is just
a juvenile club used to gather money to the higher ranked Yakuza.
Soon they start kidnapping high school girls. Tatsuo rapes one while the others sit and
watch, but they let the girl go after. They do this for countless girls. The weird thing
is that the girl does call the police, the boys get questioned, but they get let off
the hook because they denied everything. “The cops are worthless” they say. Its hard to
count how many girls they actually decide to kidnap and rape. Tonight is the start of
44 days of hell. The gang often sit on their little scooters and observe for girls to kidnap.
They see one girl cycling home from work and decide to follow. Her name in the movie is
Misaki, but I’ll just call her, Junko. Ikeda rides along side her and knocks her down.
Tatsuo comes along pretending to be just a helpful person and helps her up and walks
her home a bit. She lives pretty far off and doesn’t trust him so tries to get him to stop
walking with her, but he just admits that he’s a big bad Yakuza who will kill her and
her family if she doesn’t tag along. He drags her into some kind of hotel and rapes
her. After he forces her to follow him to a park where he meets up with Ikeda and Minato.
They sit and watch her as Tatsuo goes home to sniff glue. When Tatsuo doesn’t come back,
they just decide to hide her in their little base of operations which is Minato’s room,
and she is raped again in the bathroom after pleading to be let go. Tatsuo brings out the
entire group to see the girl he has kidnapped. One of the first things they do is stick foreign
objects inside her. If you can see it in their hands, then they are probably raping her with
it. She becomes detached from it all. The next day they talk about letting her go but
decide to keep her so they don’t get arrested. They are serial rapists and criminals that
the police are familiar with but haven’t caught them in the act. Tatsuo is the most physically abusive of the
group, beating her for no reason at all sometimes. He also scares the other members into doing
stuff to her sometimes but they are still demons in their own right. To cover for themselves,
he makes her call her mom saying she will be at a friends place for a few days. During
these first days, she spends a lot of time trying to win their trust before asking to
be let go, but like I said, everybody is scared of what Tatsuo will do to them. Junko gets
the courage to do things when they aren’t watching her. Like call the police quickly
when they are sleep. She can’t give enough details though other than help me because
they hear her. She runs away but is caught and dragged back in, and the police on the
line are told that it was all a prank. This is the mother of Minato I think. She
and the entire family is too scared to talk back to their son and his friends. Like ridiculously
scared. The mother does try to help Junko another night though, but she runs into Ikeda
and gets dragged back in again. As punishment, they put lighter fluid on her leg and lights
her ablaze. So we are getting in the final moments. Not to mention that I’m probably
skipping a lot of scenes because I don’t feel like saying then they did this or then they
did that. She is beaten a lot and loses control of her bladder and bowel control. And of course,
somethings they do are kinda unspeakable. Soon they discover that she died. It causes
panic in the group and one of them decides to fight back against Tatsuo, the little bully
they were scared of. Tatsuo was like the mom figure in The Girl Next Door, but I don’t
get why he didn’t grow a pair 44 days ago. People too scared of an ass beating.
They definitely didn’t plan on killing her, but they decide to get rid of her body by
stuffing it in a barrel and filling it with wet concrete, hence the title of the film.
They roll it far off into a field, where I honestly think it’s a possibility that Junko
could have never been discovered, at least not immediately. This is the reason why they
do know of Junko’s murder. The police take Tatsuo in for custody for all the accusations
against him. The police also think that he might have murdered a family. They ask him,
“So you actually murdered too”. Its am ambiguous statement, but Tatsuo believes they know about
Junko, and he tells on himself. The police are baffled of course, not expecting him to
admit to murdering a high school girl they didn’t think was related. And so..that’s basically
the end of the film. Keep in mind this wasn’t a full factual retelling. I’m telling you
what happened in the film, not the case, so things are different. I’ll get on that more
later. Lets just talk more about it, in that Spooky stuff
The four main murderers are walking about as you hear me. They’ve been released. They
are living on without any sign of remorse. Its probably on one of the most disgusting
things I’ve ever heard. For starters, not to quote Hiroshima, My Love, but you saw nothing.
This film is like the Nick Jr version of what happened to Junko. I think its honestly unimaginable
to think of what she went through. And its all because she was in the wrong place in
the wrong time. She was literally just riding home from work, and being a pretty teenager
got her kidnapped and tortured for over a month. And then they all get released because
they were under 18, and they don’t feel a single ounce of remorse, in fact they brag
about what they did. The amount of despair I just read off is just painful. I just wanted
to make a little video to go ahead and get through this film. I knew it would a bit tough.
I do think its great that we can look back on this case and remember her at least. Anyway
uh, thanks for watching this video. Spooky OUT!

100 thoughts on “Concrete (2004) | DISTURBING BREAKDOWN

  1. Was just a little sad during the Spooky Stuff. Which is why I've been holding this video back for a while. Anyway, bare with me as I get used to my classes.

  2. You should review the movie called 'Trust' next, I remember watching it and being 1000000000000000000% scared of talking to literally anyone online as a kid. Its about a pre-teen girl who gets groomed online with really bad consequences, the ending makes me livid to this day!

  3. That the pieces of shit got very light punishment and are still alive i have always considered an indictment of the japanese justice system.

  4. The fact that many people knew that Junko Furuta was being tortured yet no one tried to save her was very disturbing for me…

  5. As a Japanese, I do remember this heinous crime committed by the monsters. It was in the late 80’s when I was in high school…

    The worst part of the story of the crime was those monsters’ identities were concealed, spent little time in the halfway facility and walked free with new identities… because they were minors when crime was committed……

    How could that be possible??? Yap under the laws back then, there were nothing the authority could do but just treat the case like other minor accordingly…

    Some of these Ass Holes committed crimes and busted repeatedly, it ranged from extortion and illegal confinement. …

    And also reportedly they were often bragging about the crime at the bar, the case of high school girl kidnapping as depicted in this movie…

    Well I did not watch this movie, even this breakdown version.. I have already known what exactly happened though the affidavits. It was gruesome beyond my comprehension..

    Well…. I just want to comment and let you guys to know how these piece of garbage monsters were not punished properly…
    How toothless the criminal penal code was back in the 80’ in Japan.

    I want you guys to pray for her

    Peace and Love from Japan 🇯🇵

  6. Honestly, despite always loving this channel, this film, even in summary, is so grim it's unreal. The collective level of sadism is depressing beyond belief. Part of me wishes the film had focused exclusively on the lead up and the aftermath in order to explain how things like this can happen and as some kind of memorial. The court case and interrogations and such. God does this make a person cynical.

  7. Has anyone watched this on YT? With no English subtitles, (because you weren't able to find it anywhere else, so u made a sacrifice)

  8. Every now and then I think about Junko Furuta and my heart breaks and my stomach retches. I hope you're taking care of yourself Spooky, if you're in a rough place to begin with this video could not have been easy to make.

  9. I haven't seen a Spooky vid in awhile because I'm definitely not big on gore but more importantly, because the stories adapted from real experiences are so sad and tragic. It's crazy how some people can act so terrible and not even care about the damage they cause. Heartbreaking stuff.

  10. Cases like these insures that there is no god . If there ever was I would still hate and insult him in his divine presence for letting innocence face such disgusting and cruel acts by the very thing he made . Such a strong all powerful sack of shit cant even control or stop what he created. He could literally do whatever he wants since he is all powerful yet just watches his innocent creatures be destroyed by his devilish creations . Satan doesn't make humans . I hate God and Satan two idiots with limitless powers and do nothing with it . God isnt real as long as cases like this exist . We will never learn or really know about God due to it being lost in translation . I spit on religion .

  11. To anyone who wants to read into the actual case, be really careful. The recaps you've seen on this channel are nothing compared to reading these reports. There's a great chance you're not ready for the amount of disgust, sadness, and anger you'll feel. It's haunting.

  12. When I think i had it rough and then I remembered what happened to her, no one deserves to be treated like this ,, Rest In Peace junko

  13. I love horror movies but this one ill skip. Her wikipedia entry alone is enough to give me nightmares. The most horrific shit ive ever read. How she endured for so long ill never know. She must have been insane from the torture by the time of her death. JEsUs her anus and uterus became one hole by the time they where done with her. She got pregnant, they ripped her nipple out with pliers and all because she said no to one of the teens when he tried to date her, he wanted revenge for the rejection (she just wanted to focus on school and wasnt interested in dating)…….and the pieces of shit that did this to her got light sentences. What a world. Filled with awesomeness and beauty but unspeakable horrors beyond any fiction writers imagination.

  14. This is a pretty good flick, but I prefer the more obscure film – Concrete Encased Highschool Girl Murder Case (1995) . There was also a third film based on this event – Juvenile Crime (1997), which was the worst and most exploitative of the bunch.

  15. I've read already the story about Junko-san, and I felt sorry about what happen to her. I'm always getting mad to those murderers who did this.. she's look innocent, kind and lovable lady for me. I'm crying right now..

  16. I still can't believe how no one took the law into their own hands and tortured those disgusting creatures to death for what they've done. Those subhuman creatures deserve every bad thing imaginable to happen to them, their lives are worth less than dog shit.
    I've known about Junko's tragic incident for years, but it just never gets easier to hear about.

  17. i read about her case when i was in high school and i remember crying because how can the justice system failed to do their job multiple times. i remember reading how she was violated with a lot of stuff. and i broke down, because how can people be so cruel. i think i remember i checked this case out because a kind of similar thing happened to a kid here in malaysia. instead of being concreted she was shoved in a bag and left on a side of the road, that case too felt unreal

  18. I’m sure the movie is awful but what really happened to Junko is truly fucked. Thank you for handling this with respect, I’m sure this wasn’t an easy one to do by any stretch

  19. Oof this one HURTS. I know this case by heart at this point as I’ve written about it and been a little obsessed with it if I’m honest. It’s really really fucked and sad what happened to Furuta, she was a pretty girl who had a very promising future that was ruined because of the anger and toxicity of some shitty men.

  20. Thank you for the moment of silence! I think we all can use that to send her some good in our own ways! May her soul rest in peace.

  21. It used to be uncensored😫. You should make a website doing the same thing accept uncensored n sell merch on the website too 👌so you won't have to worry about to many guidelines.

  22. What that young innocent girl went through is absolutely disgusting. I would kill those bastards with my bare hands if I could and then go take a shit on their graves.

  23. 😢 Junko 🕯🤲🏻💔
    Also.. another disturbing sh🤬t in line with the theme of “minors” committing a horrible crime is “Don’t Cry Mommy” by Yong-han Kim. Take a look at it if you haven’t already.
    This whole thing is sad and enraging😡.

  24. In India we had a rape case in which a girl was raped in a bus by the driver and his friends. Her crime was that she was travelling alone at night and was with a guy , she was stopped ,raped, penetrated with a rod giving her a infection and had her intestines pulled through her vagina . She died a while later while b img flown to a hospital. The 4 suspects were convicted and one was a juvenile . Although the crime is one of indias most disgusting ones , I am happy to say that bcoz of the case ,the Supreme Court said age doesn't matter in a crime like this and all 4 of the, have been sentenced to death by hanging

  25. In India we had a rape case in which a girl was raped in a bus by the driver and his friends. Her crime was that she was travelling alone at night and was with a guy , she was stopped ,raped, penetrated with a rod giving her a infection and had her intestines pulled through her vagina . She died a while later while b img flown to a hospital. The 4 suspects were convicted and one was a juvenile . Although the crime is one of indias most disgusting ones , I am happy to say that bcoz of the case ,the Supreme Court said age doesn't matter in a crime like this and all 4 of the, have been sentenced to death by hanging

  26. Just a comment to say that I'm so sorry to hear you've had a bit of an anxious and sad time. Sending lots of love and hugs.

  27. Hi Spooky I just wanna say I love your content and have watch all of your videos!!! Thank your bro I wish u luck and more gore movies to come

  28. There's also a guro manga based around this and that's I how learned about this story. There's also the case of a man who killed a foreign exchange student tried to eat her cut her up ECT……. Yet he lives in Japan walks free and even has a book with photos you can buy about the crime. That's so messed up shit.

  29. when i knew about this case they were already released, i just couldnt believe that i cannot walk home safely ever cause they might be anywhere

  30. I could sense and feel your pain and dispair the further into the video you got and by the end you sound so sad and drained, thank you for giving us a chance to take a moment of silence for that poor girl. Great vid my friend , stay spooky

  31. Being familiar with the case and the films inspired by it, this was an excellent review and I whole-heartedly share your sentiment that she was robbed of any semblance of justice. The moment of silence was a nice touch.

  32. Ah yes this movie. It truly is messed up and the case it's based on even more so…
    Good movie, but it will leave a nasty taste in your mouth.

  33. can somebody tell me why murder does not get you a life sentence? even if you are not an adult, it should be enough time to completely ruin a murderers life.

  34. I just researched this after i watched this (i knew about it prior) but i fell asleep later and woke up with a thought of was it real i researched it for clarity of it being real

  35. I've never heard of this? How absolutely despicable. Thank you for always being so respectful dude. It's a rare quality nowadays.

  36. @spookyrice there is a similar story called “HOPE” (2013) is a Korean film with a Despicable case happening to a 8 year old walking to school. Please cover this film, I believe it’s on Netflix.

  37. I remember the first time I saw this case on YouTube. I was so angry and disgusted, I even didn't want to go to Japan anymore cs I didn't feel like she get her due justice but I get you can't blame a whole country.

    I've never felt such a disdain for people the way I felt for these culprits. I wanted them to die in the worst way. It just ruined my week never felt this sad for someone I don't know. May God rest her soul in peace. I don't know how another person can subject this to another person.

  38. How no street justice has taken place I'll never understand. Lucky I'm not a Japanese citizen I'd start cutting off pee pees and pickling them to send back be their families. When you violate and destroy a life you deserve every horrible thing coming to you. And fuck that man waita uziga. It's one thing to make art out of something fucked up. Or to retell a crime. Or even do his "creative work". Its another to fetishize the actual rape torture and murder of a girl who got no justice like this and turn it into sick spank material. How would Junko feel if she could come down for one day like Goku and saw that shit. Shed say I got no justice. No peace. And no respect even in my death. This man ILLUSTRATED WHEN THEY PUT FIRECRACKERS IN HER VAGINA. And sold IT. It's exploitative. He's sick and not In the Tony Hawk way. In the creepy little perv way. Love ya Spooky but I'd have to pass on that one.

  39. You should do Womb (2010) with Matt Smith, or maybe even The Gray Man (2007). I haven't seen that movie, but I know the story it's based off of…. so I thought it'd be a good fit.

  40. Do “Trauma” it’s a Chilean horror film and it’s supposed to be the next “A Serbian FILM” it opens up with a boy forced to consummate with his mother. Ok that’s all I’ll give away. I haven’t seen it cause I’m too scared lol I just read the synopsis

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