Compressed Rice for Chicken Satay | Nasi Impit [Nyonya Cooking]

Compressed Rice for Chicken Satay | Nasi Impit [Nyonya Cooking]

Hi guys, welcome to Nyonya Cooking! In my previous video when I did the peanut sauce, everyone got excited guessing what the next recipe is Before that, if you want to check out the peanut sauce recipe, click over here Regarding the recipe that I’m going to do in this video, it is something that only a few of you noticed or actually guessed it correctly Today, I am preparing ‘nasi impit’ or also known as compressed rice It is really very simple because it is basically rice that is compressed It fits very well with the peanut sauce So, without further ado, let’s check out the ingredients Compressed rice or ‘nasi impit’ only requires 4 ingredients and a fork Here I have 1 cup of rice along with a knotted pandan leaf just to add some fragrance Just to increase or enhance the taste, we’re going to add some salt and of course, water to cook the rice The first step that you need to do in this recipe is to wash the rice because we want to get rid of all the impurities Then we’re going to add the rice into a pot and also water Because we’re cooking compressed rice or ‘nasi impit’, it would requires slightly more than 2 cups of water I would say about 2 cups of water with an extra 2 tablespoonfuls of water Just to increase the taste, as I had mentioned we’re going to add a bit of salt and the knotted pandan leaf If you had been following me, you would know that I do not have a rice cooker If you not have one, you may do the same way like me If you do have a rice cooker, just put the rice into the rice cooker Cook it as usual Just add a bit more water than usual Then, add the salt and pandan leaf It just works the same way Once you see that it starts to boil, we’re going to lift up the lid Using the fork that I have here, I’m just going to stir it Once it starts boiling, put the heat really low Then, we’re just going to cover the pot with the lid About 4 to 5 minutes, you’ll see that the water had subsided and the rice is almost cooked So, using a potato masher or what I have here is just a plain fork I’m just going to press the rice against the pot I’ve been mashing the rice and this is how it looks like now Believe me, if you do have a potato masher, it makes a big difference I’m just using a little fork here Now, I am just going to let it cook Now, this is after 5 minutes There’s still a bit of water but it’s all right It’s getting hard at the bottom That means it’s almost cooked I’m going to remove the pandan leaf here Using a fork again, I’m just going to mix this As I mix, I’m going to press against the rice There’s basically no more water at the bottom of the pot That means the rice is ready So, what I’m going to do is just to fluff it up again This time, I’m going to switch the stove off and cover with the lid This will actually allow the rice to cool down and that is what we want to wait I’ll show you what is the next step It’s after 10 minutes now and we are back to the rice It is fully cooked I am just going to fluff it up one more time and try to compress the rice in the pot itself before I move it to the plate The glad wrap or this plastic layer is going to allow the rice to separate from the plate easily later on As we put the rice into the plate, all we’re going to do is just press the rice As you can see, I’m only using 2/3 of this plate here because I want a thick compressed rice Later on, we are going to cut it into cubes So, it wouldn’t make sense to make it all flat Then, you get really flat compressed rice All I’m going to do is to wrapped this up The rice is now compressed nicely and I’m going to keep it in the refrigerator while I prepare the satay Now, aren’t you excited to look at the next video? If you want to check out how this ‘nasi impit’ or this compressed rice will look like and taste like, together with the peanut sauce and the satay You got to click on this video over here and check out the video on satay Till then, I hope you enjoyed this Remember to subscribe to Nyonya Cooking and like this video while you are here Of course, as usual, ‘Happy Cooking!’

35 thoughts on “Compressed Rice for Chicken Satay | Nasi Impit [Nyonya Cooking]

  1. Nasi impit and serunding daging! So yummy!
    Hi there, I'm learning German language at the moment, perhaps you can share few beneficial points to speed up my learning process? I'm from Malaysia too! Thanks! Have a blessed life!

  2. great recipe looks so deliciuos, best wishes from Tom
    show mor here…

    ChaosKitchen51 – Kochen & Backen mit Tom

  3. my 'best friend' when I'm wearing bite plate for teeth correction lol.
    my late grandma used to make this every raya in wooden crate/box(?) and press it with the base of grinding slab (batu giling, if I'm using the wrong term).

  4. Thanks for the recipe!
    Looks very similar to lontong 🙂

    And just wondering, why dont you get yourself a rice cooker? its the most amazing thing ever! 😀

  5. Hi I am new to Malaysian cooking, I have a Malaysian friend coming over for dinner next week and will definitely try this. Just wondering is Jasmine rice ok for this? Also, we are in London, any idea where there are Malaysian shops/stores?

  6. Thanks for your recipe of making this nasi impit which very similar with lontong and ketupat (indonesian version – i have no idea if they are similar with the one in Malaysia), but your way is faster and definitely more efficient!..

    My question is, one we take them out of the fridge, how should we warm them up? I dont like to eat cold rise in fact..

  7. I have just made the compress rice it's in the refrigerator cooling for dinner tonight I hope it turns out as wonderful as yours did thank you so much

  8. Just watched satay and peanut sauce videos and now this. And my craving for this just shot up! I may have to put my dieting on hold for a couple of days. And I just subscribed. Can;t help it.

  9. Great videos! You can cook! If you get a chance can you make more meals with chicken, especially with your preference for  marinade. I eat a lot of chicken since I workout and need to flavor up my meals! Thank you.

  10. My nyak nyak is Indonesian, and my omma used to make this for me with peanut chicken ㅠㅠI am going to try and cook it

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