Clean Fast Food: Boston Market & Chick-fil-a w/ Gerardo Gabriel

Clean Fast Food: Boston Market & Chick-fil-a w/ Gerardo Gabriel

Wow good what’s up muscle and strength
IFBB pro Gerardo Gabriel here today nutrex research athlete we’re just
driving around looking for some fast food I think you know fast food doesn’t
always have to be this negative stigma I think today will show you exactly like
what we can do and find finding a good alternative for a fast food so that’s what
we’re doing I have a good feeling that we’ll be able to find something we’re on
the hunt right now so you’ll see what we find in a bit so we just found that down the road they
have a Boston Market and they have a drive-through so that’ll be the perfect
spot to get some quick fast food healthy option while on the road how you doing
today Give me just give me a quick second I’m gonna
look over here the menu alright I was like that sounds like a recording it was
like they cut the general manager off alright so you see we have real rotisserie
chicken here barbecue ribs market sandwiches the only thing about that is
it has a lot of bread they have actually a lot of great options here but I think
today what we’re gonna go ahead and do is the market Bowl especially drive
through the rotisserie turkey looks like a great option so I think I’m gonna
double up on the meat and it comes with green beans alright so let’s go ahead
and do the rotisserie turkey the bowl let’s do the bowl the market Bowl yeah the signature number 12 yeah the on the side is fine on the side
is fine yep and is there anyway I can double the meat on that yep and I’m just gonna do for a drink I’ll
get some water yep no that’s gonna be it smells amazing my car smells like Boston Market got the gravy
on the side here and then this is awesome like this is a good amount of
food got the bowl let’s open this up and see what the Holy Grail is like so
it’s a really good option we went with the turkey breast
there’s mashed potatoes in there there’s green beans you can see unfortunately
you can’t smell it it’s like Thanksgiving like the mashed potatoes
are on the bottom we’ll give that a go with some green beans all right got you your turn so we’re actually headed to chick-fil-a
now they’re known for their fried chicken sandwiches and they also have a
lot of grilled chicken options and different stuff so we’re gonna see what
we can find and how we can make it work you know for for our fast food options
yeah the combo that that’s gonna be with fruit yeah let’s go with the garlic and
herb ranch yeah the fruit can I do an iced coffee
yep the original small so we ended up
getting the cool wrap with grilled chicken awesome choice it looks good
looks really healthy looks like it has some lettuce carrots onions in there I
ended up getting a sauce a garlic and herb branch again these are usually
pretty high in sodium 460 milligrams for the whole pack so you just got to be
very deliberate with it you know put a little bit on and that’s it then we also
got the fruit cup see what we got here in the fruit cup we got
some strawberries some black ah some blueberries some apple slices some
peaches in there and some apple yeah I like fruit it’s just something that I
feel like it helps my immune system it helps my energy overall throughout the
day and it is just something that’s refreshing
you know it’s a refreshing healthy option not like candy where it’s a good
tasting option but it’s not refreshing at all coffee here obviously it just
helps kind of with maintaining energy throughout the day but this has some
cream in it but you know we’ll make it work but really I just did it for the
energy I’m a big coffee fan especially in the morning so throughout the day it
just give me a little pep and enough you know to keep pushing through the day
pretty much so what I’m gonna do is here I’m gonna add a little bit of the ranch
like I said so I’ll put some on the top here spread it around so I’m gonna be
very deliberate with it because as you saw it’s very high a lot of these
fast-food places a lot of their stuff has a lot of sodium basically to be able
to have it in stock longer cause the sodium preserves the food so you just
have to be very careful Wow that’s good that’s really good
like really good oh you know I thought maybe like I was gonna order a healthy
option and say man the cool wrap is it but in my heart I really wanna grilled
chicken sandwich but I don’t think you’ll regret ordering this
and I’ll think you’ll feel better throughout the day so the iced coffee
with the fruit and this I think you’ll have a good amount of clean energy for
your body to burn throughout the day that’s it today for the two options and
I hope this helps when you’re on the road or when you’re at lunch or when
you’re thinking about what to eat I hope this helped clarify a little bit and
guide you once again Gerardo IFFB Pro nutrex
research athlete muscle and strength thank you for coming along see you soon

50 thoughts on “Clean Fast Food: Boston Market & Chick-fil-a w/ Gerardo Gabriel

  1. G – breaking off some knowledge on the fast food. Looking diesel for just coming off shoulder surgery.
    Keep Grinding G !

  2. Dont you hate small portions!!? Damn it!… Always have to ask for double portions! 💪👍👍

  3. Why is the majority of bodybuilding models rich that they drive expensive cars and live like their lives just revolve around just working out, eating and blogging? These people are just so lucky being paid so much at a very young age. I'm so jealous.

  4. Ate turkey almost exclusively during a cut and my blood work was worse than usual. Blood pressure and estrogen were elevated. Had noticeable water retention too.

    Went back to grass fed beef/steak and free range chicken and blood work was much better and I felt better.

  5. its cool how your covering all the areas people struggle with ..this was definitely one of them … always want to go for that fried chicken sandwich lol

  6. The grilled chicken nuggets have been saving me lately. They “season” them, but I always dip them in buffalo sauce.

  7. It’s funny because these IFBB bros diet real fucking hard and then on their cheat days do these types of videos saying that you can cut on fast food. Man fuck you stop lying this shit wont make you shredded

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