Clean Fast Food at McDonalds & Burger King w/ Steve Kuclo

Clean Fast Food at McDonalds & Burger King w/ Steve Kuclo

a little bit sloppy but it’s alright that;s beautiful
that is a piece of artwork maybe we’ll show another one let’s look at another
one what’s up muscle & strength we have some
clean fast food today you know we’re on the road times are tough
getting all the food prepped so when you’re on the road you just gotta find
what works today I think we’re gonna be stopping at McDonald’s for breakfast I
think they’ve done a pretty good job at improving their menu to help fit some
health conscious choices for food some things that I’ve learned being gone a
lot or being on the road is you know most places are able to kind of make
something to work for you and is it gonna be exactly to your diet specs
probably not but you know what I’ve learned not to stress about things like
that and you know if you’re a few calories over and under it’s not the end
of the world the biggest thing is making sure you you keep those nutrients into
your body I think you know if you go to McDonald’s and you order you know five
double cheeseburgers it’s not the best thing but they probably have something
that’ll work for you and usually I go with something that’s higher protein if
they have grilled options versus anything fried and usually any kind of
white meat usually chicken is what most places have they’re able to do some kind
of grilled version of it and then you could take the best options carb source
wise whether it’s some kind of whole wheat or whether it’s some kind of
vegetables with it so that’s we’re gonna be looking for today we’re gonna do egg
white delight you have that okay can get three of those and then also a small
orange juice please yes ma’am yes egg whites obviously are a low fat
protein source the English muffin is a I’m gonna say healthier option when it
comes to bread sources so I think it’s gonna fit some macros if you ask
but and usually tastes a little bit better than what I traditionally have to
breakfast I’d rather take something fruit source versus highly processed like you
know again going into breads or bagels you know a lot of that to me is not the
best so I’d rather go something like orange juice even if they have some kind
of mixed fruit that’s a good option but for breakfast you know knowing I am
gonna be training shortly after this it’s I need you know the calories behind
it to really push through the training so orange juice is gonna wash everything
down thank you all right we got our food all
I know is I’m gonna treat this as a high carb day and each one of these suckers
has about 20 grams of protein and close to 30 grams of carbs and pretty low fat
so a little bit sloppy but it’s alright beautiful that is a piece of artwork
maybe we’ll show another one let’s look at another one
alright here we go just to show you the unveiling some ham some egg white
low-fat cheese there’s about 20 grams of protein in this and that’s gonna be
coming from the egg whites the ham and the cheese and there’s a little bit of
protein in the bread carbs primarily coming from just the bread and there’s
about 30 grams in this and then fats all right around 10 grams per egg white
delight and that’s gonna be coming from a little bit of everything the cheese
primarily is going to be the highest fat item in there but it makes it taste good
and it’s this is the cleanest option we have right now so we’re gonna go for it all right we’re moving on to lunch our
next option to find what we’re gonna eat for lunch I know that most places cities
have Burger Kings and that’s we’re gonna try for lunch I’m gonna go with the
grilled chicken sandwich and I want to do two of those and then no mayo on them
please just the sandwiches yes please that’s it thank you thank you appreciate it all right lunch
options at Burger King I don’t know if it’s the king of burgers
but it’s gonna work so looking this up before I got here I
saw that the grilled chicken sandwiches had about 40 grams of protein 40 grams
of carbs and holding the mayo was gonna save us some fat probably making these a
pretty low fat option which is ideal for what we’re doing so I got two of them
let’s take a look at what we got looks damn smells good too so we got looks like some
seasoned grilled chicken nice lettuce tomato no mayo obviously you can see the
protein source is gonna be chicken carb source is gonna be the bread not always
the best option but hey sometimes you got to make do and you know looking at
the menu I saw there were salads and stuff like that but that didn’t come
what appeared to be a lot of protein or a lot of chicken with it and then the
amount of dressing and stuff that’s in it it makes it super high-calorie like
not even worth it so if you’re gonna eat something like this yeah it’s gotta be
worth it so this is our best option lunch we went
with a grilled chicken sandwich that is our choice for eating clean on the road
like a bodybuilder i’m steve kuclo thanks for watching
make sure you subscribe below and now you know how to eat clean on the road

100 thoughts on “Clean Fast Food at McDonalds & Burger King w/ Steve Kuclo

  1. you know you can just order grilled chicken patties a la carte, right? You could order one sandwich and two or three extra patties and make a mega sandwich.

  2. They had to bring Steve the egg white delight outside cause they had to make them special get them out the back store room cause no one orders them!

  3. Good video, dude seems cool. What makes me think wtf is when he said he gets English muffin for better carb source but gets orange juice also, straight liquid sugar. Maybe I’m over thinking it… 🤔

  4. For Taco Bell, you can get a chicken soft taco (fresco style) with grilled chicken instead of shredded. It’s actually really macro friendly and can be eaten on a cutting diet.

  5. Ah no. McDonald's, Burger King, etc NOPE big Steve. Better ofg stopping at a convenience store and grabbing something. I'd rather eat a few Nutri Grain bars, and beef jerky. Screw Mucky Dees bro…unless you've been drinking.

  6. If it’s recently recorded, then I’m pretty sure he didn’t have a single bite of these meals. He is close to his contest, no way he would eat anything like this 2 weeks out or so. However great options for us who is on the road most of the days

  7. I hope no one takes advice from this stupid video… clean food from McDonald's???? 😂😂😂 these videos are geting more and more stupid

  8. Not unless you are in your last 2 weeks of contest prep going to this effort at McDonalds just isn't worth it. Just order a Big Mac and enjoy it.

  9. Processed orange juice is all sugar just spikes insulin levels better choice would have been black coffee caffeine and no sugar

  10. On the road I can do 1-2 days packed food as normal, about 3-4 days on mostly whey and instant oats, after that try and get enough protein and if I gain or lose a bit of weight whatever really, sometimes you've got shit to get done so you live like a normal person lol

  11. Wow! Really cool video.
    Need some advice, if i got jacked off to gay porn – 3 guys sucking and fucking each other – and i came a lot, does that make me gay? The guy who jacked me off is telling my friends im gay

  12. Why not just get whole egg? And skip the ham and cheese? Sodium content in ham and cheese is extremely high. All that sodium plus the roids you are asking for an early heart attack

  13. Wendy's has some good options for fast food if your in a pinch… a little more pricey but I feel it is worth the couple extra bucks

  14. Good vid,I have been wanting to do one of these scenarios to show most of America you dont have to be a fat slob to eat fast food.

  15. Ill tell you how to have some clean fast food, you fat fool:
    05:00 oatmeal and 0% milk. Since you are not able to restrain yourself I'll allow you to put two sliced strawberries in it; Those are the last sweets you will ever taste in your miserable life.
    07:30 whey with 0% milk;
    10:00 eight-ten cooked egg whites; you are allowed to eat one whole egg or some nuts.
    12:30: lean beef, little of one good whole carb, vegetables with olive oil. No dessert, water only, you fool;
    15:00 chicken breast and broccoli. Roasted on hot iron, no oil, butter or any of that shit. I'll allow you some salt and pepper cause you are a whiny bitch. Me, I am taking melas zomos not to fear death, so shut the fuck up.
    17:30 oatmeal if you are starving; eight-ten cooked egg whites;
    20:00 whey with 0% milk and go to bed. Early? Nobody cares about you anyway.
    Repeat for the rest of your life.

  16. Whilst he seems like a good guy and you can definitely eat this stuff and stay in shape, his roid usage helps him burn through cals and fat a lot faster than the average Joe, giving him more leniency. So it's a tad misleading.

  17. what a fatass. It takes NO EFFORT or knowledge or skill or talent to get to where he is. Just a big fat lard ass, average genetics, juices like crazy and hits the gym a couple times a week. Dont listen to this peabrain

  18. Good informative video. Thanks for sharing!  When I get more than one of those – I'll throw bottom bun half away and put other together to make a "double" and save some carbs and calories that way.

  19. Okay so tell me how you care about "Healthy" food when you inject viles of poison into your body. So much so, in fact, you have to take more drugs to counteract the effects so you don't die of a stroke like oh i dunno 50 other bodybuilders who have dropped dead before 40. So please. Educate me on healthy eating!

  20. Clean?

    Ham is a processed meat. The World Health organization has classified processed meats as a Group 1 carcinogen.

  21. Artisan grilled chicken sandwich from McDonald’s. It’s got wheat bread and a grilled chicken breast. My go to when I’m on the go and dieting

  22. 20 grams of protein in one egg mcmuffin? Something is not right here. One whole egg has 5-6 grams and the thin slice of high processed Canadian bacon has around 3-4 grams so it comes to 10 grams of protein according to a realistic calculation.

  23. Sorry, I won’t eat fast food. I work on the road 8-9 months of the year and I work 12 hour days. I always have time to prepare my own meals and still hit the gym. I also only need 5-7 hours of sleep per night to fully function the following day for work. I won’t knock anyone who eats fast food but in my opinion it’s a horrible choice even compared to walking into Walmart’s deli and getting a sandwich made.

  24. That is what I get when I’m traveling or on a busy day. Egg white delight, no butter and sometimes no cheese.

  25. I like how more fast food places now have the self serve kiosk and you can add or take out certain things. Racing BMX in the US i often find myself in unfamiliar city’s too. I can make something work for before and during races. I save the high end option restraints for after my weekend and enjoy the city I’m in

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