City Dwellers Try Living Zero Waste For One Week

hi I’m Victoria I’m Alexa Raley and this week we’re gonna try to be zero waste [Music] well I decided to do this challenge because I’m a urban and environmental sustainability major and I’ve always been like environmentally conscious but as that major in like taking other classes I felt like I could be doing more for the environment and I really wanted to like push myself to that like extra Drive would be like super environmentally conscious I’m just really scared of like what’s going on with the environment right now every time I see things like in the media about the environment in the state of it it really scares me so I feel like if I can contribute in any way like it’ll make me feel at least a little bit better and like I’m you’re doing my part yeah I was already curious especially in the city like how packaging works and what kind of food you can eat on like a no waste diet I guess because most things come in packaging and we know that plastic bags are everywhere in New York City and there’s trash all over the sidewalk and I just want to see like how much one person can do with no waste I became aware of the zero waste lifestyle through like YouTube videos and I remember seeing this one woman who literally just has a mason jar for trash for like two years this is going to be my little handy dandy trash jar my goal is to keep the trash all in this one jar for the whole week so I guess we’ll see if I’m able to meet that goal it is the first morning day 1 trash so far I’ve got two tags in here from articles of clothing that I divide for work there are a lot of things I’d only take like an extra few seconds I really enjoy composting actually I felt like the garbage was cleaner in your house other than having that big trash bag I just started my compost I’m actually really proud of it so here is what it looks like I filled it about a little less than halfway with some soil oh I’m just going to put the lid on top I cut some holes in it but yeah this is where my little DIY composter is going to live I did a mock run of going grocery shopping at Whole Foods just to see what they had because it was the closest store that I knew sold in bulk and it was good but it was really expensive and a lot of the stuff that I needed came and plastic packaging especially like meats and stuff I know maybe I shouldn’t be eating me if we’re going like completely there always maybe I like to try that the problem for me is that it’s hard to find any protein besides peanut butter or almond butter and I’m a big protein person most of my food is protein I eat a lot of chicken I think that the grocery part for me at least was a little much because I had to drive like 50 minutes because that’s the closest bookstore to me I just cut out of the bulk item at the grocery store and I maybe got like 10 ish things maybe a little bit more and it was literally $60 I kind of feel like crying at the amount I just spent in there and that’s not even going to be like enough for a week so needless to say this zero waste lifestyle like grocery wise is extremely expensive I also feel like it’s a bit easier in the cities rather than like the country or like more suburban areas because I feel like the cities are like the first place where there’s like more bulk stores that are accessible I have been googling things like grocery stores and stuff like that I did find a delivery service for zero waste so I think I’m actually just gonna check that out instead I’m about to order hold on it’s going to be about 60 ish dollars that is another reason why it’s not that accessible to people is because of the price but hopefully that’ll get better it’ll get more accessible but I’m excited for it to be delivered so they came to my door and they came in these two vibes so let’s see this is so cute I’m living good morning it is day two of the zero waste challenge I decided I’m going to make some oatmeal today I feel like it’s impossible to go all in and create no waste at all but I feel like if you can adapt some of the things of zero waste yeah then you’re at least contributing and trying to make a difference in helping in some way this is kind of what I was feeling a little weird about because I didn’t know if I had to like kind of start from scratch and buy everything over again and get rid of all this plastic stuff but the more articles and the more things that I read said that you should use all of your existing products up because just throwing everything away you’re not using them kind of goes against the zero-waste motto I think even trying is important like just adapting certain things like it’s probably easy to buy a bamboo toothbrush it feels different in your mouth in a normal toothbrush so but we’re gonna review together I just feel like a baby toothbrush I’m scared to like ask the people at restaurants like hey can I put this in my own container because I watched a lot of videos with people going to like fast food places or to regular restaurants and they’re like what today I work all day long and to attempt to get lunch that is zero waste I had planned to something to go and so I plan to go to just salad at that place you can buy a reuse of a bowl for just a dollar and I was like sweet I’m gonna use that and at the end the girl who made it was like you can’t use that fold this visit you have to wash it out and I was like it makes sense okay so I got it in this now I have to carry this and this and this around with me oh I do not good morning in a stay three of these here waste challenge I just got back from the party I decided to stay the night and I actually am really proud of myself because I barely need any waste I pretty much got like all of my friends thinking about zero waste which is really cool so they were all like oh my gosh like you’re using reusable Tupperware and like your own silverware like that’s actually kind of cool I love it okay I’m hiding in the corner making this video at work so here’s my question for you cuz I don’t really know I have to give plastic straws to my customers I have to throw out napkins that count is my trash because technique me up obligated to do it I don’t know but now that I’m doing the challenge I feel really bad about doing it I don’t know what it is about this challenge but I also think this is like a health challenge in a way because I have been feeling a healthier because I just feel like I might be because much junk food and takeout and things like that I’ve been drinking a lot of water and let me be honest I don’t drink water I don’t like water hello just go ahead they’ll probably edit it out I don’t know I’m just feeling good about the stuff that I’m eating this week and I hope that these trends stay it’s Monday so it’s day no stay for and I have the best boyfriend in the world and he bought me edible arrangements which is amazing but now I’ve got some trash on me I have a confession to make my roommate and I got the munchies last night a little bit and so we like a ran to the kitchen we were all excited and I look there was a whole bag of snickerdoodle Thanks it’s so much waste baking those cookies so you’ve got flyer the packaging was this ear plastic bag though that’s going in my jar we’ve got I think of something to keep it cold the butter is wrapped in a weird plastic thing that’s going in my jar another flyer cinnamon sugar that was in its own separate plastic bag so that was a third thing going in my jars and then every piece of chocolate comes in this I craved I just wanted them so I don’t was one but they were good can’t recycle this and I can’t recycle the little pods that each fruit comes in so that’s going straight into my trash bottle so now that I did that dirty deed I am more conscious I mean like listen everything’s gonna be perfect zero waste Victoria is happening right damn now I wasn’t supposed to create any trash but for starting and for not really knowing much this is not that much trash mostly with the rest of Eclipse me all right you all so listen up I just got off work I’m going to the movies right now and the game plan is I’m gonna get my drink my tiny a water bottle because I need to get something when I see this movie or else it just won’t be like my traditional movie theater experience and hopefully all goes well did you feel any way they could have feedback or any like I ruling yeah I did when I went out to eat at one time me and my friend wanted to make sure that the straws shot their way back to the kitchen so when she brought them we looked at her and we said hey like could you take these back we don’t need them and I literally was like looking at the guys behind us and I get the table and they literally went like and just looked so confused like literally like we had murdered someone I’m not they were just laughing and sort of like making fun of it I don’t care that people are making fun of me or people think I’m stupid or whatever but it’s like what’s so weird about that like I don’t think that that’s that weird yeah to think that people feel that way is like I don’t know what made me kind of upset my movie mission was a success I just went up and I used my water bottle and yeah I got my slushie great experience zero waste love it update on the sponge situation I want to show you something I will never go back to a sponge again after using this biodegradable cloth because Rochdale that actually it was so much better than a sponge have you guys ever used them I you can wipe peanut butter off and then it wipes right off the sponge as soon as you put it under water it’s amazing watch this ready take off your peanut butter like magic is my new baby and I can do dishes without worrying about the sponge getting disgusting every single time today is the second to last day of each challenge I actually just got back from the thrift store I love thrifting and it’s obviously really good and sustainable for the environment since you are buying secondhand clothes I am on my way to a sushi place downstairs but I brought a container and I’m going to ask for my sushi to be put over here today my goal is having zero waste day brought my salad bowl for lunch so I can finally used and then I ceramic thermos or whatever that my roommate gave me I’m gonna see if Starbucks will let me use this instead I have no idea what their policies are but hopefully it’ll work out so I actually did get a pair of jeans but this tag came on so this is gonna have to go into the trash arm but they did it they put my two rolls in my little container this is the only problem with it because the soy sauce but I reuse these for salad dressing so it’s not going to waste which is awesome when I asked for the solution in my container they did it but then went with the ginger and the wasabi uh they put the little green granddaughter decoration and there’s things like you can’t help even when you ask for absolutely no way I’m just doing their jobs nothing yeah but like the old frustrating it’s yeah right yeah so basically I guess it sure does tell me how the challenge what it was good it was definitely easier in some ways than I thought it would be but it was also more difficult in ways that I didn’t think it would be it definitely was the little things I think I mentioned that at the beginning of the week like I was nervous about all the little tiny like tags and stuff and I have quite a few of those it’s the final day of the challenge I use a little more trash yesterday I used a cotton ball to take off my makeup it was the first time I wore makeup all week I really never wear makeup and I tried scrubbing as much of it off as I could in the shower and it just wasn’t working so I had to use a cotton ball cuz it’s just gross and bacterial and it’s just not good I didn’t want dental floss on in there I don’t know applause in here yeah and I feel like there’s a lot of things that like you have to do that are out of control with the tags like you don’t put them on the clothes but like they’re there and like if you need to buy or you have to buy it that’s just part of like the trashing you’re creating okay so I’m at the train station and instead of buying my ticket on the machine I decided to buy it on the app to save the unnecessary paper because when you buy a train ticket you get actual ticket and then a receipt and my mom is with me so he would have had four pieces of paper instead we decided to book round-trip on the after both of us so saving paper I would say yeah the trash that I saved was definitely less than I expected I felt like a lot of things were gonna compile together and I was this was like gonna be filled to the brim I have to bring like two or three of these in but honestly just to be conscious about it you realize that the stuff that you usually buy you don’t need to and so the amount of trash is actually a lot less than you think and it really is like the little things yeah I was proud of the amount that I had saved and put into their star because it really shows me that it’s like not that hard to do I feel like as for the receipts and some of the little like plastic things that clothing or other items come on like nothing it’s not my fault but it was kind of like out of my control obviously like this little wrapper from my chicken nuggets was but I really wanted chicken nuggets so like the cookies girl exactly yeah I definitely feel like I don’t have as much as I thought which is really cool and it makes me feel like proud my god oh yeah yeah I may though but it’s it’s cool yeah I feel like I already did a lot of meal prepping for myself so I don’t have many like food wrappers in here but like there are a lot of things that are out of my control like I plastic the doctor’s office cuz yeah they put the thing on mm-hmm they put it in this plastic bag and I could’ve just thrown it out there but this is my trash because I’ve used it so this is going in my bottle of shame my advice to anyone that wants to try a zero-waste would definitely be to do your research and find resources in your area that work for you and that are close to you my advice would be to not let accessibility stop you from trying to be zero waste there are all these little things that you can do by like bringing your own bottles to Starbucks or just bringing your Tupperware out to eat don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and don’t be afraid to just try new things the little things do count like if you can do the grocery haul and you can’t do you know not buying a specific thing like if you need meat for some reason bringing a cup and bringing Tupperware and meal prepping just a little bit like does add up and it does really count if you can’t do the whole lifestyle and I also want to say do your research it helps a lot and it takes maybe 30 minutes of your time bake mourn that’s what I did this week I was just craving sugar and I baked a lot add these little silicon cupcake liners so if you’re like baking get those because they were helpful with my cupcakes no waste cupcakes cupcakes always kind of way to cover your eyes oh my gosh trademark copyright in that’s my cake up don’t update shop

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