100 thoughts on “Chocolate sausage, The Slav budget dessert – Cooking with Boris

  1. Did anyone notice the 72% writen on the bottle? XD so my conclusions are that this is a dessert in slav countries but in the Capitalism world, this would be used as a handgrenade XD

  2. Blin, this is what we in Estonia call kirju koer (mottled dog). Don't ask me why we call it that, I have no idea. Wait, I do know why it's called that: the biscuit crumbs are supposed to show, giving it a mottled look. Anyways, it's my favorite dessert. Thanks Boris for sharing this with the rest of the world.

  3. Hey Boris, Metro ist coming to Nintendo Switch but for high prices. Is Metro worth it to support this Capitalism ?

  4. Hi Boris, I'm pen of you whom enjoy to watch your Video.
    But the background of your thumbnail today symbolizes Japanese imperialism. Like Nazism in Germany, it is a symbol of massacre and war in Asia, and I don't feel good. There s no relation with chocolate sausage and Japanese imperialism.

  5. If Boris replies to this comment. I will die of happiness. But I know that won’t happen. So let’s talk about how your day is. Yes, I am talking to you. You who is reading this. The reader.

    I don’t know how many are reading this but I do know that it exists and that it will be read somewhere in the near future. If not, oh well that’s okay.

    I hope you’re having a good day cause I ain’t. I am so exhausted from school and finals are here. They are punishing me with a ton of homework while there are finals. Why do they do this is completely unknown to me.

    What I do know is that my birthday will come sometime later in this year. And I’m planning to buy a knife. I already have a knife, a KA-BAR 1214. However for this year I don’t know if I should get a

    1)Busse combat team Gemini knife


    2) a KA-BAR USMC knife.

    I’m pretty torn between them. I’m weird I know, well not too weird. There are probably some knife lovers out there, after all there is almost 7 billion human beings.

    I just love knives cause they look cool, not to harm people. Plus, they are really handy for numerous occasions. For example, tightening a screw, chopping vegetables and fruits. Making fire, cutting rope, etc…

    Even my mom said it was handy, and she’s religious. If you have any criticism towards me, that’s okay. I mean being hated because you like something is normal. No one is the same.

    And if you want to talk more, I can talk with you for company. Although I’m a bit busy for the time being, I’ll try my best to respond K.🤗

    P.S. Sorry for rambling for so long but just wondering if you have any suggestions on what type of knife I should buy.🤔

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  7. My mother makes the chocolate sausage with old or chocolate no one likes to eat, semetschki, butter, butter cookies and sometimes walnuts.

  8. i live in turkey and i remember that my grandma doing something like that. it didnt needed any cooking. but we were using biscuits. actually he was doing few years ago

  9. Had the 72% tatratea before, some Slovak friends of my wife. was poured in shot glasses and actually thought we were taking shots of it so that's what I did. Well, got the respect of the Slovaks for it because they all intended to sip from the small glasses lol. Dunno where you can even get this stuff int he US, apparently they brought it back from a trip to Slovakia

  10. Good video but there is more of ytp from you,the first video is Boris goes marmite ytp you want To watch it,i know it remember To stay cheeki breeki


    Since u r the slav king and her the slav queen thumbs up to happen

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