Chicken Hainam Rice  Ala Vije

Chicken Hainam Rice Ala Vije

Hy I’m vije chang how are you all friends .. Ok today I want to share One recipe Chicken, so I want to make chicken rice Why don’t I just say chicken rice So it’s different if it’s chicken rice In our minds rice is why Rice and fried chicken So let it be A little classy Chicken rice, chicken rice too But this is Hainan style You are curious as to what it is This is very easy So don’t you say to make chicken rice Very difficult. No this is very easy, ok see … Leek I’ll just rub the garlic Ginger Now this is the native chicken that I use Two tails Some weigh 7 ounces Some weigh 8 ounces First I’ll start Sauteing first Ginger, garlic and chives Add water After boiling Put in native chicken And use the smallest fire For process Chicken softening So this is approx 25 minutes because the chicken is young It is already soft So I want to give Rasa Fish sauce Mushroom broth I’ll use the soup for For hainam rice So this is after it’s done I will turn off the flame and We will be quiet for 30 minutes, before we lift it up This after being appointed is unnecessary Smeared with oil because of time First we saute there using oil So the surface is also oily already This is the ingredient that will I puree the garlic and ginger For hainam rice I will add Water to smooth But I will use chicken broth The one we cooked just here We start sautéing Put the rice that has been washed Add chicken broth water The one we boiled earlier Drying process I’ll make chillies Cayenne pepper Garlic, ginger And red chillies I will make this puree This is broth Broth from The chicken we boiled earlier Versatile, I’ll cook this Sambal Add sugar Lime And a little salt So deh … For the soy sauce seasoning I will Racik first I use soy sauce The light one Oyster sauce Mushroom broth And I give A little wine If you don’t have it, you can skip it Sesame oil Pepper Ok, I’m going to flush it above We cut the chicken into pieces It’s because I use native chicken So I cut it along with the bones, if We use Negri chicken, we can take it Part Only breast meat To cut cut I sprinkle garlic That has been fried Finished very easy right So if you say make chicken rice That’s hard, it’s hoaks I want to try first The rice Wow … I don’t eat chillies anymore Imaging only I want to try the chicken first Rice Love The meat Love cucumber If you add chili It would be more uh … The rice is very delicious Just eat it like this Not just using chicken is very good I want to give you soy sauce Uh, the rice is really good This chicken is so young Soft so fast Make your husband love you through cooking So I have a little story When going out to eat with my husband, with my husband’s friends So as soon as he eats Pare cuisine if I’m not mistaken So when you eat it may not be suitable in the tongue He said this My wife’s cooking is better than this Parenya, wooww … Proud right So even though we are only housewives Only at home wear negligee There are still people who can boast about their husbands and make them more sticky Love, glue husband’s love together Through a dish You must remember that Ok I’ll continue later with my husband This is my husband’s favorite He likes to eat the most This hainam team’s rice, just baby There is no doubt already looking for dimall in the market Nothing, so this cascaded It’s a little difficult to get a different taste from Jakarta Ok that’s all of the videos from me, make friends Who likes cooking channels, don’t forget Subscribe and bye … bye … bye …

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