Chicago’s Best Sandwich: Fumare Meats & Deli

Chicago’s Best Sandwich: Fumare Meats & Deli

– It’s always so exciting
when a pretty girl orders smoked meat. (laughs) (upbeat music) – You don’t need to get
a plane ticket to France. (speaks in foreign language) Or Canada for that matter. – White on rye. Yes Sir. – For great pastrami. – The pastrami. – That’s so good. – Oh it’s good. – [Elliott] You just
need to get your butts down to the French
market in Ogilvie Station where Fumare Meats are smokin’ up traditional
Montreal style pastrami right here in Chicago. – You know the routine. (upbeat music) – Dick let’s talk about
your wonderful homage to Montreal style
smoked meats here. – Montreal style. – Montreal. – Montreal style. – I have no idea why they
call it Montreal style I just like the fact
that I can come here and eat it. – [Elliott] It’s
all you need to know it just tastes damn good. – It just tastes damn good. – My buddy and I
go out to play golf up in Montreal we get hooked up with another
twosome of locals and they keep talking about smoked meat
smoked meat smoked meat. – The pastrami is phenomenal. – The pastrami on wheat. – I’ve never had
pastrami like this. – And they said
go to Schwartz’s. You’ll figure it out. So we went to Schwartz’s had a smoked meat sandwich and once you’ve had it it never leaves your food head. – [Man] Big fan of
the pastrami here it’s a thicker cut. – It’s tender it literally melts in your mouth like candy. – Juicy, flavorful so good. – It’s a great smoked meat. – You do come with a reputation. There are a number of
people around the city who say your smoked meat is
probably the best in the city including our fan
Tea on Facebook who just said capitalized
best pastrami. Before we get back
in there and smoke why are you Chicago’s Best? – [Dick] Unique product,
great flavor profile. It is really good. – It’s probably the best. This is not Chicago’s
really good. – Okay. Fumare’s really good pastrami starts with a 14 day
cured cut of beef brisket and after a quick
trim of the fat… – [Dick] We are going to spice. And you’re gonna take the garlic and you’re gonna sprinkle it on as if it were the first
snow of the season and remarkably with all
the dogs in my neighborhood it actually looks
like the first snow after the dogs have
been out in the morning. – Now we’re going to
apply a four ounce cup of the spice. Montreal spice rub is 14 spices. This is 15. – So it’s like anything Chicago. It’s one better than
everything else. – Of course. – [Elliott] Our brisket
heads for a 45 minute trip in the smoker. And four hours in the oven. How long is the total process. How long we talkin’? – [Dick] Cure and
the entire process in about 16 days. – [Elliott] 16 days
to get the city’s best pastrami right here but lucky for me and the
rest of the French market, Dick’s got some finished
pastrami ready to carve. Oh my God. – [Dick] Take a
taste meat candy. – Candy for a meat baby. It’s gonna be a good day. While Dick carves
us a perfect heaping smoked meat sammy I’m finally meeting
up with his wife Joan to fill up my belly. (twangy music) So Dick has passed me
off to his wife Joan. You’re also a
pastrami connoisseur. – Well yes. He’s thrown me into
the pastrami business. – [Elliott] You guys
could throw me in. I would be a willing participant in this revoloution of
Montreal-style smoked meats. – Are you ready? – I’m ready to clink up. The bark, the fat and that meat. It’s the trifecta
of everything I want in a really good smoked sandwich or a smoked meat. That is incredible. – I make these all day long and really I mean
there’s a little taste testing quality control, but to sit down and
actually eat one of these sandwiches this is like a honeymoon. (whistles) – [Elliott] You understated it. – [Joan] I can’t
go back to work. – I’m buying the business. That’s it sold. (laughs)

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  1. I hate how americans say every fucking thing that is delicious comes from france but smoked meat is slavic thing…stick that bugget in your ass and eat a fucking snail you dumb french people and you dumb americans i wish you strangle in fucking burgers hot dogs and mac and cheese bc thats the only shit you got…and there are no fucking american spices btw

  2. Elliot is the kind of person that would push grannies and children out of the way to escape a fire…or to grab a few shekels.

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