Chef’s Night Out with Christina Tosi of Milk Bar – Munchies Throwbacks

Chef’s Night Out with Christina Tosi of Milk Bar – Munchies Throwbacks

♪♪ -I moved to the city
to become a pastry chef. I just thought, “A real job
sounds boring to me. I really like to eat sweets
all the time. I’d rather do it all day,
every day than anything else, and so I’m just going
to jump in and do it, and I’ll figure
the rest out later.” ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ We have a very fun
afternoon planned. We take having fun
very seriously. [ Laughs ] My name is Christina Tosi. I am the chef and owner
of Momofuku Milk Bar. We serve mostly sweet items. They’re sort of kooky
baked goods with an American perspective, but we also have
a lot of savory breads, and we now have five stores
in New York City. We’re most known
for our cereal milk, which is the flavor
of what’s left in your bowl after you eat
all of the cereal out of it. So the pretzel milk is the milk that we’re the most proud
of right now. Most of the flavor
of the pretzels is actually on the outside. You’re sort of just washing
that salty layer off of them. For me it’s like the ultimate
salty-malty sweet-flavored milk. We’ve made ice cream with it, like a pretzel-flavored
ice cream. When you have a really
good burger, it’s not like it’s the first
burger you’ve ever had, but you still want to talk
about it like it’s a revelation, and that’s what good food is. And then, of course,
we have pork buns, which are the Momofuku staple. If you know the name Momofuku, you probably have
had a pork bun. Long ago when Dave Chang and I
were first coming up with the foundation
of what Momofuku Milk Bar would be, well, we said
that it would be like Dairy Queen
with pork buns. We like to use sort of our
formal foundations in cooking and in baking and sort of
give it to you as a customer in a really easy,
approachable way. You ladies ready? The foundations of Milk Bar come from four
of my favorite people in the whole wide world — Courtney McBroom, Helen Jo, Jaime Dessecker,
and Jena Derman. They help run the kitchen. They help run the Milk Bars. They help do everything
big and small in between. They’re sort of like
Wonder Women. [ Indistinct talking ] First, we’re going to go
to Dairy Queen for breakfast. On our way to Dairy Queen, we started off with some
Jell-O shots that Jaime cast
in these orange rinds and then cut up like
they were little orange slices that you would eat
after a crazy soccer match. -Jaime, these are ridiculous. -Breakfast of champions. Cheers!
[ Chatter ] -We also made some kimchi
Bloody Marys, which, being part
of the Momofuku family means having kimchi
in-house all the time. And for me, the kimchi
Bloody Mary was clutch on the way
over to Dairy Queen. -Cheers!
-Cheers! -To kimchi Bloody Marys! -To kimchi Bloody Marys!
-To Dairy Queen for breakfast! Oh! ♪♪ -Hey, how are you? -Good.
-You guys have the fryer on yet? -Oreo CheeseQuake? -Just checking.
-Just checking. -Taking care of priorities. -You want to get
the chicken-strip basket? -Yeah. -May I have a mini Blizzard with
Oreo, Butterfinger, Heaths, and cookie dough? ♪♪ I have, like, a very
strong opinion about what goes
into a Blizzard — as many, like,
mix-ins as possible. There must be Oreos, and you have to eat it
all in one sitting. -All right.
Which one did you get? -I mixed Butterfinger and
Turtle, the nut clusters. -What’s yours,
just straight Butterfinger? -Mine is Heath Bar,
Butterfinger, Oreo, cookie dough. -Mm, thank you. -You got to do fries
in the Blizzard. -I don’t like eating ice cream
when it’s too cold. I like letting it melt a little
bit, and you got to go salty French fry straight
into your Blizzard. -I’m also really into
the CheeseQuake. Why didn’t we come up
with a liquid CheeseQuake? I think, like, Dairy Queen
also has, like, a sense of humor in the way that they name
some of their menu items, which I really relate to
for obvious reasons, and making a Blizzard
from scratch is, like, the ultimate, I think, experience in terms
of, like, what’s my mood? Do you think I could make
a Blizzard with you? -Sure. -Can we do Oreo
and strawberry cheesecake? -Sure. -I’ve never made a Blizzard
before. So getting Mike to agree
to let me behind the counter to really, like,
show me the one, two, threes of a Blizzard was,
like, the ultimate experience. Awesome.
Thank you very much. -You’re welcome. -All right. We got Oreo
strawberry cheesecake. -Wow.
-Whoa. -What?
-My first Blizzard. ♪♪ -How are you guys feeling? Ready for a michelada
and the beach? -Bye, Mike! Thank you! -Thank you!
-Bye! -See you soon.
-To the beach! -Ooh, it smells like kimchi
in here. -They should make air fresheners
that smell like kimchi. ♪♪ -We’re going to the beach. Maybe we should practice
our beach volleyball with this sick… [ Indistinct talking ] [ Laughs ] Oh, yeah. Spike! [ Laughter ] ♪♪ -Here we go. ♪♪ [ All squealing ] ♪♪ -Hi, Chris.
Hi, Martine. Chris and Martine
and Beans the dog met us at the Far Rockaways. -Come back! ♪♪ -Come on.
Don’t be stubborn. Come on. For me, going to the beach
in the off-season is the best way to sort of,
like, let loose and chill out because it’s sort of like
the beach belongs to you. I really love spending time
at the beach and sort of just kicking up sand
and letting loose or just sort of,
you know, dicking around. [ Laughs ] -Oh! -Yeah! -We made this last night with some leftover kimchi
Bloody Mary liquid and lime juice
and some kochukaru salt and then some Brooklyn Lager. You want to serve it up? ♪♪ So I think the perfect
beach snack is a pastrami-and-rye croissant. It’s got a little
Russian dressing, some sauerkraut stuffed in. Easy to eat.
Sand can’t get in it. [ Laughs ]
The perfect beach snack. -Cheers! -Cheers!
-Cheers! -Cheers! ♪♪ -We should have a
sandcastle-building contest. -How about who can build
the tallest in a certain amount of time?
-Okay. -Part of my personality
is very competitive. -Go! ♪♪ I will die. I will throw myself in front of
traffic trying to be the best. -Oh, they’re totally fucked.
Let’s go. -We were going for the tallest,
but I’m building a moat. ♪♪ -It maintains that, like,
working hard and kicking butt and pushing yourself
but also, like, not taking yourself
too seriously. -Five, four, three, two, one! Hands down. -Hands down. -Step away from your castle. -I think it’s fairly obvious
who the winner is. Clearly, ours is the tallest. You know, it’s fun
to be competitive. It’s fun to be like, “Who’s going to scoop cookies
the fastest today?” ♪♪ After the beach, we decided
to head to Randall’s Island Golf Center for a little
game of putt-putt golf. -All right. -Losers can go first. -Oh, losers first, please. -Duckpin bowling and putt-putt
golf were, like, the foundations
of my childhood, so whenever I see
a putt-putt golf course, I, like, I cannot. I can’t stop talking about it
until I get out of the car and can hit
the putt-putt golf course. Dave Chang met us there. Most people don’t know that
when he was a kid, he was sort of,
like, on the road to becoming
a professional golf player. He was one-handing
some putt-putt holes, which I thought was
pretty intense. Where’d you get those hot
putt-putt golf kicks? Just a little something
you picked up? ♪♪ [ All cheering ] -Yeah, girl!
-Yeah! -Courtney got the first
hole-in-one. We had a little friendly wager. I owe her $20, I think.
Damn it. -[ Shrieking ] -You did a pretty good job. Put me down
for one on this hole. -Some more friends
started arriving. Danny from Mission Chinese
and Steve from Asia Dog ended up joining us
at Randall’s Island with the hot new Taco Bell tacos wrapped in the nacho
cheese taco shell. -We went, and we got
40 of the Dorito tacos. You have to try it because we
were talking about it yesterday. -Are you guys going
to eat one now? -Yes!
-Okay. ♪♪ -This is insanity.
-So good. -This is ridiculous. -I’ve been making nachos
with Doritos, Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch,
mixed for years. Someone has a hidden camera
in my apartment. -I feel like we should give up
on putt-putt and just start tailgating.
-Right? -That’s what I’m trying
to, like… ♪♪ -Oh, this is going
to be delicious. Look at that thing. -That’s amazing. -Can I get — Can somebody
sous-chef me, please? -What are you doing?
What do you want it? You want these in here?
-Shh. -We’ll save this one.
We’ll take two. -We’re going take care
of you later. -For a proper tailgate, I feel like there has to be
some sort of chips and dip. We’re very big on chips
and dip in our kitchen, so we brought ranch dip
and potato chips, and we made a sick seven-layer
dip with tortilla chips. ♪♪ For me, a good tailgate
has warm food. So these are kimchi quesadillas. They’re tortillas with a little
bit of shredded cheddar cheese and our homemade kimchi
Napa cabbage. -It’s so good. ♪♪ -We decided to bring our
favorite throw-together sandwich, which
is a grilled cheese sandwich. But instead of sandwich bread
we use two of our corn cookies, and we make a ham-and-cheese
grilled cheese sandwich. -Mm-mm. -The last time
I was at a tailgate, it’s because I was going
to a Redskins game, and my stepbrother made us
show up to the stadium at 7:45 in the morning,
and we got so shit-faced. My sister was trying to, like,
roundhouse kick me. Shit-faced at 10 o’clock
in the morning, and then she got mad at me
because she fell on the ground and couldn’t beat me. That was the last time
I tailgated, the one and only time that
I think I properly tailgated. ♪♪ -We’re having a blast. We’re all sort of, like,
kumbaya-ing around the tailgate, and all of a sudden,
this woman at the Randall’s Island Golf
Center called the cops on us because apparently, tailgating is not legal
in their parking lot. They weren’t having us anymore, so we packed up
and got out of there. We wrapped it up.

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  1. I’m from Minnesota where DQ started. I live in Wisconsin now which is the dairy state. Real ice cream > DQ chemical slop

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  3. I don’t get tailgating. I understand the definition of it. Tailgating is when a driver drives behind another vehicle while not leaving sufficient distance to stop without causing a collision if the vehicle in front stops suddenly. … When following heavy vehicles or in less than ideal conditions (e.g. low light or rain), a longer distance is recommended.

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    Also, if "White Women" were a corporation, this is undoubtedly the CEO and spokesperson.

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