Chef Struggles To Plate A Salad | Hell's Kitchen

Chef Struggles To Plate A Salad | Hell's Kitchen

I don't know full cover several fifty two seasons color yourself are you was the first guys dropping scallops now I'm gonna be as vocal as I can I mean show Chef Ramsay that I deserve to be in a black jacket I need 10 more seconds of these scallops lovely sear on the skull up Thank You chef walking scallop itself walking two salads give me 30 seconds the shell speed is a little bit slower than mine let's fucking get it out fast that stuff I'm gonna go ahead and walk two salads what are you just out oh Jesus you're kidding me Michelle yes please it started in the bowl not gonna play the easiest job tonight wakey-wakey hurry up sorry fuck me Super Bowls I had a brain fart dad I'm supposed to go in a ball come on blues Michelle what's that speech that's coming from the window dying it's our first black jacket service I'll be down to something get set back again fine have the salad here good let's go with Michelle's minor confusion on the salads resolved the chefs are now pushing out appetizers and Chef Ramsay looks to Megan on the hot appetizer station to keep up the pace fuck you son come on Nick seriously anything I was gonna have to do that in the final six come on with the Black team beginning to falter oscar-winning actress Tatum O'Neal and her son welcome have arrived and are ready to be seated at the chef's table enjoy tonight Thank You chefs April hair guys yes when it's a VIP table it puts an extra little bit of pressure on you but you know sir a superstar qualities who every night Tatum O'Neal and live for a treat when I set out good evening how are you tonight okay I have some menus for you how they go together can we yeah okay I'm gonna have a beef yes and then the halibut put do some chicken and then the bread pudding as well fantastic as the VIPs settle in Chef Ramsay is looking for his refire on the lobster yup foods perfect very nice that risotto Johnny are we going yes with appetizers now receiving top marks in the kitchen when uppity guys and in the dining room wow what a start Chef Ramsay has one last order to fill before moving on to entrees Oh ticket chef's table watch this Table five one capellini wants to know one season one was also makes appetizer I guess five please Megan yeah

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  2. Gordon Ramsay is an dick because he wastes food and gives people who want to cook a trauma. So by this one Gordon YOU ARE THE ASSHOLE

  3. I love how this show continually parades B-list celebrities and their families into Hell's Kitchen and acts like they are soooooo special. "Here is my son Sean Mccenroe who has done nothing his whole life but mooch off my wealth and travel around the world. Now please escort us to a special table where we can giggle and act self-important for the night." Ramsey probably secretly resents these people, but man does he put on a good act.


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