Cheap family meal Recipe under $2

Cheap family meal Recipe under $2

and welcome to another cheat me on
Monday this meal comes from the food bank and I’m gonna share with you what
I’m working on this is going to be just something I’m throwing together but I
want to show you how you can get the food from the food bank and turn it into
a meal everything in this is going to be from the food bank except for some
chicken which I only paid a small amount of money for it so I’m gonna show you
what we’re gonna make today meal is gonna cost us a whopping $1.00
and 19 cents I’m making a meal for $1 19 DS cream soups came from the food bank
and this beautiful broccoli as well came this week from the Food Bank looks
pretty good but it needs to get used up so we’re gonna have a chicken and
broccoli casserole something I’m gonna throw together and let’s get making it
first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna cut up our broccoli and we are
going to cook it and make it soft if it’s chicken
this is southwestern seasoned grilled chicken and what we’re gonna do is we’re
just gonna cut up a little finer and I get this at the discount grocery store
and it’s always on a dollar 19 it’s so nice because it’s already cooked and
it’s already seasoned so it works out great to use in casseroles now of course
I have canned chicken which I could use as well now as you see this isn’t going
to be a lot of meat because this is would you be more a vegetable casserole
but I wanted to add a little bit of protein in it so now I’m going to give
you a little bit of a hints and tips about all these dented cans and
something I’m finding out that I’m getting at the food pantry oh here we
have these dented cans this is something you’re typically going to find at a food
pantry they’re really Denton so they can’t sell them at the grocery store and
it doesn’t expire until 2021 but you want to really take a good look at your
cans that you get you want to make sure that they’re not bulging anywhere you
know I did get some that we’re bulging and I’m noticing that the food pantry I
am getting more of this kind of food so you want to make sure it’s not bulging
on either end when you open it you want to clean the lid clean the top of your
lid before you actually open your jars because you never know what for bacteria
is on there because a food pantry these cans are probably
then thrown around many different locations so when you look at it you
want to smell it you want to look at it and make sure it looks and smells all
right most times your food is going to have an off odor it smells really good
looks really good dented cans is something you don’t need
to be afraid of you just need to really give it a second examination so we’re
just gonna use some chicken and chickens or cream and chicken soup I know a lot
of people don’t like the cans of cream soup I totally understand that but when
you get something for free and money is something that doesn’t come easily for
you you use what you have it smells really good
this one’s low in sodium as well you can get low in sodium soups I just happened
to be able to get this at the food bank all right so now what we got to do is
we’re gonna cook up our broccoli and we’re gonna put our broccoli to this a
little bits of cheese now I’m gonna take a couple pieces of bread we’re gonna
cube that up then we’re gonna put the bread in here as well that’s just gonna
give it a little more texture all right so now we’re gonna add the broccoli and
we’re gonna give it a stir now I didn’t chop up this broccoli very fine which I
could have I’ll just chop it up with my spatula here a little bit now I use both heads of broccoli because
they really should get used up and I figured well why don’t I just make them
all at once so it’s just a very simple dish you could substitute bread cubes
you could use rice and all we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna pour it into a
casserole now everything is relatively cooked so all you’re gonna have to do is
just make sure this is heated up really well so Roxy I’m gonna try to use up is
I got these crackers and they’re stale which because they’re probably expired
but how we’re gonna use these well we’re gonna go crumpled up and put them on the
top of our casserole so what’s gonna happen is these wants very expensive
crackers now that our stale that’s gonna be the
coating for our casserole and it’s going to make them crunch back up again so now
we use all of that stuff from the food pantry and a lot of it would been food
that you just didn’t know what you were gonna do it I mean these crackers what
do you do with them but this works out great so we’re gonna put it in the oven
for 350 for about 8 10 15 minutes and so everything’s good and hot and then I’ll
tell you what it tastes like this is a food bank meal just taking little bits
and pieces of things that you can get and turning it into something quite
delicious I’ll write everybody the casserole is finished and take it up so
everything but the chicken and a little bit of cheese was all from the food
pantry doesn’t that look good now let’s give it a taste test so we’ll give it a
try and see is it good what does food taste like that needs to
get used up and what about stale crackers
you eat that mmm you wouldn’t know it it takes real good that’s a great flavor
because the crackers had some salt and they also had some pepper corn in it you
didn’t need any salt and pepper because it gave you the flavor just perfect nein
that is perfect that’s what I call putting food together and making a
scrumptious meal something out of nothing
take everyone see you guys tomorrow you

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  1. sis that really did look so good i liked your chicken shirt that looked good on you sis
    love you sister tessie and all of my brothers and sisters everyone have a good evening and a good night love you all

  2. I bought a pair of scissors at Home Depot that I use in the kitchen because I don't have a lot of strength to break and chop things. Husky brand. Stainless steel and much cheaper than a good pair of kitchen shears. Very sharp too. I know you said something about your hands and wrists so this is my tip to you. ????✝️?

  3. Dont know how you got food from food bank.Here in midwest have to show income, each ss#., for each person.So I don't " hit" the food bank.INCOME driven.LORD DINER feeds poor, But ppl with NEW cars go to eat.If you are driveing around in new car with car payments, you dont need free food.

  4. This is actually one of my favorite things to do with my food pantry hauls is trying to make as many dinners for free or super cheap for my family as possible. I love to announce 'This costs a dollar, or this costs only 2 dollars!' lol I love to see how it really helps. I also get that same brand of chicken at my discounted grocery store that I shop at. I love going there just to see what deals they have that day. I bought nine cans of vanilla pudding that equal 5 boxes each for $3 total. So last time I went I bought the equivalent of 45 boxes of vanilla pudding for $3 to put into my food storage. I also was able to get nine gallons of milk from the food bank this week! Nine! I put some in the fridge and froze the rest. It's easily enough milk for my large family for the month.

  5. Thanks for sharing the knowledge of dented cans.

    I always wash all my can goods before opening them, it’s been a habit for a long time now!

  6. Good Morning Nite Tessie!! Its night here in Mississippi!!! zzzzzzz gotta come up wtih NEW saying!!! Love you and see you tomorrow!!! headed to my salvage store tomorrow!!!

  7. That looked so yummy. Here's a little fact I found for you. Broccoli contains more protein per calorie than steak. ???♥️

  8. Simple and yummy. Yes I use dented cans sometimes. Also every fall I go through the pantry and use up the oldest cans. Some even have had a small speck of rust. Blessings to you ?.

  9. I see you took my advice on the steamer!!! I am so glad it worked for you!!!! And have you tried that same recipe with Cauliflower as well???? And girrrrrl,..I LOVE your casserole dish!!!!!! One of these days, I'll have to drive down around there and we will have to meet and go thrift shopping. LOL I need to find some of those wicker baskets and whatnot you have. Up North here, they are gone as fast as they are out! 🙂

  10. Where I volunteer we don’t give out dented cans. The stores don’t donate them, at least what I’ve seen. We check expiration dates too and don’t give out expired cans.

  11. Tessie,that looked good! Wonder where the stores called ,dent and bent ,get their cans? Must be from big chains.I found dented cans at a dollar general once.They said couldn't sell.

  12. I made something similar just a few days ago. I had a "womp em" can of biscuits that was about to expire, so I cut them into little pieces, covered the casserole, and baked till it was golden brown. It came out a lot like pot pie. It must be the season for chicken casseroles.

  13. That is a delicious looking casserole. I've made it many times but add rice to it instead of bread. More rice makes it stretch when feeding growing boys. Only have one at home now. Have a blessed day.

  14. WOW Tessie what a blessing the free food has been for you and your family. the casserole looks so yummy. I love the intro to this video,so cute

  15. Hi Tessie! Another Casserole. Stale crackers? Who would want those? Your chickens!! They would be SO happy to share some of your scraps. ??☺☺??

  16. Delicious and cheap that is a real winner. Some good tips on dented cans always need to wipe off cans and bottles never know what or where they are being stored. I always had the kids doing that after grocery shopping when they were young and they still do it now. Keep smiling sweetie xoxo

  17. Looks mighty tasty my friend ???‍?????❄️????♥️?❤️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️??✅

  18. You can get no salt added Cream of Chicken and Cream of Mushroom. Great for people with high blood pressure. Waiting for Cream of Tomato. Dinner looks delicious.

  19. Good Morning Tessie, Brother's, Sister's and friends, Have a most wonderful blessed Monday 🙂 God Bless you love you all 🙂 Keep smiling 🙂

  20. If you have a Trader Joe's near you, ask them what day do they donate their leftovers to the local food pantry. They throw away the best food and I have no idea why.

  21. Good tip on washing can tops! I do that for every can, even soda. ?. If I have a dented can, I also check the seal and seam before opening. Never ever. open a bulging can as it most likely contains botulism. The meal looks good! ? Now I'm hungry. Blessings ?

  22. Looks like a good meal! Did Ken like it? It also looks like leftovers for tomorrow. Unless the crackers were spoiled, you should always use them. I have made crumbs and stored with things like that and then use them in meat loafs and dishes like you did. It is good to see food that is tossed actually used. In other countries, good food would never be tossed. We want picture perfect all the time. On my farm, If one of my tomatoes is a little funny shaped, it still tastes the same, so good for you.

    Have a bless and great week everyone.


  24. A friend made that same casserole minus the crackers, and then took the leftover casserole put it in her Vitamix blender with some milk and 1/2.cup sour cream, blended and heated up as a chicken cheese, broccoli soup.

  25. Hi Tessie. Great meal. Looks delicious ?. Thanks for the recipe I will be making this. I love that chicken. I get it n put it in my salad It’s awesome. Have a great day ❤️??

  26. Good Morning my Brothers , Sisters and Friends ? ? ?
    Happy Monday ? and blessing the rest of the week ? ? ❤
    Hope everyone is doing well ?
    Have a great and blessing day ❤ God bless you all ? ? ? Love Ya! ? ?
    " Remember too Pray for one another " ? ? ? ❤

  27. Good Morning my Dear Sister Tessie ? ? ?
    Happy Monday ? and blessing the rest of the week ? ? ❤
    Hope you and Kenny are doing well ?
    That meal looks fantastic and the savings even more ?
    Have a great and blessing day my Dear Sister ? God bless you and Kenny ? I Love you my Sister Tessie ? ? ?

  28. Good tip on the dented cans, Tessie! You still see some dented ones in the grocery store and I avoid buying those. And that meal sounded so good to me! Have a good one!!

  29. Hi Tessie! I cannot tell you how many times I've done that, with just leftover "stuff" in my refrigerator! Made it into something really good, then it was like "how did I do that, and can I ever repeat that??" because it was so good! We don't waste food around here at our homestead! Good job today! Thank you for your videos, they really help to encourage and enlighten! 🙂 Blessings from Dawn @ Rich & Dawn in MN 🙂

  30. Good morning Tessie.  Yum, easy, economical, and hearty. If we just look to see what we have tucked away in the pantry we can make wonderful dishes when money is tight.  God Bless and keep you safe.

  31. Good job tessie. There are a lot of people who kneed to see stuff like this. My husband went to a pantry when he first moved hear. He was homeless before that. But he has seen people throw away what thay got so wrong some one would have love to have what thay had thrown a way

  32. Do you soak your fresh broccoli in salt water for awhile? I do. It gets out any cabbage worms that might be in there. Even store bought can have them.
    Grandma Sue in central Indiana and Izzi Too

  33. I call these this and that meals, Frankenstein meals lol! Reuse and re-purpose left overs and pantry staples to make a new meal. Then I freeze the leftovers for another time. It certainly stretches a meal into several new ones.

  34. I work at our local food bank and all people want is convenience foods. I wish we could have a class to teach people how to cook yummy meals like yours. I like to think of so many good meals when we're bagging the food for people. The only ones that cook anymore are our elderly clients.

  35. I know of a lady whose family for Generations ran a huge Food Pantry in the major city here. Dented cans you don't want to keep your food in them. You do want to check them but you don't want to store your food in those dented cans. I went and helped at this particular food pantry one time and that was something they really stressed is that they told the people the dented ones to use right away or take them out of the cans and store them in a different way. When you mentioned clean the top of the can even a soda can any type of can should be cleaned because many times those are store in warehouses and there can even be mice that can be in the building even though the food is safe because it's in a metal container. Also something I didn't realize years ago was how much we need to soak our broccoli to make sure we get it really clean. My sister used to work in a kitchen and she brought the awareness of the importance of washing vegetables really well and many times soaking them my mom was one that soaked her vegetables either in vinegar water or she would put baking soda in her water with her broccoli and different Foods. You're finding some awesome deals Tessie. We don't have the pantries that give away the massive amount like you're getting. Here the need is so great for people that are needing help there is one Church once a month that helps over 900 families. I have helped at it when I could and my daughter has helped many times and I'm thankful to see how they have changed their system to get the food. Years ago when my daughter was young we went to the food pantry all the time I'm a single parent and at the time I had four children at home and I still pay a mortgage. Back then you had to stand in line many times five and six hours through the weather through the cold to get a spot in line so that you can get the food. Now here many times they have it where people can go in the afternoon they give you a time to come back and I believe some areas they are actually in letting people now wait inside. they also have a ministry here where church will collect winter clothing and there are certain areas that you can go and pick out a jacket and snow pants and hats and mittens and boots from what they have. I remember a time when my youngest and I went to those to get a winter coat it can get so extremely cold here in fact for many years I wore layers. I can say personally I'm thankful for those Ministries out there and how they help those that need so need it there's one Church hear that a lot of their food that they give out is non-perishable because there are people that don't have a freezer or a large refrigerator as you and I have been so many others. the refrigerator might be very small or they live in a home where many people share that refrigerator. so this church will provide more shelf stable food so that those that are homeless can have the food in their backpack or their carts or if they're in a place with many other people they can store their own food. Michael one day is to have a pantry if I could get it like yours Tessie to not only be able to help my four children and grandchildren out more but I'm also a Mom 2 many others that I didn't give birth to and I've been trying off My Little Pantry to share what I have with those that are hurting. What was really fun as I went through my pantry and we blessed a single mom in the cities. Now my pantry isn't even enough probably to get me through a whole year by any means is very small but that's where my faith comes in that the Lord will keep provide. the other hard part I'm realizing is as I sure the food that I can and some of it I buy I don't necessarily get it free but I try to find it on a half decent sale. the part I'm running into is the lack of jars. I've been trying to look for deals that I can purchase some cheaply it is a journey to live on a fixed income and try to get it spread so very far.

  36. For a low carb option could you make this with out crackers on top? Or no bread inside and put crackers on top. I'm not being critical I'm just thinking as my kids are trying to have their children in ways they can eat less fillers. The chicken and broccoli and soup that sounds so amazing and for those that don't do a lot of the filler part just add just a little bit or don't add any at all it would still be really really good.

  37. Good afternoon Tessie!!!
    That looks SO YUMMY!!!
    That meal was a real deal!
    Great example of how to put food pantry items together for a wonderful meal!!! Thank you Tessie????

  38. Greetings Tessie ..I'm late late watching…I've always thought creamed soups add alot of flavor..another thing people could if they really want to look the can over is peel the labels off and inspect them for cracks or pin usual another great recipe ??.. blessings to you and your family ? ?? ?

  39. Yeah, saving money is the rage all the time LOL. Thanks for sharing your life and ways to save. Always awesome to watch.

  40. Comfort food at its best! Also, I just wanted to share a helpful hint about testing denting cans. Fill a glass bowl with water, drop the can in, and if air bubbles rise to the top, you know the seal has been broken, and it is no longer safe. You look cute with your hair up in a messy bun : )

  41. Hey Tessie, just stopped in as always to show the love and support for your channel. I do love your simple everyday recipes from things us real folks have on hand. Take care and God Bless you.

  42. A bummer today, my job is going to be outsourced, because they 'think' it is cheaper that way. My boss (at the workfloor) and colleagues weren't amused, because they know that it isn't so. But sometimes you have to deal with persons at higher places with not that smart ideas. When it comes to money for the next 6 months, nothing changed a lot (we have an insurance for things like that) and I'm pretty sure I find something new, besides that I was smart enough to prep and save money. None the less, I want to keep my savings intact for things that might be important in the future. But I look at it at the brightside, I have more room (and time) to improve my skills for doing things even cheaper 🙂

  43. Hey I use to work at a bent and dent store loved it. You get things there that you can afford but can't afford in the retail store. I'm not ashamed to have worked or eat out of that store in fact I was BLESSED. take care Tessie keep up the good work.???

  44. I love the challenge of gathering my fragments and making a delicious and cheap meal which is nutritious. Food is so overpriced and as you may be aware UK is going through Brexit atm ……we are uncertain of price of food x

  45. Hi sweet Tessie, my mother used to make a dish called Chicken Divan, and she used chicken and broccoli or asparragus. It was delicious. Much love to you Tessie.?❤️?

  46. I have to ask as a crazy chicken lady, what does your shirt say and where can I get one lol (also love the channel <3)

  47. Tessie, I appreciate the dented can education for people but unfortunately it’s not a fear of dented cans, it’s the knowledge of bacteria and how it operates that keep people from dented cans and regulates the grocery store from selling them. I hope that you don’t take offense to what I’m saying or about to say, but it’s for your good and the good of your audience. The bacteria that you can’t see or smell is the most deadly. Especially if children are consuming this food. A small dent in the side of a can is usually nothing to worry about, but cans that are deeply dented near the seals should never be trusted. Unfortunately by the time you can see or smell the botulism it’s has multiplied to the point of causing those issues. The problem is that it takes a much smaller amount of bacteria to kill someone than what is visible to the eye or has a smell. So a good rule of thumb is if it’s dented that badly, don’t take the chance. You can look at it as like it’s not worth risking your life or the people that you are feeding for a 50 cent can. I really hope that you take what I’m saying seriously. On another note, it looks like a yummy recipe and is one that I am sure to try for my family!

  48. A great standby recipe. I top mine with chopped seasoned dressing mix (like stovetop brand). Thanks for posting.

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