Causes and Effects of Climate Change | National Geographic

Causes and Effects of Climate Change | National Geographic

human activities from pollution to overpopulation are driving up the earth's temperature and fundamentally changing the world around us the main cause is a phenomenon known as the greenhouse effect gases in the atmosphere such as water vapor carbon dioxide methane nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbons let the sun's light in but keep some of the heat from escaping like the glass walls of a greenhouse the more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere the more heat gets trapped strengthening the greenhouse effect and increasing the earth's temperature human activities like the burning of fossil fuels have increased the amount of co2 in the atmosphere by more than a third since the Industrial Revolution the rapid increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has warmed the planet at an alarming rate while Earth's climate has fluctuated in the past atmospheric carbon dioxide hasn't reached today's levels in hundreds of thousands of years climate change has consequences for our oceans our weather our food sources and our health ice sheets such as Greenland and Antarctica are melting the extra water that was once held in glaciers causes sea levels to rise and spills out of the oceans flooding coastal regions warmer temperatures also make weather more extreme this means not only more intense major storms floods and heavy snowfall but also longer and more frequent droughts these changes in weather pose challenges growing crops becomes more difficult the areas where plants and animals can live shift and water supplies are diminished in addition to creating new agricultural challenges climate change can directly affect people's physical health in urban areas the warmer atmosphere creates an environment that traps and increases the amount of smog this is because smog contains ozone particles which increase rapidly at higher temperatures exposure to higher levels of smog can cause health problems such as asthma heart disease and lung cancer while the rapid rate of climate change is caused by humans humans are also the ones who can combat it if we work to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources like solar and wind which don't produce greenhouse gas emissions we might still be able to prevent some of the worst effects of climate change you

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    Ведь удовлетворительного объяснения возникновения и прекращения так называемых "Ледниковых периодов" в истории не дано до сих пор.
    И это перечень вопросов, который может составить любой неспециалист в сфере климата, читающий прессу и что-то помнящий о курсе логики.
    Кажется, долго мировое сообщество еще будет пребывать в "тупике" по этому вопросу, или как его принято обозначать у дипломатов: "С имплиментацией положений Киотского протокола существуют некоторые затруднения."
    Вывод: "Post hoc, ergo propter hoc" и inde confirmationis. За логику – двойка. За пустое упорство в "навешивании" новых налогов на страны, в которые в основном "вытеснена" мировая тяжелая промышленность – пять с плюсом по российской учебной шкале.
    Это вопрос "глобальный". А в какой манере он может якобы "разрешаться" можете "поинтересоваться" на примере существенных, но все-таки меньшего масштаба вопросов.) Не так ли, друзья ?

  2. The only practical, easy and best solution is planting trees on a regular basis. Practically, u can't shut down the usage of vehicles, u can just control it's usage. And when it comes to aeroplanes, u can't control their usage as, if u need to take very long routes, practically the best option is aeroplane only..No one will be willing to take car or train and travel for long hours if u had money or if u had to switch nations.. Here's a point to note.. Pollution can be called pollution ONLY IF THE LEVEL OF EMISSIONS "EXCEED" A LIMIT.. So the negative effect of excess CO2 emission can be compensated only by planting trees "regularly", which is not a difficult task.. Co2 Gas emission is not the real problem, only it's "amount" is the problem

  3. I remember the cover story of the November 1976 issue of National Geographic. It told of the coming Ice Age. The story was about the nearly 100 years of falling global temperatures and how the rate of the fall was increasing. A graduate student told me a few years ago that that Earth is the hottest it has been in 396 years! I replied great! That means the Earth is now cooler than it was the year before the Mayflower landed with the Pilgrims in 1620. She said, it sounds crazy when I say it that way. But she did agree we both stated the same fact.

  4. To save our lifeworld on this planet, being in this 'house on fire', we have first to extinguish the major cause of conflagration and the fire accelerant, which is nothing else than our monetary wold system which we have to extinguish replacing it fully and completely with the global digital networkings..!

    This world can only be saved and transformed In the necessary speed and in that scale intodrucing the, in history books subsequently really described as that, 'digital era' by replacing fully and completely the 'monetary era' with it!
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    The world has to hold its breath, to escape ahead and to redefine its civilization!

    The influences and effects of monetary systems can not be changed simply by trying to change the effects or just by changing them..

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    For this great project of a currecy&tradeFree-OneWorldSociety, to pull an 'emergency brake, to do this radical change of course the world has to grow together, has to become one!

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  5. Hopefully some greenhouse effects will help to slow down the beginning of the new ice age by 2050. THAT is the real challenge of our time, to thrive during the modern solar minimum that is probably the beginning of the next ice age. The whole warming hysteria is a waste of time with what humanity has to endure once GLOBAL COOLING evolves more rapidly.

  6. Let’s be honest, climate change is incredibly easy to prevent. We just need to use electric cars, farm less, and use up less resources. Why hasn’t it been stopped yet? Money. The people controlling our society are more concerned about the money they make and the power they have over the decline of our earth. Global warming has been an issue as long as I can remember so why is it still a problem? Why is the government, who have the intelligence to create nuclear weaponry and who knows what, not doing anything about this. In 80 years the sea levels will be so high that the majority of our countries will become Atlantis and well all be gone. Will wealth and power be important then?

  7. global warming and climate change are the biggest profit scams ever. Do you really believe they would build more houses and give out long term loans if all this was real. Not on you life. It's all a government scam to control everything. The world has always Varied itself and repaired its problems. It doesn't need us interferer. Human interference will cause the problems causing the death of trees and animals and all plant life. You interfere with the biosystem that works you create chaos. Stop messing and leave the planet to heal it's own problems. mess with the co'2 balance and you'll destroy everything. It common sense. The Governments need to stop lying to the people .

  8. Greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect appear to have very little impact on the Earth's surface temperature.
    The assertion that the Earth would be 33°K colder without Greenhouse Gases by IPCC reports seems to ignore atmospheric autocompression which accounts for nearly all of the 33°K warming. This phenomenon explains the temperature of planets in the solar system (the ones with enough atmospheric pressure), including Venus where the temperature has been reported to be caused by a runaway greenhouse effect by many news organizations.

    The greenhouse effect exists, but it has a very minor impact on surface temperature. Much smaller than what the IPCC reports claim. Temperature forcing by doubling CO2 concentrations is much lower than the range of 3-4.5°K.

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