26 thoughts on “Catfish Recipe – How to Make Crispy Texas Catfish

  1. This is literally at the entrance of my neighborhood! Hahaha I don’t think they are there any more though. Think they’re down the road. Coolness.

  2. Punch in dirty water,s dangerous fish,and see if you wan,t some delicious swai farm raised catfish from the Mekong.Cheapest and worst on the market.HE forgot to say,shipped from asia,sealed with gas so it doesn,t spoil on it,s flight to texas.He,s to cheap to pay for channel catfish from the usa.

  3. I live in Texas but my family is from North Carolina…Y'all can say what you want but everything I've ever eaten here except for what I've made myself is bland as hell..Texas ain't got nothing on the southern east coast..Louisana might but Texas..NOPE!

  4. How about you don't have such a loud sound for jumping out of the plane? Seriously, show some respect to the people that watch your videos by not blowing out their eardrums. My volume wasn't even that high on my quiet speakers

  5. I can tell you right now i was done when part of the recipe didn’t include a buttermilk soak of the fish … they don’t know what they are doing … always soak your catfish in milk or buttemilk (preferably) for few hours before you batter and fry …

  6. If you can't give the specifics why u doing a video of it. Thats the part most ppl want to know us HOW to do it

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