Candace Cameron Bure on the Best Trader Joe’s Holiday Treats | Food Fight | Women’s Health

Candace Cameron Bure on the Best Trader Joe’s Holiday Treats | Food Fight | Women’s Health

I’m just trying to decide, do I want to try maple butter… feels like a contradiction to me. Hi! I’m Candace Cameron Bure, I’m here with Women’s Health. Today I am going to be taste testing Trader Joe’s Holiday treats. Oh I know I’m gonna like these. English Toffee…that’s actually one of my favorite like candies or treats or toffee, whatever you wanna call it. It’s super yummy. Oh my goodness.
I’m gonna be on the biggest sugar high after I leave here. Wow… okay, yes. The answer is yes. Those are really good. Jingle Jangle. A fun mix of fan-favorite candy treats.
With a name like Jingle Jangle it’s gotta be good. Oh okay – so this is like a mix of chocolate pretzels and other things. Let’s try a chocolate pretzel – They’re fine. Pretzels don’t do much for me.
I’m like not super into them — Okay I don’t know what this is. Raisin? Oh! Popcorn. That I like. That I taste the salty and the sweet.
The tin looks cuter than what it looks like inside though. It doesn’t look very pretty in there. I wanna try a Pfeffernusse.
Ooh, they’ve got powdered sugar on ’em. I want a little white doily to put them on top of. Mmm! I like this, and you know what?
I want it with a cup of tea. Oh my gosh. The packaging is perfect. Those are delicious ‘cause they’re not super sweet. I like these. Okay — cool, Trader Joe, you just got a new fan.
I like them. I don’t even — didn’t know what they were, but now I do. Soft-baked drizzled Gingerbread Oat Bars! Now with the cute little polar bear, I think they’re trying to fake you out like it’s a healthy snack for your kids!
I do like gingerbread. I am a nutrition facts reader, by the way.
It’s important to me, so I’m like – okay, 22 carbs, 10 grams of sugar… Okay. This is a gingerbread cookie. It’s super yummy. But it’s not like, a healthy snack.
So don’t let the cute little polar bear fool you. Or the name ‘Oat Bar’- but it’s delicious. It tastes really good. ‘It’s my life and I can do whatever I want!’ Let’s try this Gingerbread Spice Granola. I like granola –
Ooh! This already I like because they’re like, in nuggets. Okay…! Bye! It tastes like banana. I’m getting a tiny bit of ginger? I think I’m getting spice more than ginger-spice?
That legit straight-up tastes like dried bananas. It tastes like dehydrated bananas. ‘I’m telling you the truth!’ ‘Oh right, like you were telling us the truth about your homework?’ Nope. Not down with that one. What’s not to love about these? They look like another very famous cookie with creme filling. And chocolate. These have real candy cane pieces in every bite.
So this is how I like to eat mine… Yeah I’m down — turn on Netflix, grab a box of these…
just sit and watch and eat. Pfeffernusse is my favorite one of all of these, but it’s
because they’re not super sweet. This is a little bit sugar overload for me.
Yeah, a cup of tea and one of these little cookies would be really really good. And
you could drink your cup of tea and have a little cookie with your kids while
you’re reading my new book Candice Center Stage!

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  1. 🌲🎁 ↪. 👍👍. ↩ 🎁🌲
    " Thanks, Candace, for sharing this with the viewers; it's nice to see you here and " Happy Holidays ! "

  2. I love pfeffernusse! I bought a box to share with my coworkers and they loved them! I had them with tea too but Ill try them with wine next!

  3. Well where's the rest of her taste test review for TJ? Many more items on the table than what was featured. Candace is a sweetheart. Great on Hallmark. 🙂

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