100 thoughts on “Can You Guess The Serving Size Of These Foods?

  1. Dieting starting healthy eating for life y health issues. Finding out meat serving size to even simple foods like cereal darn it is small!

  2. Food manufactures give things unrealistically small serving sizes to make them look like they’re less unhealthy than they are

  3. There is not a single thing in this video where i wouldn’t just solo eat the hole thing in a single sitting over a couple hours gaming hell saying that i could eat the lot from this video over a good days gaming

    I weigh ~60kg on average since i was 17 or for the past 5 years

    Height 6 foot 3 inches

    My weight has gone down to 58kg and up to 65kg over that time

    65k was when i cycled about 30 miles a day nearly everyday for about 4 months

    So people like me just ignore serving sizes and eat what we want and when i visit my parents i ignore then when they try and have me eat serving size or less but they gave up

  4. I lived in a treatment center as a teen, that they were only allowed to give us reccomend serving sizes for all foods. I cant even tell you how much it killed me to only get 1 poptart

  5. 9:12 im the opposite. i thought the brown ones were chocolate and i hATEd anything that's not exactly chocolate so i always ate the other colors.

  6. I feel like I eat WAYYYYYYY MORE than what they recommend and now I accept the fact I am fluffy!!!! 😅😭😊💖🙏🏼

  7. Serving size = mindful eating (slow down and enjoy the taste and give your brain a chance to react). Personal serving size = Mindless eating. (We do it because we're bored, stressed, busy).

  8. I do not approve the Oreo serving size. One must take as many Oreos as they want and shove them in their face.

  9. If you count calories for a month and workout, you probaly look differently on those "little snacks"…

    It is really demotivating to do sport, if you see that you need 30 Minutes of workout to burn a single chocolate ^^

    Instead you can eat 10 times as much ( weightwise) in paprika…

    It is pretty crazy how much calories they press into those things… Bettee make them yourself and safe some calories. Even if you do enough sport do burn all those extra calories, it is still pretty much poisen for your body :S But delicious poisen

  10. They suggest a serving size so you don't sue them when you get Hypertension and diabetes, they know darn well nobody's eating 2 chips out of an already half empty bag.

  11. I never new the point of serving sizes until I met my diabetic friend Moriah. She has to eat the serving size to see how much calories it is and take the proper amount of insulin 😁

  12. What is even a serving size? Just meet hour daily calorie intake and thats it. You can eat a full bag of chips and eat less in dinner…

  13. Them 15/21 is the serving size for chips-

    Me and my friends eating a whole takis and hot Cheetos bag in the morning-💀😂

  14. All their bad habits are relate able. Four pop tarts is a serving? Yes, girl. At least one sleeve of oreo's is a serving? YAS, Y'ALL.

  15. this is why using grams are easier than counting every single piece you eat. 30 grams of chips = 1 serving. Always.

  16. Foods:
    Me: Meat, potatoes, fish, vegetables, rice, mushrooms, dairy, pasta, fruit

    Americans: Chips, pop tarts, cheetos, oreos, goldfish crackers, m&m´s…

  17. The serving size is very often put at the top of the nutritional information, carbohydrates/sodium/fat/sugar per however many/grams/ml/etc. Also, I would often give my kids the serving sizes they suggest – like the chips, oreos, and more.

    Btw, if you are diabetic (like me) small, even numbers are so awesome compared to high random odd numbers. 😉

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