Can You Build A Website Quicker Than You Can Cook A Meal?

Can You Build A Website Quicker Than You Can Cook A Meal?

hey my name's Paul I run the smoke machine of the professional chef for over 12 years today I'm going to try and prepare and make my corn in sweet surf hash in under an hour I'm all about slow cooking serving faster hi my name is Lucy my 95 job is as a copywriter I can safely say I've never built a website before so I'm pretty skeptical that I'm gonna be able to build this in under an hour so like wrench dish great as a side dish for is the main course if you want to make it bigger I was a little bit apprehensive about barreling the website at first Wix has an amazing selection of templates which I scroll through and found the one which I thought would be the best fit for your restaurant be frying off some turrets Oh a bit of corn and some potatoes the most important things I need for my website our menu gallery and booking so anyone can contact me and they can see what I'm making it was so easy to drag-and-drop all these different bits in so I added a mailing list added a booking form and then the nicest part was putting in the menu because it was super easy it'd be great to connect my Instagram with my website so I can show off all my pictures so I loved all his Instagram photos and it's really quick and easy to connect so you account to the website 100% I would recommend Hills food it was delicious so I thought making a website was really hard but Lucis actually made a look really easy and fantastic I would recommend using Wix anytime if you have a restaurant you need a website

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  1. Anyone serious about expanding their business presence online should stay away from online builders. They are not optimized for seo, they slow af, heavily layered, and will cost you money in the long run for not doing it the right way. What you pay is what you get, plain and simple.

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