Can We Fit This In Our Mouth? (CHALLENGE)

Can We Fit This In Our Mouth? (CHALLENGE)

– Today we open wide. – Ooh, let’s talk about that. (Synthesized music playing). – Good mythical morning. – And, please welcome one
of the creators and stars of the hit Netflix show, Big Mouth! Season three is streaming
on Netflix today. It’s Nick Kroll, y’all! (audience clapping) – Welcome to the show, Nick! – Thank you, thank you. – Big fans, man. – Thank you! – Big fans. – Glad to have you. – Thanks for having me. – Now, you probably get
this question all the time– – Mm-hmm. – But, because of what
we’re about to do today we need to know. How big is your mouth, really? – What, oh, yeah. (audience laughing) You guys have got me beat. (laughing) – Well, we’re going to
put your mouth and mind, and Rhett’s along for the ride … To the test. It’s time for, “Hey Nick
Kroll if we may be so bold, how much food can those
cheeks of yours hold?” – All right, we’re going
to be giving a food that comes in three sizes. Small, medium, and very large. And our job is to get that food
completely into our mouths, and the bigger the food
the more the points. – Okay, and to determine
who gets which size food, we’ve got to answer a mouth
related trivia question. And whoever has the closest
answer according to Stevie, gets to pick who puts which
size food in their mouths. – Great. – And we’re playing for
a very significant prize. The winner will have
their lips gently dabbed with a napkin by Nick Kroll. – Oh. – Oh, yeah. – Oh. (upbeat music) – Three sized muffins. One point, two points, three points. – Mm-hmm. – All right, so here’s our first question. How many gallons of saliva
does the average person produce in their lifetime? – What? – Gallons. – How much is a gallon? (audience laughing) – Well, what’s an average
person’s life span? – And am I an average person? That’s what I’m thinking. All right, I’m doing math over here. Warning! – I am not doing math. – All right– – You are doing math. – Well I’ll just give my answer. – Okay. – I’m at 240,000 gallons. – (laughs) What? – Okay, I like that. What’s 300 meaning … What’s times 80? 300 times 80? – 300 gallons a year? – Yeah, like one gallon (audience
laughing) in like a day. – That’s almost a gallon a day. – Yeah, I’m hydrated man. – I came way down from
the … I said 7500. – Okay, I said 10,000 gallons. – Well, you’re both low of course. What’s the answer Stevie? – (Stevie) Well Link, the
answer is 8,000 gallons. – (Rhett) Whoa! – You guys are so close! – You got it, you got it. – Round up, buddy! – Right? Well done! – (laughs) 240,000? – Listen, I don’t need to know trivia, I just need to have a big mouth. – Yeah, that is the truth. – You’ve been slobbering quite a bit, so– – So you get to assign. – Okay, so I get to determine
who’s going to eat what. Now, I got a small mouth,
but its not that small. I can’t do that. – Can you do two points? – I’m going to do this. And now the question is,
who gets the big one? (audience laughs) You know what? I would like to give our guest Nick, an opportunity to get out to a early lead. – Okay. – I’m a nice guy – And the goal is for me to get this in my mouth without chewing it. – Yeah, you can stuff, but you can’t chew. – Okay. – Okay well– – Are you ready? – I’m ready. One point. Good gracious. (audience laughing) (muffled speaking) – I think he said I’m trying to whistle. – Mm-hmm – Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm. – With room…with room to spare he says. (audience laughing) (upbeat music) – All right, let’s see the next question. – (Nick) Okay, it says
what is Chase mouthing? – (Link) What? – (Nick) I am…your nightmare. – (Rhett) I have no idea, but I– – (Link) Keep looping it. – Can you loop it more? – Keep looping it. – (Stevie) You got a lot of loops there. – Keep going. It’s hard. – Huh. – Uh I don’t really
know how to spell that. – Mm-hmm. – (Link) Man. – I got it. – I have no clue. – (Nick) I got it, I have no doubt. – All right, since you know what it is, you should go last. – Okay, yeah I know I have it. – I said, “I Lou pictures.” (audience laughing) I don’t know what that means but– – Yeah, I said, “I’m little Britches.” (audience laughing) – I got, “Hydrate your milks.” (laughing) – Is that it? – No. – What did he say? – (Stevie) All right, let’s
see what he actually said. – I licked your pickles. – Oh. -Oh got you. – He freaking licked our– – Oh he licked the pickles? – I choose to believe. Now Stevie, who are you
gonna award this to? – (Stevie) Well, Link,
that’s not even a word. What is…I don’t– – Lou is a person, but it can be a verb. – (Stevie) Okay, so Nick said hydrate, and hydrate’s kinda like lick, so I think it’s gonna go
with Nick for this one. – Okay, all right. – Hydrate your milks. (laughing) – So you get to choose. You wanna go for the three pointer? It’s gonna be great for the gifs. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean I feel like I’m better width than I am vertical. Yeah. I mean, since you just did it, I feel like I’m gonna give
you that honor of this. It’s already in front of you. I’m gonna take this one. It’s a pure…it’s a point play. – Right. – And that– – I think I can do it. – I think you can handle that. – I think I can. – I think I can go width. (laughing) – Yeah. – Because I wanna avoid
what I wanna avoid. – Sure, sure. – Okay. – (Nick) No judgment here. – I might have to open
up the throat canal. – (Nick) Mm-hmm. – (laughing) Oh god. (audience laughing) – Well get started and let’s see. – Oh, can he go that way? I don’t think it’s gonna go that way. Oh wow. – No, ugh. – Oh, yes. – You can do it Link, you can do it! – I believe in you, bro. – I feel like– – Do you want me to slice your cheek off? Open up some space there. – I feel like it’s gonna rip. – Can you go deep, bro? (audience laughing) – Oooh. – I might have to. – Yeah. – Oh! – Oh. – Valiant effort. – No. Nice work. (audience laughing) – Zero points. – Okay. – Zero pride. (upbeat music) – This is like cartoon spaghetti. – (laughing) Yeah. – This is like some real Lady
and the Trap (beep) here. – (laughing) Yeah. – (laughing) That is quite a meatball. – Yeah that is a meatball. – All right, let’s see the next question. In ancient times, long
before we had dentists, tooth decay was believed to
be caused by blank blank. – Uh. – Huh. – Okay. – Okay. – There’s only two blanks, Nick. What are you doing? – I drew something to… just to clarify. – Okay, let’s see it. – Okay, I said in ancient times, long before we had dentists,
to decay was believed to be caused by evil spirits. And then, um, I drew an evil spirit. – (Rhett) Yeah, the tooth decay spirit. – Yeah, the tooth decay spirit. – Just going in there and just kinda brushing off on some decay. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – I’m still being
informed by Chase earlier. I think tooth decay was
caused by little britches. (laughing) – Like too tight pants? – Like tight pants. – I feel like little britches could be like a Newsies rapper. (laughing) – I said potty mouth. When people, you know, say
bad words, and what not. – Uh huh. – Okay, all right. I think Nick is closest, I’m guessing. – (Stevie) Okay, so the
correct answer is tooth worms. It was believed that the tooth worm bore a hole through your tooth,
and hid beneath the surface. And the treatment was
to remove your crown, and then pull out your nerves, which were thought to be the worms. – Oo, that had to hurt. – That’s a problem. – I…I mean you gave me little
britches and potty mouth. And I’m sorry, I gotta
give this to Nick again. Evil spirits…worms…I think it’s– – Kinda like a worm, okay. – Yeah. – I’m not gonna dispute that. – All right Nick, so you’re
in the driver’s seat again. – Um, well I think we know– – You think you can handle it? – Oh, right, I have the
option of taking it myself. Um, I think…I mean let’s look at just… Let’s just look at what we have here. I think I can do this. (laughing) – All right, you know what,
I don’t think you can. With the spaghetti. (audience laughing) – Oh with the spaghetti. – I’ll say, I’ll give you three points if you can do it without the spaghetti. You agree to that? – Okay, I’m on board for that. – All right. Yeah that’s fair. – But these two you gotta go whole plate. – Uh, all right, you did the little guy. I’m gonna give you the little guy. – Haha, Rhett. – I’m gonna give you this guy. – This is gonna be a test for my mouth. – (deep breath) Okay. – The question is what do
you start with, really. – Well that’s a fair question. – Oh we do have forks, guys. – Oh we do? – I was about to just– – How is that gonna help? – Well to get the spaghetti in my mouth. – (Nick) What do you guys think? Do I– – Yeah, you can press like that, for sure. – Boy, this is pleasant. (audience laughing) – Mm, mm-hmm. (audience laughing) – Mm? (muffled speaking) – You gotta close the lips. Oh gosh, oh gosh! (audience laughing) We’re counting that. (clapping) – Mm-mm? Mm-hmm. (audience laughing) – I mean if that’s not a gif. – Okay. – There you go. – Yeah that– – He got it all in. (laughing) – I can’t believe you did that, dude. (laughing) Crazy. – Yeah! – No, there’s a little noodle out. – You look like Popeye. – Okay. Yeah! (upbeat music) – Okay, final question. Whose celebrity mouth is this? – (Nick) Oh. – And of course– – That’s all we get? – What’s at stake here is– – (Nick) The future of humanity. – A huge frickin’ chicken salad. – Oh boy, ooo that’s a
big chicken salad, um. – Coulda been too much tuna. – I know, I’m allergic to tuna. – Yeah. – We knew that. – I know, thank you. It feels like it should
be a tuna sandwich, but I wanna say, thanks for
cuttin’ the crust off here. (audience laughing) – Not here though. – Not here though. – No, no, no. – (Link) Whose celebrity mouth is this? I like it. – (Nick) That’s a good lookin’ mouth. – (Link) It’s a nice mouth. – (Nick) It’s a close mouth. – Hmm, gotta good feeling. – I looks like a young mouth. None of this can be used
in a court of law, correct? – Right. (audience laughing) – Okay, I’m sorry. This is really…it’s like, I’m finding this very
distracting, and interesting. Okay. – You are in the lead,
so there’s a lot a stake. – I know, and I’m gonna… This is the right answer, I know it. – All right, what’s your answer? – It’s not, I just wrote Tom Cruise. (laughing) I don’t think it’s Tom Cruise. Could you imagine Tom Cruise
if that was his smile. – It could be…I don’t
know…it could be– – I went with Angelina Jolie, who is Jon Voight’s daughter. – This is true. – Right. – You know what I think
this is Nick Kroll’s mouth. – Oh you know what, I think– – Hold on, that is Nick Kroll. – It is my mouth. – (Link) Oh yes! (laughing) Look at that. See the beard. – (Nick) I shoulda known, man. – (Rhett) You didn’t know your own mouth. – I didn’t cause I hate this picture. (laughing) – What are you looking at? – (Nick) I believe it’s the film premiere. I hate this picture, cause I didn’t know how
to smile at premiers. It was like the first
premiere I ever went to. And like boy I really lost
on all accounts on that one. – All right, but you’re winning this game. You’re ahead by three. – Mm. – Only I could come back… – This is impossible. – But I’d have to eat
that whole chicken salad. – You’d have to eat that. There’s no way I can win. – You might as well just try to get that big ass chicken
sandwich in your mouth. – So I’ll do this just for pride. Fine. (audience laughing) – It’s all about pride. – Yeah, here’s what I’ll say, I don’t care that you’ve
only got two points, if you get that entire thing
in your mouth, you win. – Yeah. I agree. – It could be compressible. I don’t know. – Oh interesting. – All right, let’s go
with what we’ve got, guys. – Okay. (audience laughing) – You’ve done that. Not bad. – This is not a small thing to do. – So you’ve tied with Rhett right now, unless you can seal the lips. Okay, pretty easy. (audience laughing) Pretty easy. – Okay. Yup, that was simple. Now the real question. – (laughing) Okay, save it for later. (laughing) – Can I take this to go? – (laughing) Yeah, it’s
like…it’s still dry. – Yeah, that is– – I mean this is– – It’s a lot of chicken salad. – It’s very compressible. There’s a lot of air in there. (audience laughing) – Yeah, yeah, yeah ,yeah. I think you gotta kinda
roll it a little bit. And get it…cause you– None of it’s really going in yet. – Oh my god, oh. – Okay, you know what,
you don’t even need that. – Yeah, you got it. (laughing) you got this in the bag. (laughing) There’s no question, you’re good to go. Ooo, are you about to choke? Oh, here it comes. – Is it reaching the back? Oh, oh, look. That’s the shape of Link’s mouth. – (Nick) There it is. – (Rhett) Wow! – (Link) I made a sculpture. – Yeah, but it’s also like you could take that to the orthodontist, and just be like here’s the model. Here’s what you need. You don’t have to do the molding anymore. – Okay, well Nick, that
means that you win, and you’re the one that wins a gentle dab on the lips by Nick Kroll, so. – Oh. – Here’s your napkin. – Thanks. Little lip dab. I’m gonna do myself, but really, I feel like we’re all winners today. I’m gonna give you a little dab. (audience laughing) – Thank you Nick Kroll. – Yeah, aww. – I do feel like a winner. – Okay, thanks Nick for joining us today. Make sure you check out Big Mouth, available on Netflix right now. Also, you can catch Nick doing stand up on the Middle Aged Boy tour, and starring in the Adams
Family on October 11th. – Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – Now you say, “You know what time it is.” – You know what time it is. – Hi my name is Colton. (high voice) And my name is Anchovy. – We’re from Tampa, Florida,
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