100 thoughts on “Can This Chef Make Candy Corn Fancy?

  1. First costume. Rie. "You look like a turtle king" LMAO second costume (breaks out in laughter and squeezes one of the balloons like breast) Just LOL.

  2. Lol, did not get the Halloween costume until you explained it. I never saw the resemblance before you mentioned people said that….but it’s cute

  3. Wait, you have to work fast with macaron batter because it gets runny again, but it air dries to form the cookie?? I don’t understand

  4. Before*me(not a kpop fan)*: lets goo 'nother make it fancy episode
    Present*me(a kpop fan)*: FANCY YOUUUU, YOUUUU MAKE IT FANCYYYY

  5. Katie coming out as a pineapple, and then Rie laughing hysterically at how cute her “turtle” costume was, has to have been one of the cutest interactions I’ve seen in a while.

  6. I can’t wait for buzzfeed to realise that they’ll actually get more views if they put Rie’s name in the titles 😂💕

  7. Cmon Tasty its been so long and u still wanna call "Can this chef make……..it fancy" why don't u just say "Can Rie make……….it fancy"…….. Just Saying

  8. I never thought that candy corns can be macrons. They both are delicious and I know that no many people like candy corn but I like candy corn and I like macrons so you’re in luck!! This video is for me and for everyone else too who likes macrons and candy corn!!! 😊😊😊

  9. Everything about this series seems so forced. Even her jokes seem scripted. Lmao tasty trying to compete with BA test kitchen Claire. You ain't close honey.

  10. I’m sad because I can’t eat Macaroons because I can’t eat Almonds. Can Almond Flour be replaced by regular flower?

  11. The title should not be ' can this chef make it fancy'
    But should be ' this chef can make it fancy'..😁😁🤗
    Rie can do that with perfection..

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  13. I love these videos and Rie but I hate that you put the finished product in the thumbnail. It should be a surprise to see what she makes, not just how she makes it

  14. Well…… I have never tried candy corn in my life as I don't celebrate halloween? I legit used to think that it was like, melted candy on a cob of corn.

    I was a weird child don't judge me

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