100 thoughts on “Can These Chefs Create This Kid’s Crazy Dish?

  1. Poor chefs, if I would be picking out the food, I’d make it actually reasonable.. and I have a friend who wouldn’t even need to be on this show because she’s 11 like me and can bake and cook.. I feel left out..

  2. They could have made a seafood 🦞 bisque with some fish sticks and fried calamari with dipping sauces and a bit of salmon. Also a root beer 🍺 float with a cherry 🍒 on top.

  3. 7:28 "Im looking over at Claudettes Station and she's carving a Skull Out of a potato"

    "aNd I hAvE a PiZzA"

  4. I'm sorry If this was in the comments already.

    Everyone: it's worth a try!
    Kid: its worf a try!
    I thought it was so cute no hate!

  5. Aidan: explains how he wants a dead man stew

    Alexis: makes a god damn pizza

    Aidan when trying both dishes: This stew has everything I wanted!

    Alexis: So who won? The pizza meal or the stew meal?

    Aidan: Pizza!

    Me: commits suicide

  6. Aedan: i wanna stew and I like healthy food!
    Claudette: here you go
    Alexis: lmao you don’t know what you want here’s a pizza
    Aedan: Alexis thx omg you win

  7. I don't like when kids spit the food out!! Like the chefs really put some efforts, if you don't like it just gulp it up…

  8. I love Claudette’s dish. Maybe she should’ve tried more kid-friendly flavors or asked about what veggies the kid likes. But I will definitely dig into that.

    A pizza in a stew competition isn’t a win. Hahaha why am I so invested in this? 😂

  9. My dumbass thought he was going to say “hi my name is trey and I have a basketball game tomorrow” when he introduced himself in the beginning 😂

  10. Well excuse me child your dream dish is supposed have the good ones you have ever tasted.

    Alexis:do you like seafood
    Me:uhhhmmm child you litteraly drew a whole dish filled with seafood

  11. Seems pretty unfair for Claudette, making what the kid wants based on the drawing then loosing to Alexis who didnt even made it close to the kid's drawing. I admire both of the chef's creativity, but isn't this show about making the food that the kid's draw?

    It's kinda weird she got the stew drawing for making a pizza which I think is yummy. But I feel sad for Claudette's effort. Just saying.

  12. Comments: Oh My GoOdNeSs He AsKeD fOr StEw BuT cHoSe PiZzA hOw DaRe He?!!???!!???

    He didn’t even like the stew tho?? Why would he choose something he liked almost none of versus the thing he genuinely enjoyed????

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