Can Men Get Hashimoto’s Disease Too?

Can Men Get Hashimoto’s Disease Too?

Hi and welcome to my YouTube channel! My
name is Sara Peternell. I’m the owner of Family Nutrition Services. I specialize
in helping people who have thyroid conditions and especially people who
have Hashimoto’s. I myself have Hashimoto’s and so I’ve
spent a lot of time personally researching and also a lot of my
schooling and education and continuing education have really gone towards this
very important health condition and this very important subject but I love to
help educate people about and I love to help people who are suffering with
conditions of their thyroid I tend to work with a lot of women of course women
are one of the primary groups of patients that a lot of doctors are
seeing with Hashimoto’s and Graves and thyroid disorders but today what I want
to talk about is the ever-increasing number of men with Hashimoto’s and how
this may be possibly an under diagnosed condition for many men the thing that I
wanted to share in this video today is that you know Hashimoto’s while it is
primarily a female problem it does affect men and the numbers are quite
convincing and actually quite concerning if you will Hashimoto’s affects about 14
million Americans and of this group more than 2 million of those are men so it’s
a pretty large slice of that that population of people who are affected
and I am seeing very commonly in my practice that you know these autoimmune
conditions that are on the rise affect everyone young old men and women every
race and every socio-economic group are really affected by this but men are
often excluded from the conversation around Hashimoto’s because so much of
the majority of our research that’s published on Hashimoto’s and
hypothyroidism is is focused on women and the interaction with other women’s
hormones so when it comes to men sometimes men may go into the doctors
and their thyroid may be overlooked they may you know be considering potentially
low testosterone or any issues with low libido the doctor
might be testing them for even other you know conditions maybe cardiovascular etc
when it’s just as simple for men to also be screened by their doctors with a very
easy to do in a very common thyroid blood test I have so many men clients
that I’m seeing especially more recently and they come to me wondering if these
problems these conditions that they’re experiencing are all in their heads and
the doctor might just say you know you’re just working too hard you’re
getting older or these are just common things that men deal with and again a
lot of times it may be even misdiagnosed as something else
I actually am working with a gentleman right now whose hypothyroidism his
Hashimoto’s was actually first just diagnosed as depression and he initially
went on a antidepressant with the guidance of his physician and came to
find out you know a little while later that actually there was some viroid
dysregulation that was going on there so I wanted to really reach out to men
today in this video and let them know that you know the symptoms that affect
men can be similar to what affect women but they also have their own special set
of concerns so the first thing is that you know when we think about thyroid low
thyroid function or hypothyroidism we think about weight gain we think about
fatigue cold extremities maybe conservation dry skin this is pretty
much your very typical checklist when you are researching and learning about
the the common symptoms with hypothyroidism but men also may have
some other issues like losing muscle mass or losing their own their strength
for a really know no real explainable reason a lot of the men that I work with
in my practice they may report also probably the most commonly reported
thing is brain fog this diminished ability to think clearly and make
decisions and just feeling sharp in their thinking or in their their work
that they’re doing feeling like they’re kind of scatterbrained or maybe like
they just don’t process information as easily that seems to be the number one
thing and again this is where doctors may think well your
maybe just going through some depression or maybe you are just this is just a
sign of you know getting older so other things as I said lack of drive or maybe
lower libido feeling like they’re there rapping rapidly aging like you know it’s
quickly losing hair or maybe this loss of muscle mass feeling really fatigued
that can be one to where guys might just chalk that up to like I’m just getting
older and I don’t know what’s going on but really these these signs of like a
slowed metabolism and rapid aging can also be related to the possibility of
maybe some Hashimoto’s or hypothyroid also changes in digestion you know if
you’re a gentleman who has had pretty regular bowel movements no real issues
to speak of and all of a sudden you’re dealing with bloating after meals
constipation or gas irregularity these are certainly things to speak with your
doctor about you know recent changes in your digestion may be pointing to
something going on with with other parts you know systemically in your body or
your endocrine system so a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s you know really should be
based on these signs and symptoms and doctors we want them to be able to track
your blood work over time to see if there are some noticeable changes and
things like the TSH which is thyroid stimulating hormone if that’s something
that they’ve been testing you for a while which is pretty common with me an
annual exam that can can be maybe one of the very first signs if your doctor
notices that maybe there are some additional changes present in any of
your blood work they may refer you to a specialist like an endocrinologist
and they may actually you know refer you for a series of additional tests with
some more expansive review of things like total t3 or total t4 free t3 free
t4 reverse t3 t3 uptake they may actually also want to look at some anti
thyroid antibodies and the presence of antibodies to the thyroid are really the
predominant diagnostic factor diagnostic criteria criteria if you will for
diagnosing Hashimoto’s now as a whole SiC nutritionists I don’t diagnose
conditions but I do work with many many people after they have either received
maybe an inconclusive diagnosis or they’ve just received a diagnosis that
they do have say for example the anti thyroid antibodies and some irregular
thyroid blood work and they’re ready to start working on their diet and come in
and talk with me about some things that we can do so for my Hashimoto’s clients
for men and women I do recommend some additional testing
to look a little bit deeper into what maybe is not working in the body I
definitely suggest IgG antigen food testing which is food intolerance
testing and they also suggest micronutrient testing and looking at
maybe the deeper patterns within the body as far as deficiencies or
correlative patterns of deficiencies that may be you know pointing towards
some dysfunction in the endocrine system or within the thyroid so while the the
blood tests that a doctor will run can be definitive and diagnostic there are
some of these tests that I’m mentioning that we want to really understand maybe
where the root cause of viroid dysfunction or autoimmunity is coming
from in the body again this can really help us to look at the body in total and
look at the thyroid condition not just as the thyroid issue by itself but also
as a bigger problem maybe within the immune system or within the digestive
system here’s the thing and I just want to say this for a moment you know for
guys a lot of the men that I work with they’ll admit readily that when they
first realized something is amiss with their health they’re a little bit
nervous or shy or worried to go in and visit with their doctor about some of
these things that they may notice even if it is just even if it just happens to
be aging these are sometimes difficult and maybe even taboo subjects to discuss
it can be challenging for both men and women to admit that maybe they are
facing a problem with their health and especially if you don’t know where to
turn or where to go to get you know the proper information and education about
how you can start turning your health around and what type of a role you can
play in being very proactive and and really being the manager of your best
health but if you wait too long with some of these symptoms undiagnosed
hypothyroidism and undiagnosed Hashimoto’s actually can lead to health
risks that can have a greater you know complication or a greater set of
symptoms in the long run there can be you know cardiovascular implications
there can be serious implications for the immune system and there can also be
even just you know issues with say managing blood sugar or you know
regulating other hormones in the body and so it is very important for men to
not only know that getting annual thyroid testing is a way to pay
attention to and track this important gland in the body but also that you can
ask for and you know really dig a little deeper with your doctor to get some of
these more advanced tests once that has been once you have done that then it’s
important to come in and meet with a nutritionist so we can start going
through some of the food intolerance connections some of the nutritional
deficiency connections and we can start to work together on putting together an
optimal diet to help you reach your your best health and get you feeling good
again that’s really what we want to do I have a lot of other videos on my youtube
channel about Hashimoto’s some of these might be pertinent to you especially
guys I’ve got videos about if you should be more protein I’ve got videos if you
should be consuming alcohol videos about what happens if you’re drinking caffeine
and how to do that safely I have a lot of other videos with information so
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I’m seeing so much more commonly in my nutrition practice and I really want to
be able to inform and educate the gentlemen out there that this is a
common concern and it is something that we can most definitely work together to
get you living your best life again so again thank you for tuning in thank you
for for liking this video and I’ll be back soon with lots more videos so
thanks for watching

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