Brooklyn is Pizza Heaven

Brooklyn is Pizza Heaven

Tom DeMarco for me was like a huge inspiration because a young cook I used to go and then just watch him I could just stand there for hours and watch him down raise the ball I said if I have a made pizza this is how I’m gonna make it now that the Joe DiMaggio Pizza you’re Derek Jeter Derek Jeter Derek Jeter I don’t know if I’m handsome enough to be Derek Jeter so I better looking at me you had ever cheated that makes you Mickey Mantle then I’ll take Mickey Mantle he may in turn IRA did uh picking Pizza is a world favorite food I’m a pizza man so you could imagine I eat a lot of pizza they’re the best breakfast I’ve had all week but there’s still so many styles I don’t know about in so many cities that I haven’t been to is this too much to ask for a New Yorker to eat it with a knife and fork Pizza toast salad you could really find great pizza all over the world Seoul Korea making pizza what mr. pizza who the hell would’ve thought while eating great pizza is definitely a perk it’s the people that make a great pizzeria you need too much PC starting to slouch I’m contempt I found my niche seems like the American dream to me or American Nightmare you know it’s all perspective honestly there are so many great pizza cities in the world that I haven’t been to of first I’m starting my backyard Brooklyn when you think about a neighborhood pizzeria you think about grabbing a slice on your way home from work after school in and out kind of place that so ingrained in the community it feels like it’s been that for 100 years then there’s Roberta’s a pizzeria that just isn’t part of the neighborhood it literally created one what I love about Roberta’s is that they don’t play by the rules this style is in the vein and the ippolit in pizza but it’s also totally different these guys will throw anything on top of the pizza but at the end of the day it tastes great one of the guys responsible for creating Roberta’s pizza is Anthony Falco their official pizzas are gotta get inside the mind of the dough he’s been there since the beginning we used to work together and it’s always great to catch up I’d like to stop working or like in the pizza kitchen like every day I want to make pizza as often as I can but really I also don’t want to get in the way of the really talented career that we have where it all began man huh yeah this is it right here being in this section looking at the wood-fired ovens something really relaxed and without looking at the flame it’s like awesome like really in the true sense of the word it’s like ha inspiring to cook with fire yeah it’s amazing it’s like the light of the Sun that was stored by the wood and then it’s released through like chemical reactions super rat I remember when Roberta’s first open I came here and we walked in to Roberta’s and from the outside you know you you can’t really tell what’s inside looks like a shithole and then you walk inside and it’s just just like wonderful place yeah I mean this was all just like a wreck car lot like there’s this guy I shot this was his mechanic shop and then when we took it over the cars came out and we just put a bunch of dirt down there started throwing parties in the beginning because we were all bartenders from before and that’s how we you know attract businesses by throwing a party and there wasn’t really anybody in Roberta’s in the early days you know pretty slow just to see what’s happened around the neighborhood it’s been really wild and this restaurant is iconic in my opinion because it came here and it changed the neighborhood like people moved to Bushwick and moved to this neighborhood specifically because Roberta’s was like the real estate agents loved to say like it’s right around the corner from Roberto there was no master plan of like first we’re gonna take over this building then we’re gonna move and then everyone’s gonna move to the neighborhood and it’s gonna be like the next big thing I mean I was a lot of luck you know it’s like controlled chaos at best all right we gotta go check this out and see what’s going on I hear that’s Yankel these are wood delivery guy yeah go I can you go in front so what do you want to do now I know let’s do the delivery we can you go in front of their gay yank oh man I gotta get this guy’s number yeah sure yeah hook you up at the ankle I do love my word guys though you know it’s important to have a good wood guy two key ingredient right just like the water or your flower or the dough I mean we had the same wood guy forever and it would come in big blocks and we would chop it ourselves this guy’s like boom he’s sees a professional in and out it’s nice though it’s cut nice dude yeah dealt with triple cut yeah we don’t have to do to it we just use it straight up like that how long have you been delivering wood for you ankle 20 years so you know the business well huh he’s the best let’s make some pizza it feels like so pizza when I think about Roberta is one of the pizzas that comes to mind of course is the Millennium Falcon and that was like the second pizza that I got on the menu I mean in the story goes back to my Sicilian grandmother and the pizza day she used to make and breadcrumbs are like a crucial part of Sicilian cuisine did you remember the first time that you made this fire I know I don’t remember much from the other day a lot of drugs and drinking and it just kind of happened out of the ether but I mean look at the beautiful leopard Inge on the side of these pizzas I think is what Roberta’s is sort of known for like so the Falco is what what it’s all about is this middle action here that sauce is not bread crumbs it’s like everything all come together right it’s smells delicious a little more farm on the finish the sausage is so good the breadcrumbs a little bit of heat from the pepper it has that all the things you want beets that had Pizza is that’s the table and then everyone else is welcome to come and bring their part into it Roberta’s not like a little Cathedral to pizza where there’s one person doing their thing and you enter that place I love to see people like mark I kind of doing this thing I got to take a pilgrimage to Jafar’s but we’re out there trying to blaze new territory Cheers yeah man thanks for thanks for coming out so there’s new Brooklyn like Bushwick and there’s old Brooklyn and these days old Brooklyn which is harder to find but there’s one guy that’s working really hard to keep it alive that’s mark on economy mark is like the unofficial mayor of Carroll Gardens hey Joe you want up the walk go grab some sandwiches okay people like mark is truly why I love Brooklyn grew up here everybody on the block knows them and you open up one of the best pizzeria is with basically no pizza making experience and if you’re lucky you’ll get a ride in a Chevy Impala jr. uncle jr. fedora got the leaf blower up man it’s like it’s like water in the concrete in the morning that’s my favorite thing to do it is amazing this is amazing I take therapy for me I’ve everything to do this is a beautiful little escape back here man I love it back here you love to build I love to build I built this restaurant you built the whole restaurant over us right I no intentions of doing a pizzeria I just wanted to grab the space and maybe keep it going you know I got the keys I came in here and I just started looking around and thinking what do I do there’s just gonna be a candy store keep it the candy store you know they used to be a great pizzeria over here on President Street and I remember that place being packed every day no no and it was on a little side street I says you know what pizza took me two and a half years to build the space I finally finished I says all right I got it you know teach myself to make pizza how did it all come about what did you read books if you watch people honey you know like I says how hard could it be to make a pizza so I started making pies practicing and handed them out to people and I’m standing in here by myself and I says I you know I gotta open growing up in pizza Rees did they ever have wine no did they ever have waitresses no I says it’s me I remember going through the pizzeria was the Angelo the old man that was it but I take the paper down I call up Anthony my landlord and his mother roll and I says come downstairs sit in the place make it look like we’re open and then I serve them a pizza a half hour later someone comes in an hour later two and a half hours every table was full and I’m running around you take the order I make up a pizza I bring it to the table and that’s how it started then it was just like chaos red words spread like wow right now that was it now if you watch this you’re gonna see it’s gonna end there they say so I’ll take a balloon and then we finish it off with some Reggiano some basil and basil and that’s it that’s it that’s a classic kuqali pizza right there you can shake my hand oh I’m sorry I’m sorry alright amazing I’ve been dying for this mmm so good it’s what a classic margarita or regular fire should taste like I’d like the tomato sauce with like the mixture like the milky or mozzarella cheese and then the hard cheeses it’s a creamy a little tangy at the same time it’s really delicious and that’s where my dad was born right above the fish though I grew up right over here and you guys grew up over here you got the church bells ringing that’s provide sit back this is where I played as a kid this bar hey rich how are you in the puck oh yeah yeah we’re gonna play some bocce who’s the crew got here today that were hanging with it’s just like generations of friends hang with Mark and his friends as a stepping into a time machine this is literally old Brooklyn where else can you smoke a cigar and play bocce you got your glasses on you got one eight seven green go straight up the middle that’s it look at that pause that that’s daddy cause it hit no we’re close walk back when it’s all you’re making up your own rules that’s the Sicilian bocce Egyptians may be po you know well you know everybody has the house rules so oh one of the guys is a little confused about taking the ball off if it hit the back I disagree with hey I wrote it this morning because everybody goes for the back there’s no slip no some confusion but what’s a bocce game without arguing right if you’re not arguing about the rules about something and it’s not a real bison dog that’s it every neighborhood all use about everything I don’t know I don’t know what do you know one forget about how that see you later where’s up come on let’s warn Esposito’s let’s go mark like any great pizzaiolo takes a lot of pride in his ingredients he shops to them every morning at Esposito’s his favorite neighborhood pork store it smells great nice sausages on the way over there and the sandwiches the kind of sandwich you want a sandwich how many years is this our shop in here for EXCI 22 1922 how many generations are you of lover 3 3 my nephew’s number 4 but it’s gonna die and marketable yeah I understand time goes on you can’t do anything about it for me it makes me sick right because it’s like yeah this is what like you know what Brooklyn is about and what you know what what makes it special give me a pound and a half a job half a pound of pork half a pound of veal you want to make people’s salary ranges I kind of like might like to make a rustic meatball so what’s the story behind the meatballs like what’s the style of them is that from your grandmother is it your own style you know yeah it all stems from my grandmother and I like I was working on a meatball Believe It or Not for three years I would make the antennae it’s just like you know so busy making pizza then I would go back to the meatballs it’s a work in progress yeah and then I would taste so and so’s meatball I says that version it’s a great version and then take all of them and put them together and you know there’s a lot of going out to dinners and eating meatballs not a lot of restaurants make good meatballs well I know how picky Italians are with all your friends and all your cousins when they come in here do they all like love your pizza and love everything where do they bus Chippewa I have videotape that I could show you this is him stealing the meatballs so it’s just it’s just your prep guide down there he snuck downstairs my guys they don’t say nothing yeah he’s looking around BAM right inside a cult look at him with and this is me ain’t gonna put it back you don’t want to give it up no the best thing is he swears he makes the best meatballs that is funny man that is funny someone that wasn’t from the food industry how did you know to use the stuff that you use you know that’s old Tom I had already signed Alicia and you know I was building the space out and I went and I was like that’s it this guy has just taken traditional New York Pizza to another level after talking about our idol it was time to go see the old man we’d hop into marks convertible hyung Don’s present on the mirror and made our way to the farm it’s time for a visit with the king of Brooklyn pizza at his Midwood palace ready kid let’s do it Thomas brought you some gifts good to see you thank you how’s everything and now I’m good to see you like soup Asad right we brought you some soup Asad and some of the long bobs kangaroo one-liners and kinga Pizza 1965 is one in this piece reopened your he actually had another location somewhere and he was driving by this area and he saw the crowd and you know I just opened over here but back then it was very mixed it was kosher was Orthodox Jewish it was Greek it was tiny but then as the the the late 80s were approaching it was turning like fully Orthodox everybody was leaving he said to himself I’m not gonna leave I’m just I’m just gonna make like the best pizza I can make which is a kind of a crazy business move cuz everybody’s like what are you doing get out of here and all some people started coming in from around the area and then now they come from Japan you know like there we are 50 years later yeah we just wanted to order a couple slices and maybe triangular sizes in to squint so this way I’m ready I can start you with that okay great thank you I’m excited right now man my mouth and then out those water look there’s Pizza add a nice amount of cheese and sauce on it but it’s still perfect trust in the month is by far the best square slice anywhere hobbits play here I usually just get the regular slice yeah and every time I come here I think I make good pizza then once I come here I’m like okay I guess not when you come to eat at the flowers you should expect to wait Dominic takes his time can make his pizza and followed that polity and as a pizza maker as a pope that makes me so happy that someone is that dedicated to their craft like the commitment to pizza that he has is just unparalleled okay guys you ready for the regulus ready he’s ready ten minutes ago thank you so much I was ready when I woke up this morning tonight you people what I also love is like like all these like little black spots and you know the bubbles a little imperfection that connects is open dialing they’re like an old take an old in power gamma what’s your favorite part about making pizzas like family what you do you never work this is what we’re up to Fred to pie pepperoni mushroom two times Maggie is Dom’s daughter like any family-run business there’s a lot of moving parts Maggie no siblings are the ones that are keeping this Empire running did you guys see the pizza project any of you what I love about this book is how it is regular people who worked so hard and did this and it’s their view of things that’s my dad it’s myself my dad’s doing mostly all the pizzas but my brothers are good too though where my brothers have that my dad doesn’t is speed they’re faster when people ask did he teach you how to make pizza do they really believe that we know nothing that we are just behind this counter not paying attention that we didn’t dedicate our time to this business as well that we know nothing I don’t know what’s in the sauce it’s hysterical I read that and I thought that that was fascinating actually because you always hear stories about DOM and dollars the only guy back there and he’s the only one making pizza for the most part he did it up until recently as he’s slowing down which changes have to happen even sometimes I have to coach my dad into working because he’s not up for it or and any of us I’m sure we all we love and hate what we do but he seems to me like the type of guy that will never retire right no he comes into work he pushes himself as best he can we have a plan we create the team when he just walks away from the line of people which he does and the summer it happened a lot and he’s just like I’m tired and sits down I already have the back-up plan I’m 107 and we have families and so there’s a lot of people that dedicate their life to that star can you sign my t-shirt yeah yeah by the hot over the holler yeah me too I’m gonna frame this and put this on my wall yeah that’s gonna but that’s hanging in my pizza review thank you no thanks All Right see you later have a great day dumb thank you very much child yeah take over get the cheese enjoy no no no I gotta buckle you write a number one night please honey besides our shirt China’s it’s what the Pharaoh groupies thumbs are rock star I was gonna make him sign my chest but I can’t hang that in the pizzeria they should put like a little sign underneath fvj also known as the fire Boulevard on the next episode of the pizza show we’re going on New Haven Connecticut do you remember going to like Frank Pepe’s or Sally’s or to the side and that’s what you say it any reason yeah yeah

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