British People trying Norwegian Candy - This With Them

British People trying Norwegian Candy – This With Them

hey guys Alex and I are back with another candy tryin video and this one is another first yeah we're back in Europe and we've got Norwegian candy yeah super exciting because now we ticked off Sweden Finland Russia and now we've got Norway and Belarus oh I'm Belarus I'm Poland and Poland yeah but I've got Italy and Spain it's Lee Ann's Bay I was more mini with filling how our European yeah we're like taking them off just because you know in our Finland County we were saying these are Scandinavian yeah there was a countries that are surrounded each other we just hadn't done Norway and now we are here and we have another journey yeah when this time it's Jenny from the block Jenny with the why Jenny from with the why and she has given us a plastic wallet with some sheets of paper with some info on jewelry you get reading you wanna start yeah hey I can read this one yeah because it's typed out I actually really like the font I was just about say that's so lovely because the Scandinavian countries are known for their design whereas I feel like in England if it's someone sent us a letter thank you you just be in Comic Sans all round yeah or Times Roman won't bother changing it whereas this looks like a nice fun let us know what you've used it says hey Alex and Kate Alex first again because my name is Jani and I really enjoyed watching your videos with both funny challenges tasty recipes and exploring the food culture of other countries she's really encapsulated you need to like write our bio yeah because we could do with the new were trying foreign food is a popular theme of yours but you have yet to try Norwegian candy or Katya as we call it therefore I decided to send you a piece of Norway this box is filled with both traditional snacks and my own favorites what will be your favorite oh yeah drinking that Jap king size is like that that's what I was thinking is it the same but it's not it's cool something else and it also is what branders looks very similar doesn't it does so let's go in the order she does maybe it's so cool she's sorted images everything and then she's written it out this is amazing do you know what there's a drink here and I kind of just want to start with that yeah so this is so low so it was established way back in 1934 and has been a permanent companion through many Norwegian childhood Easter is the season of skiing it looks really good so it's orange I'm wondering if this is good like a bit more owner so I'm wondering if he's gonna taste like Fanta or more Orangina from the same from the bottle drinking from the bottle smells good got a good nose on it and you want to start savory or starting like for her order it's really good I'm not like orange is like tangerine almost as like slightly sweeter that's really good isn't that's really nice I think we should still start sweet savory so pretty okay now you ready to see one of the biggest bag of crisps ever yes just kidding Oh bigger than your head no I've seen a bag like this in America and I was blown away by how huge it was this is like party sighs I guess stuff this big in England doing purses no this juice drink is delicious I love the branding on this the way it's so simple like the whole bag is just blue and then you've got these photos of the crisps on with the drop shadows and and the writing and the flame is so cold oh I'm not sure I can move another crest pepper salt and pepper Kim's hmm sorry if I butcher Norwegian words chemins wrong no I think sometimes if your for you have something you like it's nice it was quite often you got salt and vinegar just sea salt when actually it's salt and pepper which really goes that it really taste the pepper but it's not overpowering that stuff some others but Chris out and then I'll say what I'm giving that Oh what there is bother ona yeah she's mentioned that we've had them before but this is a different flavor so we've got two more my roots tortilla cheese and Sullins chips and look creme fraiche never had a bag of crisps creme fraiche that can be a very light flavor of the market all right hold on so to Kim she's put these are best served with holiday dip mix look just add it into 3d ELLs of sour cream Oh sadly we don't have any self but we manage our we're gonna we're gonna try this maybe another time this looks so exciting we knew that those tortilla chips this is the most sold chips in Norway really I don't think the tortilla would be want to expect the tortilla chip to be the most sold in just and an avian company country they're really nice really calm and then our last chip is these chips with the taste of poem fresh is probably my favorite chips of all time I really like this bag it seems lots in here these chips got really great it's a kind of like more kettle hmm like our kettle chips amazing paper very I don't think I'm how do you think like that great no they're kind of in the same family as sour cream and chive I'll say these bursts from maybe the campus and comes and then the tortilla chips I like daughters like sortir chips but like they wouldn't be my go-to I'd pick any type of normal Chris first potato chip because these these aren't made of potato these are made for look sweet corn gets flattened out and then they cut their triangles out of it and then they get cooked so I always prefer potato over like corn snacks personally okay why I will it still enjoy those especially with some day well let's see smash smash yes much should we do like the biscuits and things does that say salt and sweet maybe maybe these are he's like chocolate-covered ah smash is salted corn kernels covered by me das milk chocolate need are described it as this distinctive combination of sweet salty and airy brittle is as far as we know the only one of its kind in the world they look like bugles might be he goes Oh dad completely covered what did we have recently that was it was like prep was it the practices covered in chocolate yeah virtually like really something this is what I can only imagine the capris with crisps in is like from Australia no it's so good so salty and yet covered in chocolate Wow in some ways I love pretzels with chocolate that is up there isn't it with that was amazing let us know because um Jenny thinks it's as the oh and the only kind in the world so let us know if you have any people's comfort of America covered in covered in America let's look at that job so we've had a job I know but it was that not from Sweden consist of milk chocolate filled with delicious cook Oh Lorraine looks like a mars bar looks a bit like the king-size we had in the last in the Finland and the Finland yeah writing is just like Mars it looks like a mars bar on the outside maybe it's no guess it's what I want yeah this is a mars bar that's Norway's version there's a most part and one thought that's really nice that Jap is a nine out of ten yeah I liked out are you giving those a few goals in 10 out of 10 the bugles are a 10 yeah see Japs probably a 9 after the because I do like pretzel and bugles covered in chocolate but I don't think I would give them a 10 out of 10 really yeah nothing that the best thing since sliced bread is in Bunter now I really want to try these for color I think heavy burn friends veggie fairs covered in chocolate is that like Fame bananas well I don't know because I had something like when I was in Paris Rula and it was like marshmallow teddy bear so that's what you and Matt were nibbling on while you're in while we're waiting for that breakfast that time this is also but certified village what we had before eating that's not what you got this before crunch in anything I can load up before breakfast they're really good mrs. Nina hmm Nider again chocolate I don't like the chocolate as much on there Oh including mums that's not what that means that one looks like the baby and one looks like the month really I could be but I like that so let's go with that Oh should we try this johanna tried pronounce that cubic is more than a chocolate it's part of the Norwegian people's soul we have been eating it since 1937 and never go hiking without it when the Winter Olympics were held in Oslo in 1952 turn million Kovac were sold and no it's not a KitKat you'd never go hiking without it yeah is it like a healthy thing no I think it's a KitKat the way she said it's not a KitKat I think it's a gator that looked a lot of finding about that branding is amazing the three colors and I love the way she says it's more than a chocolate yeah it's our soul it's epic the branding of NASA and I can't believe me of them were sold in 1952 for the Winter Olympics crazy so either these were advertised at the Olympics like probably on the banners have a snack have a its guns just it's not a kicker okay it's not a KitKat it's not a kick that just tastes different from a kick out but basically is a kick up it's a cousin a kick catch doesn't it taste so different because the wafer is different than the chocolate soup yeah but to explain to people it's got those way four layers in a finger form so take that and that's that free yeah yeah yeah that's really good I can understand why lots of people like that my question is and I'll do a little poll here would you ever eat one of these or a KitKat like this no get out savvy do you get up there was this whole OCD thing saying like would you actually be able to buy a kit kat that way no but someone took this photo of someone who looked like justin bieber eating a burrito from the middle oh yeah it go viral okay so have we tried this yet no no that's interesting so it is top priests top 4s consists of milk chocolate filled with crispy red rice goobie with the delicious tofu toffee kernel and this is freer again I wonder if that's your biggest brand all right so I put there Lucifer II no it was something else wasn't that end up like Fabio or something Fatiha yeah well that's interesting so it's got middle bet it's got a bit rounder then it's got rice crispies and then it's got more chocolate it's got like a solid chocolate in the middle it's like a parcel I pass the parcel mm-hmm is it great all right so good we're so nice – there's so many different textures mmm thank you I'm so glad there's a chew in the middle I think sometimes when there's not the chew it's like something's missing mm-hmm that's pretty nice and they even have like a dark bit of chocolate in there I like it I think it's all just great it's really yummy I'll give out of ten actually I'll give this a nine I said this was a knife and these are a ten and actually these teddy bear things are probably not really I really enjoyed that I really enjoyed this so I'm probably gonna give this about nine this I'm probably only gonna give this is a I'm not the biggest wafer fan am I like you need a KitKat words I wouldn't Oh can we try this net yes this looks awesome and I hope it looks so this is free air again smile is a delicious roll of chunks of free milk chocolate with a core of soft toffee is created to be shared sure we can share it and these are like row dolls I think you'll be kind of like rolling those but I reckon the texture in the middle of you different looks like yeah I'm surprised she didn't say but not rosy I think yeah Oh half fighting half I work running a very soft mmm that is delicious looks really big isn't it mmm looks like a ten I think you're more in there than you get him roll oh yeah that's a ten Oh Stephanie attend should we do those lovin sang-man they look steep man norway's most popular jelly man oh it was lovely and this is Niger as well these are like Bom Bom okay you're like bum bum bum let me say well Norway's favorite jelly man yeah I feel sup now because we don't have a favourite jelly pineapple orange apple raspberry and lemon there's literally not one I don't buy on that really it's like not one I don't like in here oh my word he feels so quickly give him a little rub each other so nice these little legs they're so sweet no wonder they are you think no wonder these are rappers gonna say I wonder how far you can stretch them it's like almost like Jam isn't that yeah orange one is delicious that's amazing this bonbons gonna be like no Kevin there's a surprising number of sweets are actually really enjoy you read this night something message balls drew brees in a candy with a sting in it no sour yeah comes out no what ya got so much good stuff in I am a good cop mmm we got four things left we got juice or Triscuit sauce and two biscuits no chocolate bars uh-huh talk about biscuit first miss Kay I can the biscuit voices so she says I saw you tried the ballerina one nougat from a Swedish tiny bot probably also have our own version these biscuits hold blog barely get blob Erica very good means blueberry happiness are amazing best eaten went slowly separated – cookies enjoy so these are jammie Dodgers bubbly Bree these are blueberry happiness I'll be the judge of that don't get many blueberry biscuits here doing really well that's what we've thought was interesting with the Polish jaffa cakes that were like blue oh these cookies were launched in 1954 and are almost a national treasure Wow I'm gonna do what she says savor your best each one slowly separating the two cakes looks like a flower no I like with this kind of thing I like going in half yeah I might just try it all together mm-hmm it's nice it's not overly sweet sometimes way too sweet it's great see how to shoot me that is in the middle which very nice these ones are struck a lava from my German mother joy from my English not only check and tell these all seem like digesters oh whoa that chocolates like really soft so soft yeah there's like a deal like it's melted mmm tastes like something hmm foreign biscuit we've had some times them they're our biscuits are very all stand out the same in like the same sort of taste yeah well I mean like it's got that like foreign flavor mm-hm it's almost like a um almost like a mocha scares me yeah tastes like I'm saying we may as well you know what they taste like animal biscuit so yeah that's what it is and they also remind me of the unicorn ones we tried from Germany I had the real-life baked ones and then to finish us off in this box we have two chocolate bars and not just a normal bus look big beads are oh my god oh that's a whole chocolate bar what did you thought they were like little bars no this is a whole chocolate bar oh no it's a hundred fifty grams oh I suppose it's no bigger than ours yeah yours is longer so this one stratas was launched in 1936 and is a bubbly chocolate that melts on the tongue I surely cannot choose between Stratos and simply freer milk chocolate and that's not again like and this is freer a true classic from 1920s what do you think freer and freer or nine and this is milk shot colada if that's how you say it and then she says hope you enjoy with a love heart Jenny I was gonna say she's printed it out so we couldn't see until now but her handwriting is lovely yeah I love the way on the hope like one side is longer than yeah so we do the milk yes that looks like alright doesn't it yeah I kind of think this could all change depending on what we try first you don't think sometimes what wouldn't you try first changes your opinion hmm most solid white chocolate oh that really Coach them out really gets all up in there not with a cup of tea would be amazing three bubbles mm-hmm it's very like a row isn't it I kind of think I prefer that I mmm I'm saying about the Aran airiness of it I really like this the free free yeah because it really covers your mouth but there's something about the lightness of that I prefer although there was one candy box where we got arrows in white chocolate and milk chocolate remember I was so excited yeah but she didn't like it but this arrow is so nice sometimes when you add the bubble she lose flavor yeah but this you don't know that Carol looks like the laughing Carol from Jerry Lee hmm got mad cow disease we finished I love that was so good these European ones where you don't expect don't wire don't expect but like the German one I didn't expect there to be loads of really good stuff I've been blown away by so many of the European chocolates and snacks and it's delicious is they're so good and they do taste much more natural don't they well I think not necessarily that just they're natural it's more similar to our face but wow that's amazing I enjoyed it the G I really enjoyed that and thank you so much Jenny for watching our videos seeing that we've never tried Norwegian candy and sending us a box that was very thoughtful of you and it was absolutely delicious wasn't it of course we're going to be sending Jenny a box of British candy if any of you would like to try some of our British candy I'll leave a link listed down below we hope you enjoyed watching that guys and we'll see you very soon bye so yeah

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  1. I love how he keeps reaching for the Smash. Nidar actually have a commercial with a little message at the end. " It's not possible, to only eat one"

  2. KitKat v Kvikk Lunsj: which four-fingered chocolate bar tastes best?

  3. When its winter we often take seigmen on our gingerbreads 🙂 btw I’m happy u guys liked a lot of the candy {Godteri 😉 } and kvikk lunsj is NOT kitkat

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