British Cooking Challenge ft. Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart | FridgeCam

British Cooking Challenge ft. Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart | FridgeCam

Hello! And welcome to FridgeCam. If you enjoy sticking food in your mush, then this is the show for you. Coming up in the fridge today,
it’s… Us! I’m Grace. -I’m Mamrie, and we’re
here seeking citizenship. But first… …the dudes are gonna test
our British food knowledge. What she said. Now, you may have noticed
that both Grace and Mamrie are from
the United States. What are your current thoughts
on the state of the United States? Sh*t is f**ked up. We don’t swear. I mean, Americans already have
a bad reputation for being trashy, but sh*t is f**ked up!
-Yeah. Um, yeah, we don’t wanna go back. No. We would like to stay here, in fact.
-Mm-hmm. So you want a Green Card? Yeah.
-Yeah. Are you offering a marriage? Our British government, they put
you through a citizenship test. Okay.
-Okay. And we thought we could
prepare you for that. Okay!
-Are you ready? Yes!
-Yes! So ready. We agreed to this earlier! We had this conversation off camera,
why are we doing this? Here’s our first challenge.
-Okay. “Make a traditional cup of Rosie Lee.” Who that? What? Is that like your Rosie O’Donnell here? A Rosie Lee. I’m assuming tea,
because we have only a certain number of ingredients
in front of us right now. Wait a second! Is Rosie Lee,
like that…what do they do? That slang? You know that slang where they
say words for other words? I’m just doing what you’re doing. I think you steep first, then add milk.
I’m gonna steep it… And then…
-And then I’m gonna squeeze it. Is it too hot?
-No. I have no feelings in my thumbs,
from the accident. Mamrie can live anywhere;
she has no fingerprints. Wait, you’re putting milk in? Oh, I guess it’s…
-To tea? Heck yeah! Okay, now I’m gonna
take a little biscuit, I’m gonna dip it.
-Y’all do that? That’s downright delectable. And we pour this…
-Mhm. Okay, how’d you do? I think it’s tasty.
-I think we did fairly well. But I have to tell you,
a fly died in Mamrie’s. Get that… mine’s dark,
yours is milky. Good brew.
-Yeah. -Good brew. I think that’s a pass.
-Round one: done. “Make a traditional Yorkshire pudding.” Wow, what a demand. Okay. What! There’s a recipe, just flew in
from some sort of off… camera godlike creature.
-Thank you! “Preheat the oven to 140 C.” 240. Oh my God.
-Are you okay? Are you okay? Oh, 240. Yeah, I think that’s what Max is.
That must be hot! Oh, I think they’ve been preheating it for us.
How nice. “Place a muffin tray onto
a large baking tray and place into the oven to preheat.” To preheat! Oh! I believe it’s these carefully
placed items we need. You nailed it!
Preheating a pan? Who knew?
-Well, now I’ve heard everything. “Fill a ramekin with plain flour.
Remember the level…” “By eye?”
-There’s a typo in this, that’s why. What kind of riddle is…?
That’s a riddle. Okay.
-So level… Yeah. There you go. “Whisk the flour in a bowl
with one teaspoon of salt. Crack enough eggs into the ramekin to fill to the same height
the flour was.” That’s a’ one. I’m nervous! You can do it. Yeah! That’s enough!
That’s enough eggs! That’s a perfect amount of eggs!
-Get outta here! We don’t need you!
We have enough! Oh, that looks good.
That looks really good. Does it?
-You’re doing a good job. Mm, thank you. Ooh, teamwork. “Now we pour one tablespoon
of vegetable oil into each muffin tray hole and return to the oven
to heat for 2 to 3 minutes.” That looks great.
-Meanwhile… Then it says, “Pour the batter
through a sieve and into a…” The f**k is a sieve? What’s a sieve?
Oh, I think we’re being deceived. A sieve…
-”sive”? Sieve.
-Sieve? Is it supposed to be Steve? Is there a man that’s supposed
to come help us? “Pour the batter through Steve.” Yeah.
-This. Yep.
That looks disgusting. “Pour the batter into the hot oil
in the muffin cases…” Cases. “So that they’re a third filled, and return to the oven
as quickly as you can. Okay, a third.
-A third of the way up. Is that right?
-That looks like a gross thing. Why is it turned into disks? I’m never going to visit Yorkshire. Go, go!
-Oh, I closed the oven. This is a relay race of a dessert. Ah!
-Girl… I got it. Look, that was so quick. With 15 minutes to kill, how about we use
our time constructively? Another test? Yeah! -Okay. – What is this? That’s a sieve. “Make Marmite on toast and eat it.” I’ll make it if you take it. Okay. Okay, but why is there butter? I guess, I think you do
a layer of butter… And then Marmite.
-What is Marmite? Ooh!
-So, it’s like a yeast. It’s like a fermented yeast paste, I think. Like, how bored are the citizens of this country
that they’re like, “We should just eat yeast today.” Yeah, like, what guy was like, “oh shoot, all my yeast went bad.” “I don’t have any peanut
butter or jam… let me put the yeast
on my toast today.” It smells like soy sauce. Exactly, ’cause there’s
so much sodium in it. Cool.
-Do I sound like Ben? Oh!
-It’s really hot. Oh no! I can taste it from here. Ooh! We got two winces! Do we get some?
-Okay, Ben, do you like it? Absolutely love Marmite. You know, a lot of people think
that’s my name, so I’ll take it. That’s another pass. Yeah!
-Yay, hurray! And we’ll pass. What are they!
-What even happened here! Okay.
-Okay, so I’m gonna turn it… Are you supposed to turn them over?
-I don’t know. Uh oh. If I’m drunk anywhere near these,
it’s gonna been an issue. We need someone else
to taste it, to tell… Do we get to taste these too? Yeah. It’s…
-Ooh! Look at… These smell incredible. Thank you.
-Thank you How do they look?
-Look at that! Is that good?
-That is what you fill with your gravy. What?
-What kind of gravy? Sauce.
-Sauce. Meat sauce.
-Meat? These are savory? Are these desserts? No, these go with most meats,
roast vegetables. You’re blowing my mind! I feel like I’m watching
a (inaudible) movie! This is really good. Really, really good.
Did you try it? No.
-Yeah, these definitely got egg in them. And… Milk.
-And milk. Oh.
-But you should try them. Light, crispy, tasty.
It’s another pass. Yeah, it is. So, you’ve done spectacularly
well so far. THANK YOU! This last round is a question and answer. Okay.
-Heard of it. So you alluded to Cockney
rhyming slang earlier. Uh-huh. Which is a phrase that is
substituted for a word, and it normally rhymes with that word.
-Mm-hmm. It always rhymes with that word.
-Okay. So I can give you an example
apples and pears are “stairs”. Why do people got apples on their floor? Who knows.
Got me. Honestly, this is the hardest
language to learn of all time. People say that Celtic is weird. This is my math. So number one: bacon and eggs. And the example is: “Ben’s obsessed with red shorts; he loves to get his bacons out.”
-Legs. I get this game now!
-Correct! Okay… raspberry tart. Okay. Example: “You know when
Barry’s had a curry, you can smell his raspberry.” Fart? That’s correct.
-Yay. Go team! Spanish onion.
-Okay. Example: “My feet are killing me;
this Spanish one got away.” Bunion. Not a lot rhymes with onion, to be fair. Minion?
-Nope. The Old Baked Plum. The example: “Too many donuts
and you’ll have an Old Baked…” Who wrote this? “Too many donuts and you’ll have
an Old Baked Plum like Mike’s.” BUM!
-Correct. Butt.
-What’s an Old Baked Plum? Exactly as it sounds. Just an old baked plum, stick it in an ov’?
-Yeah. Okay. Sounds delicious. Final one.
-Yeah. Custard and jelly.
-Mm-hmm. And I’m not gonna give you an example
because you’re too good. Custard and jelly…what…
-Telly. You watch it on the telly. That is correct. Ah!
-Yeah! I’m a genius! Okay, who’s marrying who? Yeah, yeah, yeah… what are we gonna do?
Rock, paper, scissors? There’s only one thing left to do. Ask the question, dude. I think I’m still blushing. If you want to find out whether or not Grace and Mamrie were actually, well, accepted back into the U.S., all the thinks for them are down below.
Go check them out. Yeah, go give them some love ’cause we definitely love those girls.
-You do, more than most. Stick with us now ’cause
we’re gonna make some classic British scones
in the AfterTaste, but it’s also Christmastime. So we’re gonna take
ourselves a break. This is the last episode
of season one. But don’t worry, there will be
another Christmas special being launched during
the Christmas period… a little gift from us to you. And of course we’re back in the new year…
January the 8th. So if you’re new here or
if you haven’t already, make sure you’re subscribed, ’cause we will make you hungry. Well, do you know what,
that FridgeCam had everything. It had some British teabagging. It had two Americans not
knowing what a sieve is. And it had a very merry Christmas from everyone here
at the Sorted studio. ‘Til next year. Ciao. Bye-bye! Quintessential afternoon
tea is a classic scone, and I’m gonna show you how
to make the perfect one. What you’ll need is flour, butter, milk, egg, sugar, and dried fruit.
Easy as that.

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  1. Just to clarify we do have sieves in America we just call them either strainers or sifters. And Mamrie is vegan so when she was eating the "biscuit" (we call them cookies in America) and dipped it in the tea it was most likely that she put a dairy substitute like almond milk or coconut milk or soy milk in the tea.

  2. this proves that you absolutely have to grow up eating marmite to like it.. or maybe not entirely because i can't live without it but my brother doesn't eat it and we both grew up with it

  3. Mamrie thinks she has it hard being allergic to egg and milk and being unable to try Yorkshire puddings, b***h, I'm English and have never tried Yorkshire pudding because I'm also allergic to egg and milk. Every Sunday growing up, would go to my nan's for Sunday roast and be unable to try Yorkshire pudding 🙁 pray4me

  4. If you hate your country, don't let the door hit you in the ass. From this video, the US average IQ will increase by you pair leaving.
    Sorry, SORTED, I don't enjoy the 'ignorant American' stereotype.

  5. When British people say "pudding" what do they mean? Because you guys use that word a lot and we Yanks have just no idea what you're talking about.

  6. You CAN eat Yorkshire Pudding as a dessert with golden syrup or jam on it and its delicious too. Most people scorn at this or have never heard of it. But it's only an oven cooked pancake for hecks sake!

  7. Hey, four-eyes, the U.S. has a citizenship test for permanent residents that apply for naturalization too. Every country that allows naturalization has some sort of citizenship test

  8. Marmite on toast is the equivalent to eating sewage on toast and anyone who has climbed into a septic tank to clean it knows exactly what i mean.

  9. Is Mamrie allergic to milk and eggs? She have drinked a tea with milk, so I guess she is one of that depressed people who projects their loaning to be take cared of on animals ("vegans"). Too bad, I like to watch how she drawning it in boose. And the depressed ones is almost always the funniest. Now I see myself as a cruel woman.
    Kind of funny I can't drink milk or consume any milk-based product. It's delisious, and I have no problems with taking pleasure from food, not thinking about deserving to live and let be, but, yeah, food allergy and leaky gut syndrome is a bitch.
    Vegans not sick – they are just religious. Stupid or not – you decide.

  10. Now these are two fucking stupid CUNTS. And its great it a British show and I get to use cunt in the proper way for the first time ever. Guess what Trump is awesome, he is doing EVERYTHING he said he would. And anything he hasn't been able to do is because the liberals are holding him back because as an old guy he was able to fuck a pornstar. And he can talk about grabbing a pussy or a dick all he wants, as long as he does with consent then I am cool with it. But at the end of the day, the strength of our economy and our military is what important. If it were up to the liberals we would be just like Paris letting all these people in that we don't know and they start attacking. But then they say we don't know where this came from it was random. Guess what it wasn't they do not like westerners and once you give the freedom of the country they are in they will use that trust to their advantage and attack in whichever way they wish. Whether it be a bomb or spitting in someone's sandwich, it will always happen. We need to deploy 3/4's of our military there send in K9's and recover all weapons and anyone who tries any kind of resistance be shot on the spot. Remove the corrupt governments that are in place, also anyone who tries to interpret the Quran in their own way be shot as well. They need to take the book as it is, not how it should be to them. Also need to put a stop to Russia supply weapons to the area once and for all, all Europen nations receiving goods from Russia need to stop until they comply…. easy.

    Well, that was my rant, I am proud of my country and the way they spit on it there was disgraceful. It had nothing to do with the video. Sorry Sorted, but this is a video I will not watch I will watch others.

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