Brazilian Food – 5 Foods You MUST EAT in Brazil

hey there fellow travelers mercury Walter examine my Brazilian mob Manta rip Ricardo Lucy Paula here in South LA definitely should have to check out the thing is when you try has tons of great food here the thing is you're not always going – every single thanks and he comes resume she's gonna start off with a Shelby you you have a small beater or maybe academia which is made with Kinshasa to sugarcane liquor hey with sugar and smashed up in there this traditional things you can add if you don't want alcohol the drink you're going to have this but enough why not as a fruit it has a lot of caffeine in it Varma hush now hush now basically makes your food over and fried you can do different stuff inside I have carving meat beef she's got out she has cognition hurts and this is a really proper thing glasses sometimes have a lot of years we're white powder case your cheese bread salary it's bread that's got this kind of movie gooeyness to it they don't have it all over the place that is you want to have his cushy the firm which is kind of like it's a prime quality like potatoes my ball potatoes which chicken inside and then deep-fried and you eat in the football you to Cathy hot sauce is that's the thing is easy to drinking with your that's the first thing so the second thing you have to have any kind of Brazil he's the meat so you're gonna have to befriend the most famous thing you might you might have heard of in the US like over the shout but basically refused you for Alaska near Tabasco basically it's going to have is a ton ton of beat where they walk around they actually have a little slide that you have green keep bringing me stop with the meat and they're gonna bring tons of meat it's some of the stuff you have but me and it's really good B do you mind that chicken parts here there is big Canyon if the Canas is really special which is awesome a little bit of fat on offer you and he used those dollars to grab it and put it on their always fantastic another mean I really recommend it's like we say it's not really a sausage kind of thing that's not a saucy sauce stuff like that is now in terms of how many things would have first don't have is recruited here so brush do you have amazing juice that's amazing like milkshakes and stuff like that mana juices oh my god is so quick but you'll have to through you've never even heard of you don't have shoes a nut actually comes off of a fruit and they make juice jackford that shorter Japanese Paulo kill you but is there's all kinds of grapefruits here so definitely check out a merkava like here I go roots because Brazilians just companies now of course we wouldn't be wrong we didn't talk about the sweets here there are some really good sweets my personal favorite chocolate is we have sweet condensed milk and cocoa powder mixed together jostle makes it whether we have a party it is fantastic like a caramel it might come in a hostile like this you're gonna get out of my shell like this you what I eat is so good that also some other sweets you want to have my favorite that we always had together at her house roasted elbow which is like sweetness of with Asia banana cheese comes the Venus region where she's from it's awesome to the gym oh he's totally good so there is a bunch of sweets and if they when you're here you're going to see there's a lot of local Queens of different parts of the country so we're here South follow with the breakdown live you have mortadella sandwich it's basically baloney okay you know bologna sandwich you might have Italian food here you want to buy eat about had a shame there's like a bean it's like a bean taco kind of thing with shrimp inside oh my god it's so good but the thing is sitting makeovers a lot of really great regional food some need to reach the stuff but what I'm gonna do this head like the ones who find everywhere in here comes ours for me on so here's here's the point developing here's the bunch of delle one from here in south model other things you might see is like when I was in Papa now I got the Piranha that we wish it was awesome but the thing is there's one thing missing off my table today and this is the most important dishes in horses fish of rice and beans you have rice and bean all lunch dinner dinner lunch rice and beans he's alive old man and the thing is it comes with different question if you have cold they fish out like a bean soo oh it's so good but fish live in fish waters like a beans to have needed it with rice and so you will have that but I gotta eat this food this this stuff is too good to leave here not good evening and in my belly so I had a great time here in Brazil I hope you have a good time eating you will but have those fruits to help everything gu through now say them

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