Bloody Mary Breakfast - PoorMansGourmet

Bloody Mary Breakfast – PoorMansGourmet

welcome to the poor man's gourmet kitchen where we share gourmet recipes and a little bit of wonder now check this out one of the things I like to do when I'm making this hangover drink is cook down some thick pieces of bacon render all that fat until it's perfectly cooked then drop each piece on some paper towels and dab up all that grease now I'm just gonna chop off the root end of a full stick of celery now to garnish the glass I like to dip the rim in pickle juice then salt the rim in Tajin which is the same seasoning I used in my last mango not a recipe or chew mango whatever you want to call it but this is perfect now all you got to do is add some ice now add your vodka and instead of measuring I usually eyeball about a quarter of the class then fill the rest up with a nice thick Bloody Mary Mix and I go bold and spicy which I'll talk about in the blog now just give it a quick stir drop in the celery a slice of bacon and how about a couple cheeseburger sliders I mean if you're gonna have one you might as well have two right top those off with a pickle and a green Oliver too and there you have it Bloody Mary right here in the poor man's gourmet kitchen thank you for watching and be sure to stop by poor man's gourmet kitchen com for more recipes and exact ingredients

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