BFFs Get Handcuffed Together For 24 Hours • Jen & Steven

BFFs Get Handcuffed Together For 24 Hours • Jen & Steven

– [Man] One, cheers.
– [Woman] One, two, three. – I did it too tight, this hurts. – This hurts also, ow! (intense music) – We are gonna get handcuffed
together for a whole day. – I will give up my
dominant hand for you, Jen. That’s how good of a friend I am. – That’s cool ’cause I
was not gonna do that. It’s hard to reach. – We get dinner after work,
but then when we leave, Jen just disappears. – I guess when you’re handcuffed together, the whole point is that we’re gonna see a new side to each other. – I don’t like people in my space. I think we both like space. I’ve never brought any of
my work friends to church. – I think we’re gonna come out of this with a deeper appreciation for each other. – That was so sweet of you to say that. – I’m very optimistic. Alright. – Woohoo! Confession, I have claustrophobia. I just got that wave just now. – I never regret anything
until after I’ve done it. – Cheers. Ow, stop moving. – It’s gonna be good. – Stop clapping! – You need your thing. – Now, ow, dude you’re
lifting up my shirt, brah. 24 hours starts now. – You know, we’re just
doing what two friends do. Which is walk animals
and get rid of garbage. – Yeah I’m just walking
Jen, who’s walking the dog. Here we go. The dog just pooped. – Come on, Steven. – I don’t wanna get close to it. Why you using my hand, use your other one. – I have to use the other
hand to hold the dog. (yells) We’re gonna go run some
errands ’cause you need to eat. – I need to eat for sure. – Yeah, and I gotta go
get my weed card renewed, so we’re gonna go to. – Wait, what? (upbeat music) – Steven how do you feel,
do you feel at home here? – Totally. – We uncuffed while we were in there ’cause we figured that
would be a sure fire way to get kicked out. – People are gonna look at
me and Jen, and be like, that is the most controlling
boyfriend in the world, and that is wrong on so many levels. – People for a second
are like, oh it’s sweet they’re holding hands,
and then they look closer and they’re like, nope just crazy. This lady at the counter. She looked at us for a second, not really paying attention, she was like, looked away and then she was like. (gasps) – I mean there’s only two options, right? – Yeah, either we’re
crazy or we’re very kinky. – Dangerous. – [Steven] Oh.
– [Jen] Oh. – Right now we wanna get food. We passed a Mitsu on our way here. – I don’t even know what that is. – It’s so cool! It’s like a Japanese
supermarket with a food court. This is hard to reach. – Stop it. – We found these little koala thingies, and we both used to eat
them a lot as a kid. – It was weird because
we don’t really hang out on the weekends very much, and so we found out a lot about each other just from living together. – So we also just had coffee, and now I have to go to the bathroom. – You need to poop? – Yeah, we’re uncuffing. – Wait, what? Bye. – Bye. – I miss her already. That’s also the time when i found out that she’s a very fast pooper. You sure you washed your
hands, that was so fast. – Yeah they’re clean, smell ’em. We’re also. The Asian pair eats an Asian pear. Ready? – Set. – Go. I have a friend named Jeff,
who I hang out with a lot. – Jeff. – [Jen] Yeah, you’ve heard about Jeff. – I hate Jeff. – He doesn’t, he doesn’t know Jeff. I watched The Sopranos with Jeff. – [Steven] With Jeff?
– [Jen] With Jeff, yeah. I go bet burgers. – With Jeff? – Often times with my friend Jeff. – Screw Jeff, alright! – So this is my buddy Jeff, and this is Steven. You guys are meeting. – Hi I’m Jeff. – How’s it going man? – Nice to meet you. – We’re also gonna go
to a party after this for people that we went to college with. What’s up? – I didn’t realize you
had all these friends? You live two lives, Jen. Alright Jen, every night
I face time my girlfriend. – Wooo. – She’s your girlfriend today too. – Yay! I love Ying, I’m happy to
have her be my girlfriend. – [Steven] Hi.
– [Jen] Hi, hi Ying. – Tell me everything, how
was your day, what is up? – No this is my time with her, not yours. And they ended up having
a better conversation than me and my girlfriend. 19 hours left and we’re
going to church tomorrow. – We handcuff ourselves
to the poo, we’re loke. Is it poo? – To the poo? To the pew. – Is it not, it’s pew? I have an air mattress in my bedroom. We’re not gonna be handcuffed
but we can lean down and kick each other. – Yeah, goodnight. – Night. – Morning world. – Morning. – We’re still cuffed. – Still cuffed. – So I’ve never brought any
of my work friends to church. – I’m excited, I think it’ll be cool. – Church. – We’ll see you when it’s done. He just dropped his phone. – The fact that I forced you
to come to church with me made it a lot easier for
me to invite somebody from my space, but now I’m
like why don’t I do that? Why don’t I bring my friends
to places where I hang out. I think we’re better friends
because of it actually. – One hour of hang time. – Celebration, ice cream. – You know what it is? This day’s forced us to
plan fun things we can do. We had a great weekend. – It really has been. – I know at times it’s
probably uncomfortable for you. It’s also uncomfortable for me at times.
– [Steven] No. – Really? – It was never uncomfortable for me. I thought it was gonna be
bad but it was actually good. – Yeah, I thought it was really nice, ’cause the things is, you
compartmentalize friends sometimes (laughs) – You know, the parts of you
that I don’t see everyday. That doesn’t mean they’re not there. We just took our
friendship and we’re like, hey you’re gonna see all
the other parts of my world. – We did it, for 24
hours and eighth minutes. – High five me with your handcuffed hand. – At the end of the day, when we uncuffed. To be honest I was kinda sad. There are friends in our
life that you only want to have them around you for
a specific amount of time, but I found out that I
could be around her 24/7 and probably never be annoyed. – We out. – We out, we out, we out. – We out, we out. What’s up, what’s up, what’s up America? We’re you heart throbs Jen
and Steven coming at ya. In the background.

100 thoughts on “BFFs Get Handcuffed Together For 24 Hours • Jen & Steven

  1. “I watched the sopranos”
    “I often get burgers”

    he takes her to church
    she takes him to get her weed card renewed

    turn to each other

    2 friends handcuffed together
    0 feet apart cause they are best friends

    Two asian pears eating an asian pear

    Let’s handcuff ourselves to the poo
    Isn’t it the pew

    My new ship

  2. I could go handcuffed to Jen for life
    And dont get that wrong I am a non gay woman. still ❤ you Jen you are amazing

  3. This is amazing I wanna do this with my crush but they should have do the things that they avoided with doing handcraft, they are the parts they should do with those right

  4. “i watch sopranos”
    “WiTh jEfF?”
    “with jeff”
    “i go get burgers”
    “WiTh jEFf?”
    “often times with my friend jEfF”

  5. I think this is a good idea, but you should stay cuffed AT ALL TIMES. That would have made it funnier. You kind of ruined it by uncuffing.

  6. Me and my bff are very different people and I get annoyed from her but we r still bffs and it's not gonna change 🙂

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