Best Japanese Curry Rice in Singapore | Taste Testers | EP 108

Best Japanese Curry Rice in Singapore | Taste Testers | EP 108

Wa piang eh! Softer can or not? Hi guys! B: Hi!
J: Hello! Hi! Gyudon, you got Tempura don. The bento sets! Sashimi! Sashimi is like sushi what! No, sushi is sashimi on rice! Japanese curry rice? Oh, yes! I love! I like my curry to be hot and spicy. For me, the curry is more important than the rice. So, the creamier (the curry) the better. You should try Coco Curry in Japan. Ra introduced (it) me. Oh my god, it’s freaking good eh. We went there twice. The rice right, is super like mushy. Then the curry must be thick, with a lot of potatoes! Oh, yes! To me right, the rice is also very important. If you overcook or put too much water right, everything will feel very starchy. So I guess you need to nail that rice component. This looks very familiar eh. I swear I had this like two weeks ago. If you compare the Japanese rice at Japan, their rice is glistening. but this is not la. Maybe my expectations a bit too high. Maybe they ship from Japan then the glistening all gone. Oh, “gri-ser-ling” ah? It looks very thick and very creamy. So, high hopes! The meat is very thick then the batter is just a thin layer. Okay, it smells very sweet. Wa, the flavour it just punches into your nostrils. That’s why, pungent right? Ya. Confirm! I know where this is from! Monster Curry. This one is like Singapore rice (is here), Japanese rice (is here), In the middle. B: (It is) Singapore Japanese rice.
J: Ya! The rice right is not the flaky kind of rice. Is the together one, the sticky one. The sauce (is) a bit lacking. There’s no aroma or fragrance just saltiness. It smells super flavourful but when I eat it right, it lacks dimension. One plus point of this pork cutlet right, is that it’s very thick. The meat inside is super generous. I like the pork. It’s between tender and a bit too hard. J: Just nice la.
B: It’s still soft enough. I’m sad though. This one has no potatoes. When you ask for spiciness right, They’ll add a heart-shape one. So level one is one heart-shape. Two heart-shape is level two. B: Level 10 eh?
J: I think so! Ya, really! Wow! You know what’s the good thing about this? G: Got this mini chunks of po-
P: Potato! Is that even potato? No I think is, no it’s not. Wa the rice, it’s glistening a bit more. The curry, is not as dark as compared to the previous one. This is the light kind of curry which I personally don’t prefer. I would say that the batter here is slightly thicker. Man, this one confirm kopitiam right? The pork is like thinner than the first one. Maybe it’s because of the way it’s sliced. I think the carrots really add some colours. If not everything will just look- Honestly, I don’t smell Japanese curry at all. I feel like the cutlet smell is stronger than the curry. Ya! Oh you know what it smells like? You go Cold Storage right, those pre-packed (curry). The cubes one where you go home and melt yourself. There’s this herbal taste. No, like green tea! Ya, it just tastes healthy. The rice and the sauce mix perfectly. But the meat slightly tough. But I don’t taste the taste from the cutlet. It’s very bland and thin also. So I’m not a very big fan of this one. This one is lighter. And I would prefer this la, you won’t feel so heavy after eating this. I think it’s own preference. For me is I won’t pay $7 for this. But the curry right, I think adding vegetables to it right, add another dimension to it. First impression right, it looks like a jian dao jian (scissors cut curry). Wa, I will swipe right to this sia. Serious. P: Straight away.
G: Actually I would also. One flaw ah, I think is the rice. It totally don’t have the “grisering”. It’s darker. Ya, it’s darker than the second one. Ya, and it looks thick. It’s very thin batter, very thick meat. One is to four ratio. The pork cutlet right, it covers the entire plate. I can’t even see the rice. As in I can but it’s like one quarter of the plate. This curry got no smell la sia. Actually can I say first, but I already taste the curry. When you taste the curry? Kantang (potato). Sorry. Oh my god. The umami flavour ah, wa it’s strong. That’s why it makes you want to eat more and more. And the cutlet also, it’s like nice and thick. Ya, the meat inside is generous. Very meaty I would say. But there is not much flavour to the meat. They add other ingredients like they have potatoes, sliced onions also. Cause it gives another dimension to the texture, there’s a crunchiness also. So it’s not just 100% gooey. But if you eat everything as a whole I think as compared to the last two right, this is the best. I used to eat it alone, I order alone. Cause nobody want to eat. She never ask. That’s true. I’m quite bummed. Because it’s not as generous as any of the other three. When you see this right, the batter is a bit too thick. Like thicker than the rest right. You know what’s the strongest smell here? The pork? Ya. The pork cutlet smell is legit strong. I cannot smell the curry. The first three, the batter is like no flavour, is very ordinary. This one is legit. I don’t feel like I’m eating an ordinary batter, you get it? It’s part of the meat. I can’t taste the curry at all. It just tastes like the gravy of the pork. This pork sets a standard already as compared to the previous three la. Because right, when you eat this pork, you can really taste the fats, it melts in your mouth. It’s not too thick, it’s not too dry also, I think it’s just nice. This is a bit watery as compared to the third one. Which is quite surprising because it looks quite thick on its own. Out of everything that we’ve tasted, this is the best. Washoku Goen. The third one! I live in the North, there’s delivery for that curry there. And I eat it whenever I’m craving for Japanese curry rice. Even though Monster Curry is nearby also. I also think that the price is the most worth. Given the portion and the amount of curry that was given. It was like damn! J: The last one.
B: Last one. Coco! Because the sauce, it doesn’t look very jelak (heavy). The rice also they nailed it very well. Every component, they aced it la. So the pork is juicy, tender. You can feel the fats in the middle of the meat. The curry is not too thick, It’s quite watery which is great. Because when you eat with the rice right, there is the curry flavour to it.

39 thoughts on “Best Japanese Curry Rice in Singapore | Taste Testers | EP 108

  1. Coco quite famous in japan …. seen several vids covering this place

    Spore seem to like Monster curry that’s why their Jems outlet still thriving where as the nearby Coco @ Westgate close down

  2. Honestly coco is the best. The way u plate for Coco's was quite horrible and not similar to what you get when you eat in.

  3. honestly if you eat in at coco, the portion of curry is alot and its not drizzled on the rice as it does makes the rice 'watery'. So to me coco is still the best.

  4. The link in the description to search the outlet for "4. Coco Ichibanya" , missed out the 1st "h" in the link address for "https".

    missed out the 1st letter "h" –>> ttps://

  5. Have you guys tried this small stall at the City Square Donki Food Court? there is one of the stalls selling Japanese Curry Rice…. we will talk after you tried it…. nuff said

  6. Oh Jeslene does talk alot one ah? In Zula latest video she said she usually very quiet and doesn't like to talk. You do videos, people also do videos. No need to unfriendly one ma. Colleagues somemore.

  7. Jeslene raging at bolin at the start. "Wa piang oi. Softer can or not?" HAAHAHAHAH. I replayed like 5 times. So funny.

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