Best Gumbo Recipe Best Jambalaya Recipe How To Make Gumbo And Jambalaya At The Same Time

hello everyone today I want to show you
how to cook what I call gumbo Maya I’m not cooking the traditional Christmas
dinner I did all that cooking for things given and we just want something
different these is all the ingredients that I’ll be using today we have beef
shrimp okra sausage corn dark red kidney beans and I’d like to miss my love I
have dirty rice this is the 12 ounce we have the jambalaya rice and I have a
smaller dirty rice and then I have the gumbo mix and I do it this way because
as you can see if you have just dirty rice it’s kind of light to me I’m not
saying that it’s dry but it’s not moist or brothy then jambalaya is the same
it’s not moister brothy but if you can see that gumbo its brothy so I like a
combination and what I’m gonna do guys to make it full flavor I’m gonna cook
everything individual everything individual and then I’ll put them
everything individual then I put everything together
and I’ll show you that ok guys so I have the beef done that’s the smoke coming
from it make sure the lens is clean so the beef is done and now I’m actually
peeling the skin off of the sausage and then I’m gonna cut them up I don’t like
the skin it’s just too chewy you don’t have to do this some people don’t mind
the skin but I want to show you the easiest way to get the skin off one
moment okay so I have a whole link and I have my knife and I’m gonna just cut a
thin little line down the middle in the front and underneath it this is the
easiest otherwise it won’t peel right and then I take my skin if you do it any
other way that I found you’ll just have bits and pieces you have to try to get
them all off and take too long so this is one of the best methods that I found
for peeling the skin off and this way you just peel the skin
you’re not pulling all year sausage see how smooth and easy that comes off and
I’m gonna cut these up and then I’ll cook these and then I’ll cook the shrimp
and cook everything individual like I said see even I have a
little mess-up right here but I cannot cut them not to tear not to do so I’ll go ahead and finish cutting
these up and cooking the sausage starting on shrimp oh and I did season
my beef like I’m gonna season my shrimp also season everything cook everything
in the video you don’t need to season the rice but season your lightly season
your okra and Steve’s in your beef for flavor and lightly season your shrimp
let’s make sure the shrimp that you use make sure that it’s a while shrimp I
just got the smaller than I got a peeled and deveined already so I’m gonna have
to go through all of it sometimes I like to use the big larger than on depending
on how much they cost I’ll get the ones that I have to peel
this already semi the Rings but I don’t like the RAM and I’ll never get one for
different either half the shell on and deveined or they all better time to show
off but make sure you use raw shrimp so it won’t be chewy in there half full
flavor tell us well you didn’t say cook the raw but some people just grabbed
shrimp those pink looking ones are pretty cooked in their rubbery and sausage cooking the shrimp is down when it looks like
this you don’t want to overcook it because you don’t want it for my okra
I’m just gonna pour it in just like this because it has ice on it’s gonna make
his own little water although this says garlic and pepper season is really nice
I mixed up a whole I just used this I messed up the mix up a whole lot of
seasonings together and then I have to put them in different bottoms lightly
seasoned and then all I have to do is the rice in the room or them broth the
gumbo brothel color for the rice I’m actually going to cook all three DS and
the same pot together I’m just gonna use the correct water I’m gonna need three
and four three and 3/4 cups for this one and for this one and two and a half cups
of water it is cooking it all together and these get six cups of water each in
the corn and the beans I’m actually about to open these up and just put them
in a bowl together they’re already done I don’t want to take that good flavor
from out of them I’m just gonna actually just add them just like they just opened
up the beans I dream to open up the pond drain the beans and the corn just wanna
mix it what we have so far that’s done is the
shrimp start on the rice and then I’ll do the draw the gumbo ruh-roh man I
didn’t want to tell you that you can’t skip okra if you want to I love it
some people don’t like it because they don’t like the texture and then it has
like a little sea slime to it but once you finish mixing it in with all that on
those other ingredients you don’t even see it and it’s so good it just dance to
it but you can’t skip you can also get the kidney beans I’m trying to eat a
little healthy and I love those things that the okra done now we’re gonna do
the rice in the Rue or the broth the gumbo at the same time this is 12 cups
of water this is 10 cups of water because I need to add 3 and 3/4 cups to
both of these and two and a half to this so 3 and 3/4 time 2 plus 2 and 1/2
equals off 10 even 10 cups of water let your water get hot first and let it boil
this one is just now starting to get hot I just put this one on
so guys you see how many ingredients I have over there how much that is that’s
a lot so it’s probably gonna make two big full trays I’m a mix 1/2 in this
tray and half in the other tray so we’ll see exactly how much all of that will
make I also poured a little bit of olive oil look like a lot cuz it’s just
spreading like that but I pulled a little bit of olive oil in the water
because I don’t want my rice to stick together too much this rice might not
stick it’s kind of like parboil on that thing but i really like
using real rice on other occasions but put a little oil you don’t have to but
and also when you cook your rice just stir that one initial time to get the
seasonings in and then after that don’t stir just let it cook go ahead and pour
this gumbo both of them excellent Tapan at me
turn it down I had it on high just to get it hot turn the bow about 1/2 now
have all three of my Rice’s at the same time just gonna pull man now I’m asking
you to try to poor man with all all three at one hand at the same time for
some reason I just feel comfortable like that I’m just gonna give this rice one
little initial stir just to get the seasonings stir it even when some kind
of thick here but anyway after you initially stir you don’t need to really
stir it Indian and I’ll be back when this is done and it’s time to mix it all
together guys I make the final product rice had it on seven to get it hot and
turn it down to five as well Oh before I go and come back with the
final product I didn’t want to let you know that because this rule is a broth
it does have some rice in the bottom but it’s gonna be more Super than anything
you do need to stir that I’m gonna be every now and then the rice is not gonna
get soft because it’s not all rice we have sunrise what this vice is gonna
just cook and it still gonna be super it’s not gonna cook all the way firm
like the other rice cook firm I’m sorry but it’s not gonna this is gonna be
watery soup I want to show you the difference so you’ll know you’re cooking
it right the rice you see how you can see the rice and I’m barely turning it
cause it’s full of rice in here you won’t see the rice because it’s not
barren barely any rice it’s just a little rice cause it’s gumbo but we’re
making Rumble aiya ok the rice is done sting me bubbly and the roux is done
oh the broth the gumbo so first I’m gonna mix my rice and the rice is gonna
get mixed with this first I have one hand so I’m pour the rice in there I’m
gonna mix it together and see that’s what I was saying I don’t like mine dry
see how’s it still it’s not gonna be super dry but I like just that gun ball
season until it’s kind of spicy and the gumbo I’m gonna pour half of this rice and to
one of them fall pants happen to the other and just have four ingredients
after ingredients and mix it and see what we come up how much we come up with
okay guys so that’s half in that pan in half in that pan and you see you still
see it’s kind of moist that’s how I like it don’t want it dry so I’m gonna go
ahead and put half of my other ingredients in here and half in there
and mix it up I will shock and show you let me see
like I try to set the camera at the after a minute half I get them in this
is what we have before it’s mixed up and before this it has a young beef sausage
and the shrimp and okra and I haven’t put the veggies in yet I hope this I’m
gonna estimate the size of the pan okay one moment let me figure this out okay
to finish this process that looks so good already
yes it does but this is our Christmas dinner and after christen is armed I
didn’t feel like cooking a traditional dinner
get on it for Thanksgiving it’s just tiresome my kids are growing up but all
you do now is just mix all of this up well guys and you got something really
really good so I’m going to go ahead and finish stirring it all and getting it
all mixed up and I’ll come back and show ya honestly really didn’t know that it
was gonna make this much but the last time I made it and I barely got even
yeah I mean the boys the fellas they ate it up so quick I was nice yeah but I
have to take my food out that’s what I want to make sure and I’ll meet them
nothing but it can really mean a lot I’ll be right back and we have final products guys it looks
so good I wish you can taste it through you too
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thank you so much for watching have a wonderful day and Happy Holidays to you
and your family and if you try the recipe comment below and let me know how
it turned out for you

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