100 thoughts on “Benefits of Garlic for Fighting Cancer and the Common Cold

  1. In being over 2 years of plant based eating I find that the raw garlic smell does not linger in my mouth like before. Also to minimize the garlic odour, eat some popcorn or ground flax seed, their abrasive dryness will scrap off the garlic juices from the mouth.

  2. I've used garlic topically on skin many times, its always worked flawlessly. I was surprised to hear about dangers at the end.

  3. Dr Greger, you are my hero. I wish your videos were available in all languages so I can direct my family overseas to your channel.

  4. I have first hand experience of first degree burns after topical application of garlic on skin. Thankfully, after the burn healed, it left no scars after 6 months. Subsequently I read upon the subject and it seems garlic can burn skin in just 5 minutes. Such powerful stuff. My diet is heavy in garlic and I think garlic resolved my long standing problem of hay fever also called rhinitis.

  5. So the bottom line is that we still don't know definitively if natural garlic is a super food or not yet and won't until several more randomized double-blinded studies are done. Figures. I'll stay tuned and fully infused with garlic if for no other reason than the fact that I love it. Blessings

  6. No offense, but your image distracts from the message, which is far more important than seeing you gesture with your hand and arms for five or ten minutes. What gives? Are you a narcissist?

  7. I L O V E Garlic!!…..have lots of that stuff all the time!….thank you for the great awesome news dear sweet Dr Greger!

  8. Rub a clove of garlic on warm toast. Easiest way to eat it daily, makes a quick and tasty snack. The toast grates it for you!

  9. This is interesting. I remember reading once about a guy who ate 10 cloves of garlic a day and got some sort of testicular poisoning. It''s purely anecdotal. There might be a paper about it tough.

  10. At my work we have raw garlic, i eat one a day last week everyone had some kind of sickness but me i was clear from any sickness. It was great

  11. This is why we left the garlic out of our convenient cooking aid, Broth Bomb. We recommend adding prechopped garlic last with any oil they want to use in the bean and veggie stews. It's not totally raw, but enjoyable and more effective hopefully. We are trying to blend convenience, fun, and nutrition/food science with out patented products.

  12. Thank you Dr. Michael Greger for your wise words. Just one person's opinion here … every so often I'll make a sandwich and mince raw garlic onto the bread with other ingredients … Have noticed over the years that people are dropping like flies with flu, colds, upper respiratory problems, etc. I just keep on ticking … Haven't had a cold in ages. (I understand that the body is a complicated mechanism and many environmental and biological factors to be added to the mix but your words are helping me to chart a true course and stay healthy)

  13. Allow crushed or chopped garlic to stand for about 10 minutes before cooking.  This allows time for the enzyme alliinase to create allicin, the source of bioactive compound.


  14. Just so I’m understanding this, no heat to raw garlic as it will destroy all of the health benefits? So just crush it and swallow raw? Is this the best approach?

  15. I make fresh salsa with all raw veggies, including garlic. Best way for me to get it down. Plus I can put salsa on a lot of foods!!

  16. I like the idea that we shouldn't die from the current leading causes like heart diseases, etc if we adopt and commit to a full plant based diet. Nevertheless, it begs the question, if not from this then what? Excluding accidents and some obscure personal genetic condition, then what could potentially end up killing us?

  17. I'm all for garlic, but this makes me wonder. If it has such a negative result on your outer skin, then when ingesting it, how does it give one all the advantages? Is this due to it being broken down by the chemicals in the stomach?

  18. I think I'm allergic to raw garlic. It gives me a headache if eaten raw. But not cooked or garlic powder. But cooking destroys most of the good stuff. What gives? Any suggestions?

  19. Why you do not just speak simply with normal tone and simpler presentation? you are just seemed artificial in your voice and scatter the focus of anyone watching your video.

  20. Sorry for the inconvenience, Dr. Greger, but the Spanish subtitles of the latest videos have been out of sync.
    I hope they can be fixed.
    Thank you for such valuable information.

  21. I crush 2 fat cloves on a piece of toast (let it oxidize for five minutes) with a little coconut oil, turmeric, and black pepper, each night, just before bed. Burns going down, but I've noticed many benefits since beginning this regime.

  22. if only it didnt make my mouth and body reek for 24 hours after eating it. i love it but its not worth the social stigma.

  23. I love garlic, but had to stop eating it because all of a sudden became nauseated by it—I felt poisoned. We guessed it may be the sprays put on them by the Chinese farmers. So we started growing our own. Shazam! I can eat garlic again! And it also kept the vampire population down in our garden! Win win!

  24. gasp! over half a million subscribers now…. underrated still but happy to see this channel gaining the recognition it deserves!

  25. Garlic is so useful. I have killed like 6 vampires with it, and that's without even considering what it does to a good stir fry.

  26. I usually use minced garlic in a jar. I use a lot of it, I love the taste and love garlic. After this video I bought some fresh garlic cloves, chopped them up into little pieces and put them in my salad tonight. Whew! That's strong stuff!!
    I can see how garlic can be used as an antiseptic for inside the body! Now I've got a Vikings share of garlic breath.

  27. Just put about 8 cloves of garlic (different sizes) & juice of 3 whole lemons in my full Ninja food processor of hummus. Our family of 4 (2 littles) ate about 1/2 of it with dinner 😋 all healthier than everybody we know thanks to a WFPB diet thanks largely to this guy! ☝👏

  28. I mash avacado, then add turmeric, salt, pepper, cumin, maybe some cayenne pepper and finally add a clove or two of chopped garlic. Yum!

  29. I have been listening to your 2 audiobooks, how not to die and how not to diet, i downloaded them via audible.ca

    I have been following you for 4 years now.

    I JUST BOUGHT your book: how not to die the cookbook. It will probably be my new favorite book. It think it is a must have in every single home.

    Thanks for everything! Continue with your amazing work/passion!

    PD: I wish you could also make a book in which you explain how to prepare food for 1 week for busy people who like to use one day a week to do everything for the whole week, or maybe a video on this.

    Greetings from a peruvian living in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

  30. Dr. Greger, I love your content and even changed the way I eat because of you, but you are gradually turning into William Shatner, and that makes me sad.

  31. BIG Garlic🧄 stimulates also modern slavery…..and besides people are eating garlic like🔥👹🔥
    in everything but still cancer rates don’t drop in the population, doesn it?

  32. What about garlic power? How much would I have to take for it to be the same as whole cloves? And what are the amounts of nutrients in garlic power compared to whole crushed cloves? Thanks in advance, have a good day.

  33. Where I'm from we usually have toast with half a clove of raw garlic rubbed into the bread, then fresh tomato slices and a drizzle of evoo on top for breakfast, which is an easy way to get in raw garlic. Also, you can easily sub the evoo for avocado slices to make it healthier (and whole wheat bread, of course).
    Also minced raw garlic works great in dressings and vinaigrettes. 👍

  34. I can't believe how fast someone deleted my comment and in the middle of the night for that matter. I was respectful and caring about the Dr. Health. Not apparently you guys don't allow opposing views

  35. Good morning Dr. Greger. I was wondering if you could comment on this article about cooked meat and brain evolution and growth:

  36. I apply garlic directly to my face. It works wonders for spot treating acne. Stops the progression. Ive never experienced burns. It stings if the face was recently washed with baking soda. but thats it.

  37. I often make hummus with chickpeas, apple cider, chili, raw red onion and a few cloves of garlic. Add some sea salt and tahini if desired…no more colds!😄👍

  38. You should make a separate video just on the safety sides of not putting garlic on your skin and then put that in the title so people find it because I did not even know that this is a thing it's amazing that people would ever think that it's okay to put garlic on your skin.

  39. The information in these free videos is absolutely amazing! However the speech pattern it's going to take me some time to get used to 🙂

  40. Its also reported and verified by my N=1 experience that garlic , raw, helps GREATLY with sebhorric dermatitis. The steroid creams from the doctor did almost nothing compared to garlic. Love it.
    EDIT: when eaten. I would never put that on my skin.

  41. I've read it somewhere that Lady Diana, The Princess of Wales, had strictly forbidden the use of garlic in her diet, and that the Queen does not eat garlic, and has specifically banned the ingredient from Buckingham Palace's kitchen. Only goes to show what dumb imbeciles these Royal parasites are! Eh?

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