Beefaroni Chili Pantry Clean Out Recipe- Cheap Meals from Food Storage

Beefaroni Chili Pantry Clean Out Recipe- Cheap Meals from Food Storage

beefaroni chili pantry clean out recipe how to tell if canned food is still good to eat long term food storage canned food recipe hi it’s AlaskaGranny are you looking for
an easy recipe to make with the canned foods that you have in your food storage
or your prepper pantry stockpile well here’s an easy recipe pantry clean out recipe for Beefaroni chili you only need a few cans of food and some spices to make Beefaroni chili
you want a can of chef boyardee beefaroni a can of creamed corn a can of kidney beans
and a can of diced tomatoes for spices all you need are two tablespoons of
chili powder start with a great big pot open your cans pour in the contents
add your spices stir and put on the lid when you’ve heated it completely through
your beefaroni chili meal is ready Beefaroni chili is a great way to rotate
the canned foods that you’re storing and have a plan for the foods things that you have on hand if we make recipe ideas and meal plans then we have an idea
rather than just random cans of food in our pantry and long term food storage
have an idea how you’re going
to use the foods that you store Beefaroni chili is great with cheese on
top fresh onion if you like it serve it with some tortilla or corn chips crackers
anything you have on hand that can make your meal more interesting let me know
how you like Beefaroni chili learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

9 thoughts on “Beefaroni Chili Pantry Clean Out Recipe- Cheap Meals from Food Storage

  1. Once again..fantastic recipe & with just heating up some canned goods…t y Alaska Granny God bless πŸ’šπŸ‘΅

  2. I'm sad to say that there are no "ronies" in my storage what so ever, None, zilch, zip, zero. And if I ever find a hamburger helper, I'll know it's the "ones" the food bank gave me. And I used to really like the stuff too. Not now.
    I just froze some chicken noodle soup because I've never canned pasta, and didn't feel like the thought of a new learning curve, if you know what I mean. Besides, if I learned how to can pasta, I'd have to can my own "ronies" and I don't want to even think of starting that silliness.
    I limit myself when it comes to canned foods preferring the home canned and home canned is the majority of my preps. The looks I got when I started canning mandarin oranges. I can banana jam too, … and cases of Marmalade. I figure when the SHTF, these items will be missed the most, by me anyway. The wild strawberries, raspberries, blueberries are back every year, "knock on wood", .. but the oranges? I've lived in Florida and I know the oranges we get here now are picked green and then dyed orange. I've had good Florida oranges, but the stores don't carry them here.
    Still, I have cans of pineapple, … and found out that the stuff has been know to compromise the metal it's canned in. May have to start dehydrating that stuff.
    Turns out that when you put pineapple in anything, it becomes a "miracle", so there miracle rhubarb, miracle strawberry, miracle pumpkin, (really good) So now it's, "heaven forbid", that we ever run out of pineapple.
    I'm big on the dehydrated veggies too. Vacuumed packed with an oxygen absorber, .. and they are good for years down in my deep dark. Thank god I'm so new at this that I don't have to start rotating my long term preps for a long time, … lol
    There's lots of canned stuff I do buy, mostly the obligatory tunas, hams, sardines, I really like sardines. I even started canning my own smelts! lol … In sauce too.
    Speaking of fish, a local young fisherman just dropped off what must be five lbs of fresh halibut for the "old retired fisherman" my father. Man, that stuff is like gold. The season this year is only a few days long. Looks like he'll be getting a case of jams and jellies this fall, … just saying.
    10 quail chicks from 16 eggs, … and have 15 more eggs in the incubator, … just in case. lol My original 13 quail chicks are down to a flock of three very dysfunctional birds, …. but at least I made it from chick to chick. There's hope. Now lets see how the seven chickens I'm raising from the incubator do. They'll start laying by next spring if I don't manage to stupidly kill them first. Oh well, live and learn.
    Look what I found on sale and what I'm going to blow my whole $300 monthly stipend on, …. sigh

    Have a great one.

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