Hey guys! I’m Flo. Today I’ll share the recipe for Beef Mince
Jollof Rice or Minced Beef Jollof Rice depending on which English you speak. If you have kids who do not eat meat after
eating a meal in your life then you will understand why we need to prepare
Jollof Rice this way sometimes. It is a great way to hide the meat in the
rice. This is so good that adults love it too. Here are the ingredients you will need. The full list will be in the description box
below the video. For the adults, I will be using chunks of
beef too because we are Nigerians. It’s sacrilege not to have at least a lump
of meat gracing that bowl of Jollof Rice. If you know how to prepare the classic Jollof
Rice, Beef Mince Jollof Rice will be a breeze for
you. First I parboil or precook the rice. We use the long grain parboiled rice for Nigerian
Rice Recipes and I always precook or parboil the rice. There are a few reasons why I precook the
rice. When the water boils, add the rice and leave
it to cook till the rice is still hard but you can cut it
with your finger nail. Pour in a sieve, cool it down with water and
set aside. Cook the chunks of meat with some of the onions, thyme and seasoning cubes. When done, set that aside. Using a clean dry pot, pour a small amount
of vegetable oil and turn on the heat. When hot, add some of the onions. Fry for about 2 minutes. Add the beef mince and stir very quickly while
separating the clumps at the same time. I am not going to edit this part of the video
too much because some people like seeing the detail of the important
steps that I take while cooking. You can fast forward the video on your gadget
if you already know how to do this part. Keep doing that till the beef mince is crumbly
and looks pale like this. Add thyme. One seasoning cube. And the meat stock or broth. Add the tomato stew. This is a well fried tomato stew o. Click the link that pops up on the screen
right now for how I prepare that. Add the black pepper, cover and leave to boil. Add the parboiled rice. Stir and make sure that the liquid is at the
same level as the rice. This is very important. Add salt if necessary and start cooking on
medium heat. Meanwhile grill or broil or deep-fry the meat. When you can no longer see the water in the
rice but it’s still got some water in there, add
the carrots. Stir the top of the rice, cover and continue cooking. When the water dries, add the red peppers,
green peppers and red onions. Stir everything very well. You can see that there’s no single burnt rice. The Jollof Rice is well done, not soggy and
not burnt. If your Jollof Rice still burns in this 2018,
please let me know in the comments and we will troubleshoot why that is still
happening in your kitchen. Burnt Jollof Rice is one of the things we
left behind in 2017! Cover and once it heats up again, take it
off the stove! Look at that! Have you liked this video yet? Have you? Oh, you are waiting to taste it before you
like it? If I catch you there, ehhhh! Abeg like jorr! Bah byeee see you soon! Muah!

75 thoughts on “BEEF MINCE JOLLOF RICE | Flo Chinyere

  1. Thanks Aunt Flo. I needed this as my son doesn’t like to chew chunks of meat. I’m stuck with cooking with fish since it’s easily mashed. I will try this as I’m even planning to make jollof rice for dinner today.

  2. Hahahahahahhahahahabahhahahahqhhqhahahqha burnt jollof in 2018!!!! Hey! Anti Flo… hapum aka ooo… Yes I want to taste it before liking it ! ???? this woman!

  3. My son wee de pretend say him be vegetarian must eat this one by fire by nwanyoo ???? that boy? If u raise meat up he wil run farrrr

  4. My big aunty himmmmmmmmm me I will leave my jollot rice for the down pot to get burnt oo because I can't enjoy my jollof rice without eatten the down part of the pot with a bit smoky taste nooo I don't want to miss that

  5. What if you enjoy eating burnt jollof rice? ?? when I serve my family, I purposely burn some parts because I enjoy eating the burnt one. Who is like me oh?

  6. Sister Flo, it looks scrumptious and mouthwatering ?. There are so many variations to prepare this rice, I will give it a go. Thank you.

  7. Like video, now time to watch it. I ran from my Instagram and stopped working to watch. Don't tell my boss! xxx
    Okay finished watching and have decided that this will becoming a staple in my cooking! Much love ❤???

  8. Aunt Flo there's a 2018 stew "carrot stew" using carrots in place of fresh tomatoes. Please let's see your own version of this carrot stew. Thank you Ma.

  9. I loved this video! Thumbs up! Sister Flo, I think it is cool that your kids don't like meat. haha If only they will eat fish we will have noooo problems. That would mean less cleaning, deveining, boiling and then cooking meat for me. lol

  10. I will certainly try this jollof rice, can one use a blender to roughly blend the beef, in place of buying the already minced beef?

  11. Hi Aunty Flo my jellof rice still burns in 2018 ooo how do I do it ooo. My son don't eat meat so I will take this step thank you…

  12. I actually like burnt jelllof rice o I let it burn on purpose and now my kids even drag the bottom pot with me ?????

  13. So good and yummy, burnt jollof rice in 2018 ??, don't mind them, except it's smokey party jollof. ???

  14. Heeeeee now as I no get opportunity for the chacoal smoke I take the burnt taste console myself now

  15. Flo, you make cooking seem so easy. and enjoyable..chaiiii I am still battling with burnt jellof rice and see your step up…I am going to try it this weekend. My kids love anything jellof rice. Nice step by step sabi your calling jare❤

  16. I told myself i wont watch any food videos, but somehow I cant resist Flo of all nigerian recipe. I have just tortured myself watching this, just here drolling. I will give this a try when i can eat food again, for now am stuck with brown bread and tea for weeks????. Good job Flo i always like before watching, you always deliver.

  17. thank you really appreciate your cooking lessons. I usually make jollof rice using an oven. pray for me.

  18. I never tried ground beef jollof rice, will surely try the recipe. Thanks.
    I made mine today with chicken.

  19. Hello Flo, great recipe as always. A quick way to cook the beef will be to add more oil in the pot, when hot add onions + ground beef and stir to avoid burning and sticking to the bottom of the pot. Your method is also nice too for those who don't want too much oil in their food. Also my last child don't like meat or chicken in his food. I have just learnt a better way to add it to his food. The baked beef is so yummy and tasty. I just had a plate from your pot as my lunch as work ?. Keep up the good work.

  20. ?? All of you saying you love burnt rice, I hope you really love it o and not a case of "tailor makes mistake, it becomes style." Whenever burnt rice is mentioned, I can't help but remember one burnt rice we smelt near my sister-in-law's house one day! That one na burnt offering! ?

    As long as you can prepare unburnt, non-soggy, well done Jollof Rice on request, no wahala. ? Carry go!

  21. My daughter loves red benachin ( the Gambian Jollof rice and the best ?) and thankfully she’s farrrrr from vegetarian! Lovely video ?

  22. I normally use parboiled rice,i cook with a stainless still pot and my cooker is gas,yours is better because you can adjust to the temprature you want but mine even you low it to the lowest it is still very high.i wish i had an electric cooker instead of gas please if you have any advice for me biko let me know ooo???

  23. I love this woman, and your channel. Very original!! Great job!! Please keep the recipes coming, I have learned alot in cooking from your channel.

  24. No ooo…we love our burnt rice like that??

    What's jollof rice without the burnt part, that bottom pot is the best for me, I take my time to scrape it ooo???

  25. I saw the video. Thanks so much Aunty Flo. I will follow the steps while I await a new pot. May God continue to bless you

  26. Sis flo, i use basmatiris rice i also use stainless stil pot, bought from lkea i also low the heat after 5 min

  27. Aunty Flo, I do burnt my Jollof rice on purpose, I love it that way. That is the only way I feel I am eating Jollof. Going to try your method and see the different

  28. This is punishment oh, I woke up really hungry and I came on YouTube to listen to praise and worship songs while I fix something to eat. This video was right there and saying watch me.??

  29. I was given this recipe by a Nigerian friend living here in USA.
    I cook this often for my family.
    They really love it.
    Soooooo delicious ❤️

  30. My jollof rice burns. I'm a single guy living in south Korea and I use uncle Bens rice. Does it have any thing to do with the pot or what?

  31. Most of our burnt food, I think is because of the pot. Because when you have good pot your food ? won’t get burnt .

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