Beef and mushrooms stir-fried over rice (Soegogi-beoseot-deopbap: 쇠고기버섯덮밥)

Beef and mushrooms stir-fried over rice (Soegogi-beoseot-deopbap: 쇠고기버섯덮밥)

Hi everybody! Today’s recipe is very fast! And quick and of course delicious recipe. One bowl meal! I’m going to show you how to make soegogi-beoseot-deopbap. “Soegogi” is beef, “beoseot” is mushrooms. So you can guess! Beef and mushrooms stir-fried over rice. This is another one of my family’s favorite recipes. Very easy and quick. Good thing about this recipe is you can modify this to your taste. And also, if you are vegetarian just skip the beef and use more mushrooms. My rice is done! This is the beef that I’m going to use today. Pre cut beef, or you can cut it by yourself thinly. I’m going to make this for 1 or 2 servings today. So you guys can double or triple when you make for your whole family or group of people. Once I stir fry over high heat, it’s very intense work. So I don’t have time to cut this or you know “ok let’s go and wash garlic!” Meanwhile all burnt. So I’m going to cut everything in advance . So let’s see. Just come over here and I will show you. This is shiitake mushrooms, I soaked these overnight. So now very very flexible. Nice. Very soft. So I will use 2 kinds of mushrooms today. Shiitake mushrooms and also these are enoki muchrooms. In Korean: paengi-buseot. Paengi-buseot. And probably you saw this kind of mushrooms at a grocery store these days. Open this… And then you will see on the bottom part, it’s growing like this. So this part, let’s cut off. Like this. I will use this amount, about 2 or 3 ounce. And you can put them back. Here… And refrigerate. I’m going to wash quickly, around that part. The top part is very slippery, so I like to remove that kind of slippery stuff. So mushrooms. I will use this carrot and this is optional. Green chili pepper, really hot spicy! (laughs) If you like a spicy kick you can use it. I always use this. Cut around 2 inches. Carrot around 2 ounces. Green chili pepper. 2 or 3 green onions. This is also around 2 inches. The green part is used for garnish. Next, onion. Onion also arounds 2 ounces. And vegetable and paengi-beoseot cutting is done. So I’m just going to set aside here. This broth is very brothy. A little bit sticky, so that when I pour this sauce on top of rice and rice is well mixed and very smooth. When you scoop this with your spoon, go down very smoothly. And soft, that the part that I love! So I will bring my chicken broth. I need 1 cup, 1 cup chicken broth. Be sure to buy unsalted chicken broth. 1 cup. And this is potato starch. To make a kind of slurry, not exactly a slurry, It’s just that I don’t want to make it a really sticky sauce. Just a little bit sticky! So I will use just 2 teaspoons potato starch. One… Two. Even you don’t have to stir this. When I use this, I can stir later. So I will just set aside. Now these mushrooms, Shiitake mushrooms. Just slice One large garlic clove. Slice. And this is beef. I will use just a little bit. Like 4 ounces of beef. Beef has to be really thinly sliced. Thinly. So that we can cook quickly. If beef is thick, it turns out too tough, and also not tasty. Any cuts of beef with work well, even beef brisket if you cut really thinly like paper. And I will use only 4 ounces. So cut this into thin strips. Ok these are, I’m going to use sesame oil, oyster sauce Oyster sauce and ground black pepper. I will just season with this. Let’s cook! Cook this over high heat. My pan is heated. Just 30 seconds after over high heat. And then I will just add this sesame oil. Sesame oil flavor is absorbed into the meat and really tasty. So one teaspoon sesame oil. And beef… And Shiitake mushrooms and garlic. Add a half teaspoon salt. And a quarter teaspoon ground black pepper. Beef is almost 80% cooked. And now add all these vegetables. So we don’t add much oil here. Just one teaspoon sesame oil covers all this. Stir this a couple of minutes. Until this onion is a little half translucent. This is really hot so I’m going to add this oyster sauce now. Oyster sauce 1 tablespoon. Look delicious! Time to add this mixture of chicken broth and potato starch. Nice and looks very shiny. And not that sticky. But very soft looking. Soft and smooth. And I’m going to turn down the heat to low. So this rice is actually more than 2 bowls of rice. You know how to make this Korean style rice? Check own my recipe video If you don’t know how to make it. Korean rice is always made with short grain rice. Known as “sushi rice.” And then now let’s turn up the heat. Before serving it’s gotta be really sizzling! Then… Put over here. Chopped green onion And one teaspoon sesame oil. Here you go! (laughs) When it’s hot you need to serve this. So hot and you can enjoy the taste, really yummy! All I need it just kimchi! Kimchi and this. You guys make kimchi at home? I always hear that a lot of you guys make kimchi and you guys are really kimchi connoisseurs right now! Aren’t you? Wow look at this! Oh whoo! This is for more than 2 people I think. Ok let’s taste! Mmm! (laughs) Mm! Delcious. Wow you know one green chili pepper really gives me a spicy kick! Yummy! And beef is so tender and juicy and soft and smooth. Mmm. Mmm! I will have some kimchi. Mmm. And actually I changed my mind, this is for 2 servings. So one serving is too much. But who knows? “Oh I can eat all, Maangchi! Don’t look down on me, I can eat all!” (Laughs) Why not? I almost forgot! Once I start filming I forgot what I’m wearing. So today is very special, you know… (laughs) I have 2 more ears right now here! This is for your children. You know, I have so many children fans. You guys are watching with your parents together. Also, recently I saw once of my readers She posted a video of her daughter, 5 year old daughter and her cat! Really a kitten, small kitten, watching my video like this! So serious! Oh my God, so cute, so cute! So I’m wearing, I almost forgot to mention! Today we made soegogi-beoseot-deopbap. Beef and mushrooms stir-fried over rice. Enjoy my recipe! See you next time! Bye!

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