BeautySense  из серии Siberian Super Natural Nutrition от Siberian Wellness

BeautySense из серии Siberian Super Natural Nutrition от Siberian Wellness

Good morning! In these four videos, we’d like to present our flagship line – Siberian Super Natural Nutrition.
This is the crown jewel of the Siberian Wellness collection. Let’s start with the long-awaited, brand new product – BeautySense – a youth retention system. Yury, we know that there is a huge number of cosmeceutical, surgical, physiotherapeutic solutions on the market, designed to prolong youth; are there any blindspots left unaddressed, which would require additional bioactive anti-aging substances? The answer to this depends on the person in question. Modern technologies of instrumental cosmetology have reached great heights, and they can be advantageously used. Everything depends on what planning horizon you set. Do you want to stay healthy for 5 years, or for 40? We could just as easily say that the latest technologies of joint prosthesis show fantastic results, so there is no point in taking care of yourself. Just undergo full joint replacement surgery at 60. Same thing with blood circulation. The latest vascular prostheses perform their function spectacularly. You can give up your diet and exercising, and hope that a shunt at 50-60 years old will keep everything functioning fine. Everything depends on our own point of view: whether we’re ready to wait to fall apart and then abruptly repair our body with modern technologies, or if we’d rather feel safe and healthy every day. These are two completely opposite approaches: conservative (preventive) and surgical (reactive and immediate). Everything hinges on your commitment to yourself. In this case, you can choose either approach – functionally, the result you get will be roughly the same. The question is rather how you’ll feel before surgical interference and how effective it will be after, say, 50-60 years of being off a healthy path. Yury, a question about hyaluronic acid (HA). There is a full range of views on the matter: from people who think that taking hyaluronic acid is utterly useless, to the other side, where people vouch for the scientific legitimacy of its quick, effective properties. Now we should discuss technologies available on the market today. Most disputes stem from the fact that hyaluronic acid was firstly used, of course, in the field of nutraceuticals. People tried to take hyaluronic acid because, synthesis of the skin’s own HA slows down with age and people came up with a reasoned idea to use ready-made hyaluronic acid in order to replenish it. But those attempts got nowhere because hyaluronic acid, available in the 70-80s and even into the 90s, had a very high molecular weight. In that form, it’s unable to penetrate through the intestinal walls and, as a result, enter the body in the finished form. And anyhow, it would degrade into its constituent parts, which would enter the bloodstream and be rendered useless to aid synthesis in the skin. The disputes were caused by uncertainty where these HA constituents got absorbed. But when hardware cosmetology came about, it became possible for HA to be delivered directly to the skin with the help of injections. This fanned the flame, with many beginning to question: why should it be taken internally at all? But we’ve already mentioned that it depends on one’s approach to the health. Whether I want to be sure that my body and my organs function fine every day, or whether I’m comfortable to put it off for later, until I undergo surgery. So now, thanks to modern technologies, it’s possible to synthesize a spectrum of low-molecular-weight HA, which is able to penetrate the intestinal walls in finished form and be absorbed directly where needed – that is, in the skin. Precisely such a hyaluronic acid was developed by the well-known Italian company – ROELMI. Its formula combines hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights, which enables it to achieve an unmatched degree of bioavailability and, most importantly, an unmatched level of activation of the skin’s own HA synthesis. And that’s not all. The product formula not only contains hyaluronic acid (to address the constant disputes). Hyaluronic acid itself is a complex molecule that consists of an N-acetylglucosamine molecule and glucuronic acid. BeautySense contains a separate component of hyaluronic acid: N-acetylglucosamine, manufactured by the South Korean company – Grennag™. It’s an innovative component that helps activate the synthesis of our own hyaluronic acid. In other words, this product is a source of both a ready-made substrate and a semi-finished product from which our own HA can be synthesized. The combination of the two complementary substances ensures enhanced activity of our own hyaluronic acid synthesis. Besides, this has been proven by numerous clinical studies: both for the hyaluronic acid that’s part of this product and, separately, for N-acetylglucosamine. It increases the amount of the body’s own HA, decreases wrinkle severity, and enhances skin elasticity and hydration. Yury, I looked at the composition. Here we have innovative ingredients made in Switzerland, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Russia. Can you tell us more about other key components of this wonderful complex, please? First of all, I’d like to touch upon antioxidant components. The thing is that most of the products containing HA on the market are mono-products, which is not quite correct or effective. They can activate the synthesis of HA but it’s not the only thing that contributes to youth and one’s skin’s healthy appearance. A crucial role is also played by the amount of lipids in the skin. There’s no secret that most women who buy various creams and beauty products, pay the most attention to moisturizers. It is believed that moisturizers and serums are the best-sellers in all countries. Most people think: the better your skin is moisturized, the younger it looks. But they miss a crucial point: what keeps the skin moisturized? Let’s look at the ingredients in moisturizers. Do they contain water or moisture? No, basically, it’s a powerful lipid complex. Here the question arises: how do lipids, i.e. fats, contribute to skin hydration? Moisturizing skin is not a problem – you can just drink water. The main challenge is to retain moisture in the skin. Certain lipids ensure moisture retention, and there are plenty of them in the skin. First of all, these are ceramides, namely cholesterol, phospholipids. The amount of lipids determines how good moisture is kept in the epidermis and dermis. That’s why the more lipids we have in the skin and the more active they are, the better they perform their water-retaining function. That’s why moisturizers and serums contain so many natural lipids. But let’s get back to the nutraceutical complexes. How can they solve this problem? How do they activate lipid function? All skin lipids, like any other fats, are extremely susceptible to oxidation (particularly, complex lipids such as ceramides, cholesterol and phospholipids that are found in our skin). So to keep a high level of fats in the skin, it’s not enough to deliver them there, they should be protected against oxidation. That’s where antioxidants come to rescue. That’s why any nutritional complexes must contain antioxidants. Our product is packed with a whole complex of lipid antioxidants, capable of dissolving in fats and performing its direct antioxidant function. Let’s talk about the well-known antioxidant lycopene. For 30 years, it’s been one of the most popular rejuvenating cosmeceutical components, primarily because it protects skin lipids from oxidation. The second component that I’d like to focus on is tocotrienols. This is quite a rare component – a type of vitamin E, famous for its anti-aging effect. In this case, its natural form is extracted from rice bran oil. Tocotrienols participate in the protection of skin lipids. This has been proven by studies on the skin’s resistance to adverse environmental factors, such as exposure to various toxins, UV radiation, tobacco smoke. The last of which is a serious concern nowadays because most women, unfortunately, smoke. Tobacco combustion products are powerful oxidizing agents that also destroy hyaluronic acid and lipids, resulting in dehydration. So, tocotrienols are some of the most effective skin protectors, protecting precisely from environmental stresses. Not to mention natural beta-carotene, which has an affinity for the skin. In this product, it’s presented in the form of natural Siberian sea-buckthorn oil – a source of totally natural beta-carotene. These three natural antioxidants reliably protect skin lipids from destruction, retaining more moisture in the skin, and keeping you looking much younger as a result. In addition, it enhances the effectiveness of moisturizers. And if we’re talking about antioxidants, we should also mention hydroxytyrosol – a natural antioxidant extracted from olive leaves. The main antioxidant of olive – hydroxytyrosol – is known as one of the most powerful antioxidants. It impacts not only lipids but the entire body too. And if we’re talking youth and beauty, then, first and foremost, we must provide the body with an adequate amount of antioxidants. By taking BeautySense every day, we get one of the most powerful antioxidants – hydroxytyrosol. Yury, what can you say about resveratrol? It has become widely known and widely talked about recently. Resveratrol is truly a unique ingredient. It’s an antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes. It has potent properties, comparable to that of hydroxytyrosol. But I won’t dwell on its antioxidant properties, let’s turn our attention to those properties that are directly related to the effect of this product. Resveratrol also possesses a phytoestrogenic effect. This is a vital property, which I’ll touch upon a little bit later. Its third key property is participation in the synthesis of so-called hormones of youth – sirtuins. In the 1970s, they were discovered during the course of interesting experiments on prolonged fasting. You have probably heard that a low-calorie diet and prolonged fasting contribute to an increased lifespan in animal testing. During those experiments, it was found that animals’ bodies activate the synthesis of special substances, which contribute to the prolonged functional activity of all organs and systems. These substances were named sirtuins. It turned out that not only prolonged hunger and a low-calorie diet promote a better synthesis of these hormones, but also the intake of resveratrol. It appears that resveratrol, first of all, possesses an antioxidant effect; second of all, it activates the synthesis of these universal youth hormones; and third of all, it has a phytoestrogenic effect. Speaking of the phytoestrogenic effect, we should certainly touch upon another BeautySense ingredient – genistein, the most potent phytoestrogen found in nature. It’s extracted from soy beans. Why do we need phytoestrogens in all nutraceuticals? You see, human skin (both for men and women, but especially for women) contains a large number of estrogen (the female sex hormone) receptors. Estrogen supports the active synthesis of hyaluronic acid, while phytoestrogen has a local antioxidant effect, contributing to skin hydration and the synthesis of its own lipids. As estrogen levels start to decline, the process of skin aging is activated. In fact, phytoestrogens are natural protectors, but we should bear in mind that the peak concentration of estrogen in a woman is at 20–25 years of age. After that there is a short plateau, with a subsequent decline in estrogen levels. So, in order to have a comprehensive effect on the skin, we need to activate this, the most important route of youth retention. We can’t use synthetic estrogen because of the large number of side effects, but we can choose natural alternatives such as phytoestrogens. Entering the female body, genistein and resveratrol bind these receptors located in the skin and promote exactly the same effects as female sex hormones. Namely, they activate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and the skin’s own lipids, improving skin turgor and complexion and reducing wrinkle depth. These are the key effects on both female and male skin. When we presented BeautySense, men complained: what about men’s health and beauty? Nobody wants wrinkles. In fact, there is no difference. For example, take cosmetic creams and serums – they can be used by both men and women. Same goes for the nutricosmetic approach. Basically, a man’s skin functions just like a woman’s. And to the question, “Then why do men look worse for wear over time?” there is but one answer: they don’t get the necessary nutrients; they don’t enroll the help of cosmetic products. That’s it, no other difference exists. They have the same mechanisms of HA and lipids exchange, and the water balance in the skin is maintained in the same way as well. Moreover, male skin also has estrogen receptors. But since there are very few estrogens in a man’s body (practically none), they don’t deliver as powerful an effect as on a woman’s body. But if a man takes phytoestrogens, they’ll promote exactly the same effect for him as for a woman. And for those, who fear “terrifying” phytoestrogens and their “appalling” effects… Dear friends, take a second to look at the groceries you buy at the store: sausages and other ready-to-cook products. Just check how much soya concentrate those contain – their amounts of phytoestrogens are probably higher than in our BeautySense. In our product, we use properly extracted, effective and proven genistein, which contains a whole complex of natural phytoestrogens. My friends, it’s not worth worrying about… It’s clear that Nutrition is the pinnacle of creative and entrepreneurial endeavors, and of our assortment; but looking at the rest of the Siberian Wellness range, what can even compete with BeautySense? Siberian Wellness is already 23 years in the making, and we have been creating cutting-edge products all these years. At each stage of development, all of our products were of top notch quality, using the latest technology. Many of them remain in our product range as they’re still relevant today. Let’s take Beauty Vitamins: it may seem like a simple product; nonetheless, it contains all the necessary vitamins to maintain skin functions, with Coenzyme Q10 to top it off – a very powerful antioxidant. Yes, this is a quite simple and cheap product, but it has a great composition. Or, for example, our BEAUTY Box, which contains the same beauty vitamins but enriched with natural beta-carotene. Chronolong – our legendary product, now over 10 years old. Best-seller. Undeniable best-seller, and it’s no wonder why. Basically, it can be viewed as a sort of BeautySense prototype, as it’s based on hyaluronic acid, genistein, and antioxidants. But BeautySense’s dosages and, most importantly, the molecular weight of HA – or the purity of its natural substances – are far higher. Given this, its price is also higher. VitaGermany is also an age-defying product; a legendary product with resveratrol playing first fiddle. Looking at the behind-the-scenes of Siberian Wellness products, we see that every innovative product in our Company has a story to its development. Each has a very long history chockfull of expertise, and relationships with developers and suppliers of leading ingredients. Every product, is constantly evolving, and even the most innovative product of our Company – actually the result of a long work that lasts for 23 years. Yury, thank you for this valuable information. Dear friends, I’d like to add: I’m very lucky, by virtue of my work in the Company, that I can participate in clinical trials. And I get my own results after using these products: a smooth, radiant complexion and a visible reduction of wrinkles. Very pleasing. Until next time, where we’ll be talking about vitamins. We will be uncovering the whole truth about natural vitamins, together. Stay tuned!

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