BBQ Deep Dish POT PIE Pizza!?  – Eat The Pizza! #23

BBQ Deep Dish POT PIE Pizza!? – Eat The Pizza! #23

it's becoming the dough haha hi I'm Christiane I'm Melissa welcome to eat the pizza and today we are making a barbecue deep-dish potpie pizza we're gonna make a delicious right so I thought it would be appropriate since this is a barbecue flavored pizza to do a cornmeal crust I know say what say what a great idea we've got some warm water and then I'm adding in this resident yeast whisk it up whisk it up and Kristian is gonna add the honey don't mind if I do alright we're gonna let that set for a minute so we've got flour and cornmeal make sure you're counting I think this is blooming so let's add this oil you want to mix all right smell it smells eesti sounds olive oil 'god smells like an olive oil and yeast you want it sticky but not gooey it's becoming the dough haha I am adding some olive oil to this bowl that it's such a good idea how in the heck did you come up with that the recipe told me to do it that's a pretty good idea to get it covered yeah and then I don't have to get all dirty no no don't put it directly in you're making it into a ball look it's it's sticky but not sticky but not gooey it is put in the bowl you heard turn the oven off and then put this oven safe bowl make sure your bowls oven safe so we're covering this so it's tightly wrapped it's tightly wrapped and now we have to put it in the oven and let it rise for only thirty minutes it should be doubled in size let's do it so pretty much when I was concept in this I thought let's take all of the great barbecue flavors and sides and layer them into a deep-dish pizza so what's one of your favorite barbecue sides no what does it go in beans baby beans and not just beans baked beans with bacon think about how good baked beans are everybody just take a moment oh and you're right you came to the right conclusion baked beans are great we're also gonna make macaroni and cheese which is my favorite side dish at barbecue to make life easier we're gonna use these Barilla pronto noodles not sponsors oh what an interesting way to cut this don't need that from you right now but it's fine so the cool thing about this is you don't have to boil water or drain it you just add your pasta add your water and then turn on the heat and then we just let it go for ten minutes and it's gonna absorb all that water cool make sure you get a shot of the smell – all right I'm opening the delicious Gouda cheese and I'm opening sharp white cheddar whoo I'm a fan of surf I know I picked your favorite and I think that there's no such thing as too much cheese in a mac and cheese so just grate it all up I need to break this in half I think I can do it cool the water has all been evaporated or absorbed kind of both I guess kind of both I guess well whatever it's now just nudes and no water no draining required pronto okay so now we're gonna make mac and cheese now it's time to melt the butter do the butter in French what up we're gonna add the flour to make a roux whoo careful not to dump that flour in there too aggressively all right we're gonna add the milk add the milk all right while you're doing that I'm gonna get the chicken going in the slow cooker okay I've got some garlic paste yellow onion okay salt I have some boneless skinless chicken thighs oops yeah I wanted to not have any bones in this pizza some pepper some paprika actually quite a bit and this is our favorite lower sugar barbecue sauce no sponsors also not sponsored but if you want let's just be clear eat the pizza has at this point in time never had any sponsor so so I'm just giving this a mix I put the lid on and we just have to let it cook for five to seven hours okay has it doubled in size oh yes it has that's no movie magic that's just yeast I was a sports high school girl Christian's thickening the roux and I'm going to shred the chicken and I can transfer it all back into the sauce all that flava flav so we got canned beans and our cooked bacon we're just gonna stir it together no big dogs what do you think I'm doing there's just no reason to cut onion without wearing goggles all right we're gonna add in the cheese so we've got some white cheddar and then I'm adding some Gouda cheese Gouda idea and then I'm gonna add in some sharp cheddar [Applause] all right ready we're gonna roll this out now it's very sticky you remember how I specifically said I know that you're not supposed to roll it out but I just prefer to do it this way and someone totally still attacked it was like guess what I like rolling it with a pin and that's what I'm gonna do and you can make yours however you want I want this to be really sprayed okay I have no idea what I'm doing but we're gonna make it work we're gonna layer in some barbecue chicken just gonna sprinkle this in and then what do you think mac and cheese an ax jump yeah you go light on the green beans I mean but it's just a classic your barbecue go pretty fine plus then we get some veggies in corn all right and then we just got to make the dough for the top I'm gonna sprinkle on some of this leftover white cheddar all right we got to put some slices on the top so it doesn't explode pizza fact of the day is related to a deep-dish pizza so we did not obviously make a traditional chicago-style deep-dish pizza today but the origin of it is pretty cool so there are two business partners in the 1940s who wanted to start a business together or they wanted to start a restaurant together first choice is Mexican it failed backup was Italian because one of them was attacking the backup was pizza because one of them because one of them is Italian and so they wanted to create a pizza that was unique to Chicago that was different but is American and American take on pizza and so they started baking pizza in this really deep dish and gave it this really cakey thick crust and filled it with sausage and cheese in the middle and sauce on top almost like an upside-down pizza it had to be eaten with a fork and knife and thus was born the deep-dish pizza and then in the 1950s they renamed themselves to Pizzeria Uno who knew and that's where the chain got its name pretty cool so I think we may have made a mistake so this is a springform pan where you have to pop the surrounding piece off but we crimped the edge the crust around what what I mean we don't even know if it's gonna stay together this would be a miracle if it actually worked it truly would be and I gotta say let's just do it I hope it doesn't fall apart please don't fall apart please don't fall apart barbecue stuff deep dish pot pie pizza coming up dun dun holy crap oh my god like I don't work oh my god this is so scary look at that barbecue sauce losing out go all-in and now it's time to eat the pizza let's do it very good I got a green bean and I liked it the green means good when it's mixed with all this other stuff I love the cornmeal crust another crust is really what's making it the crust and then honestly the mac and cheese mixed with the BBQ meat yeah and I'm glad that the mac and cheese was kind of extra gooey cheesy rather than like dry I love the beans too though the beans are awesome the beans the bacon the corn it's killing it oh so many good flavors I can't believe it worked it really did and it's delicious it's amazing and you should totally make it the recipe is on eat the pizza our blog is there for this episode in every episode along with some good merch along with the merch and all of our social can be found there as well act eat the pizza show right down here thank you so much for liking commenting and subscribing I will see you next week on eat the pizza eat the crazy stuffed pizza pizza pop pie the barbecue chicken pizza Barbie people you definitely need a fork Chris this wouldn't be one that you could pick up with your hands

23 thoughts on “BBQ Deep Dish POT PIE Pizza!? – Eat The Pizza! #23

  1. I'm late in seeing this video – I just discovered this channel. I love that you used a product from my hometown! I'm a 4th generation Austinite and Stubb's BBQ sauce rules! My favorite is their wildly spicy sauce. 😊

  2. I’ve just realized that I’ve seen all your videos YET AGAIN! I miss you guys! Please come back with at least pizza empanadas please!!!!!


    Just kidding! Looks delicious. I should attempt to make this.

  4. I cannot express how much I freaking LOVE this channel. Delicious food, hilarious editing, and seriously entertaining people make this perfect!

  5. I'm going to make this but vegan by using shredded jackfruit instead of chicken, Daiya macaroni and cheese, vegetarian baked beans with seitan bacon, and everything else is normal I think. 😋

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