Back to School: Kids Breakfast Ideas |

Back to School: Kids Breakfast Ideas |

hi I'm Katie from CARICOM and today I'm going to show you how to make four quick and healthy breakfasts perfect for back-to-school season these are all great because you can take them on the go and we all know how hard it is to get kids out the door on time and ready for school first off is our green smoothie going to take a half cup of vanilla almond milk this is packed with protein and calcium and then a half cup of orange juice and then we're going to put some nonfat Greek yogurt it's nice and thick just to scoop it up blue handful of the spinach sometimes I love to add kale in this too kids never know the difference and it's so healthy for them and then you're going to do a cup of your frozen pineapple put the top on and we'll blend we pour it into a glass if your kid is staying for breakfast this is great it's packed with fiber calcium and protein but you can serve it alongside an English muffin or if he's hitting the road put it in a thermos and you could put it in his lunch bag alongside in an insulated container he's ready to hit the road okay so I call this the bagel delight we're going to take a whole-wheat cinnamon raisin bagel that I've already toasted put cream cheese on top and I will put cream cheese on both sides and then I'm going to place strawberries on the cream cheese a little vitamin C and if your child is hitting the road make it a sandwich or if you have enough time to eat at home and eat breakfast together you can serve an open-faced and get a little extra strawberries in next we're going to do the waffle which so if you have a waffle over on your hands here's a way to pack it with more protein and vitamin C we have a fiber rich frozen waffle that I've already toasted I'm going to spread it with sunflower butter now this is peanut free and not free and it actually tastes just like peanut butter and spread it on both sides and schools definitely allow sunflower butter so now I'm going to sprinkle some granola on one side you can do raisins on the other side but today we're going to do blueberries drizzle it with a little honey to help it stick and taste extra yummy put it together there you go it's your waffle which okay so now we're going to make some veggie egg muffins and this is a great way to get your kids eat protein and vegetables already in the morning so we are going to take nine eggs wrap them in the bowl then we're going to put about a quarter cup of carrots and chopped broccoli you can do chopped spinach too but something green and fun then we have a cup of cheese because what's an egg muffin without cheese and then we're going to whisk it together you can add salt and pepper if you want for these I'm going to hope that the cheese has enough sodium so then you're going to fill each cup about 2/3 of the way and you'll find that when they cook they're going to rise a lot but then when they cool down they'll shrink this makes about 12 since so then you're just going to plop them in the oven cook it on 375 for about 15 or 20 minutes test it with a toothpick and then breakfast is ready thanks so much for joining us stay tuned for more yummy back-to-school recipes from CARICOM that will make your life easier

50 thoughts on “Back to School: Kids Breakfast Ideas |

  1. I feel like kids should be making their own breakfast , they will never learn to cook if you make it for them! (No hate great vid)

  2. if i were her kid i would throw these foods away seriously do i look like i wanna drink a green lumpy substance on a morning before skl id throw it back up. i now realize why schools have cafeterias.

  3. Them veggie muffins, I love veg but they don't look appealing and…

  4. you are on TV and that is cool I told Remy my cousin and it was blue I clicked it and it brought me here it's cool

  5. Kids these days are very picky with what you pack or serve them for food.
    If it doesn't look appealing or they never tried it before, Don't expect them to rate it 5 stars.

    Also, These are very messy ideas for a mother with children on the run. A banana and Apple would have been fine for in on the go snack for breakfast.

  6. I saw some comments about her voice, I like her laid back soft tone. Sometimes I'm watching videos and people are screaming at me. I like her because she's not snobby or over acting. She's just giving you ideas and she's out. Great Job!

  7. I'm so confused: how can something that has no peanuts or nuts in it, taste like peanut butter. That makes no sense?

  8. Sun flower butter tastes nothing like peanut butter. I admit it does tastegood, but don't expect a peanut buttert taste

  9. The egg muffins might be good i dont know. but i dont think my little brother would touch something that simply LOOKED like that…

  10. Some schools dont allow peanut butter because some people can die just from getting very tiny bits from the air (some diråe and some get really really sick)

  11. I love how the whole video is like dead faced. Talking about protein then the ending 😀 THANKS FOR WATCHING

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