Baby Food Recipes For 1 Year Old Cooking Stuffed Fried Eggs (Healthy Baby Food)

Today I will make an egg fry stuff with her and broccoli like this I Will use 4 eggs and for the oil I will use refined coconut oil to make Food for our baby. This is the shop broccoli and then I shop until Like this and the pot and eggs, okay. Let’s see how to cook Start with the oil We appeal enough coconut oil, okay and attorney on At first we put broccoli and then all together and tonight And then we add honk And together until well We don’t add any seasoning sauce or any seasoning because I want our baby to have Until GPS We select only the healthy food for our baby because we have two wins And then steamed rice Actually when you prepare food we will make only one x but divided into three meals for our baby And then take a rice XD rice to mix with eggs Okay, when ventilator is finished, okay, and then we will make a fried egg stop This is the broccoli with all that we cook until it’s well done So in this menu we have ingredients is rice or broccoli and eggs and Then for cooking our reduced refined coconut oil Nobody has Looks yummy Is it new yummy if you feel this is very yummy please Comment below. Please comment below this video Yummy, yummy looks yummy. You can do this kind of Fry eggs stuffed with rice pork and broccoli for yourself or for your baby Actually we can stop anything if you want to change or you can use carrot accord on something onions if you don’t use pork you can use chickens or fish or Something that you like maybe tofu is also very good taste. It’s up to you Okay, seems like down beside the site and the another scientist take a look can we take a look for another fight easy? Okay, I’m ready to be bohot Okay is look well done we will next prepare for our twist, baby to have lunch together So, let’s see next time then eat do you? You have to see whether our watch which may be yummy or not. Let’s see together if you Love this video. Don’t forget. We will leave the comments below after this video here At first I will cut the fry it into small pieces for baby To make them easy to eat Hmm okay then Good boy Oh Mommy what one? So mouth good girl Bamboo these pieces is not oh Very good. Thank you This white meat who wants who wants oh Thank you mrs. Drop down here Oh Raise your hands If you love our channel, please subscribe our Channel and Please leave the comments below if you have Twins, baby. Maybe you have some problem like us, but if you have only one baby, it will be more easy to Make a finger food or something You can let your baby do it But because we have to win so I am try not to use the finger food. Okay? Thank you very much for watching

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