What’s up guys, it’s Cory here. I’m in Nha Trang and we’re on the southern end of the city. Kind of away from all the hotels and stuff. And we’re in this local neighborhood, and there’s a lot of seafood lining both sides of the street. This is where we’re going to have dinner, this is Thanh Suong. And it’s a really cool seafood restaurant, there’s just a lot of people here. Over here is all the seafood, you just order it up. It’s mostly by kilogram, some of them are by individual items, but most of it is by kilogram. My god, look how big that piece of roe is. Oh my god, it came out in one big chunk. That is amazing. Do you see this? Wow! It’s mixed in with some peanut and… what else is in there? That is so amazing. Alright guys, it’s going down. When you go to Nha Trang, you have to have seafood. Seafood is the ultimate food in Nha Trang. It’s a seaside town, that’s why you get a lot of all the different stuff here. Last time I was here in Nha Trang with my girlfriend, we had a bunch of seafood. And a lot of it was kind of more common, this time around, we wanted to show you guy some really cool looking seafood. Like stuff that’s more visually pleasing. Check out the size of this clam, I’m going to try and hold it up without dropping it. But it’s like really big! And stuffed. And we have some really amazing horseshoe crab. I’ve never had horseshoe crab before. But this is the size of it here. You can see. Hopefully you can see it. And of course, one of my favorite things on the planet that’s seafood is urchin. This is like a baked Uni (Japanese for sea urchin) shell, with the egg inside. It is going to be awesome. Here’s the clam. What’s really nice at this restaurant is their pre-mixed chili salt with lime. Like they made a whole bunch of it and it’s seasoned perfectly. Ohhh, it’s just soooo amazing. It looks so good! Looks nice and creamy. Mmmm This is really good! This is awesome! This is some of the best dipping sauce I’ve had in Vietnam. Wow! If I could know the recipe to this… I’m going to make this at home all the time.
That is… wow! There’s got to be something else in it that I’m not describing but they’re doing something right. 먹어 (Meogeo means to eat in Korean)
많이 먹어 (Mani meogeo means eat a lot in Korean) Here’s a spoonful of the roe. It’s just loaded with these little eggs on there. And of course a little green onion. I’m really excited to try this guys. It smells like regular crab roe. So we’ll see what it tastes like. Woah! Mmm! It’s kind of… It’s kind of sticky. That’s the best way I can describe it, it’s kind of sticky. As you crunch it, the eggs kind of like… they don’t burst but they break apart and it becomes this like, I don’t know, “glue” sounds terrible. But it becomes this like sticky kind of a thing. Subtle hint of crab roe, but it’s different, it’s obviously horseshoe crab. It’s really rich, like wow! This would be really great on top of something, or used in a soup. Wow, let me get another piece real quick. Yeah… So glad we ordered this. So mid-recording this video, some guy is busting out a karaoke machine right on the curb. This is Vietnam for you. I think what’s funny is the last time we filmed seafood in Nha Trang, in the restaurant a guy had a giant karaoke boom box stereo thing. And they were thumping club music in the restaurant. It’s kind of a similar situation going on right outside, but a guy is actually singing. Alright guys, I’m really looking forward to the uni, the sea urchin with the egg. Ohhh it just scoops out so nicely. And I can see some of the uni that was baked in there, on the bottom. This is going to be awesome! Ooooh Wow It’s really good, but I don’t really taste the uni. Just cause it’s cooked. I prefer raw uni. But this is not bad. And mixed with the egg, and especially egg yolk, it has a really nice rich texture to it. Yeah, that’s nice. Ok so the karaoke guy stopped singing. I think he was just one of the guys that goes up and down the street with a portable karaoke box, and they sing and try to get some money or donations or something. I think he just parked right outside the restaurant and the owner was like “get out of here” So, yeah. hehehe I’m going to take some of that horseshoe crab dip it into that amazing lime chili salt. Oooh it’s dripping. Anything dipped in this sauce is awesome. I’m going to try it with the egg with the urchin. Dip it in that. Oh my god! That plus egg?! I think that’s the winner right there. I need to get this and put it on my breakfast omelets. Here you go. Mmmmm Yeah, I love this. So glad we came here. Because this one has the peanuts with it, like you know, it almost feels like I’m eating peanut butter. Peanut butter, with clam, with the chili salt, and lime There’s so many flavors going on, I don’t know what to say. It’s just so good! I think I have to cheers to that. And cheers to you guys, thanks for watching this video! I’m going to try the horseshoe crab roe, of course with the chili salt and lime. And then I’m going to chase it with some of the peanuts from this shell. We just have to do it. I’m OK. There’s so many textures going on. I don’t… I feel like it’s hard to talk. Cause I’m just in like foodgasm ecstacy. Mmmmm This is such a fun atmosphere. Everybody’s drunk. And everybody’s just so happy. This food brings out the happiness. I’m just going to eat it like this. I feel like I’m eating a bowl of cereal. Alright. Going to take some of the chili and mix it in there with the roe. See that? Oooooh yeah. Gotta mix it all in there. That’s going to be nice. Scoopin’ it out. Mmmm! I feel like I need a piece of bread to dip it in or like a cracker to scoop it out. This would be a really nice spread on something. All gone. Ughhhh… it’s a lot. Woooooooo I’m going to do the same thing, I’m going to put this stuff in there. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t full yet, I’m reaching my wall. It’s so heavy, but good. Full of flavor. Very rich. Yummy. Yummy. It’s just like flavor-packed. And yeah, it’s filling me up. Like no kidding. But, I must go on! I must eat as much as I can. There’s a lot of parts of the reproductive system being consumed here tonight. It’s very heavy, very rich. Egg yolk, sea urchin roe, which is egg. Horseshoe crab roe, which is egg. Hehehe This restaurant is loaded, and there’s a lot of people watching me eat and film. It’s pretty funny. They keep looking at me. I think that’s like one of the things you get used to when you vlog or make videos. Is, you know, I’m talking to the camera. I’m not talking to someone face-to-face. And I’m surrounded by a bunch of people just wondering what is this guy doing? Ok, we’ve pretty much crushed these things here. They’re all finished. We still have crab, we have some boiled crab that’s coming. I think they’re still prepping it. So we’ll wait for that to arrive. We got the crab here, it just arrived. This guy is pretty heavy. I’d say he’s close to a kilo. This guy is dense! Oh no! His claw came off. Oooooh yeah, why am I even holding him?!? He is HOT! Yeah, pull him apart. Wow, you gotta crack that. Yeah! Crack it! Crack it! Crack it open. How are you handling that?!?!?
It’s soooo HOT! Man, my girlfriend is a beast! Ooooh my god, look at that! Wow! Look at that inside, look at all that meat and roe just all mixed up together. That one piece there is just all roe and goop. And it’s going to be so good! I really can’t wait to suck out the meat from that part. Wow! Ok, I’m going to split this guys. Open it up. Ooooh yeah. See that? Oooh! Crab meat, mmmm! Yum yum! Crab meat with the chili salt and lime, it’s… I’m like… I’m anticipating the flavor and I’m starting to drool. I’m salivating heavily. Ahhhh It was just as good as I imagined it was going to be. We’re going to sleep well guy. We have been feasting today. This is great. Oooh. Gotta take care of my girlfriend. Give her this nice piece of meat. Em Ơi (my dear, honey, babe, etc)
Here. Mmm hmmm She’s happy. It’s soooo packed with meat. Sometimes you get crab that’s not really loaded with meat. It’s like very “skinny” I guess is the word? But uhmmm this stuff is heavy on it. For me? Ah OK So my girlfriend just cracked open the other claw and she’s going to feed me. Oooooh Thank you! Ngon quá! (Very delicious!) Every time I eat crab, it’s like a flashback to my childhood with my brother and my mom and dad. We would just get a bunch of crab and this is in Japan. So we’d have huge pieces of crab, I want to say they’re snow crab, but I don’t know, I was like just a child. But we would feast for like 2 to 3 hours, no kidding. We would just have a mountain of shells. And my brother is notorious for going to seafood buffets and throwing down. I mean like throwing down for hours. He’ll wipe out the buffet, for real. I want to say we were at a place where they were kind of like yeah, you need to leave now, you’ve been here way too long and you’ve just eaten so much crab. The May family gets down with some seafood. When you’re eating crab, you have to explore every nook and cranny. Cuase there’s meat hidden everywhere. Claw… claw meat Mmmm Oh my god It’s like Christmas morning. Mmm! Wow That was a lot of meat. We’re silent here. My girlfriend and I, we’re not talking right now. We’re so focused on the crab. We were really looking forward to this. Mmmm So I got this piece of meat, and I got the roe. That goopy roe in there. Put it on there, like a dipping sauce. Mmm Mmmm hmmmm Alright, this is going to be my last bite. I am stuffed. But this is going to be a rich bite. Cause it is all that roe stuck together. It’s got a piece of the meat and flesh on there. Alright, last bite. I am thoroughly satisfied! Mmmm hehehe Looks like I pee’d. **girlfriend gives a thumbs up** I spilled beer on my crotch. Looks like I pee’d myself. Woo hoo! Yeah, we need to wash. Oh my god you guys, we’re soooo full! It is time to go back to the hotel and literally crash out. Like… food coma… I don’t even know what to say right now, I can’t even function. But I do have to say this: If you guys really enjoyed this video, definitely give it a thumbs up. Definitely subscribe to the channel! If you want to know where this restaurant is, check the description box down below. There will be a Google Maps, plus the restaurant name, and address, and phone number. All those things will be down below. Check it out guys! And I’ll see you in the next video, bye!!!

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  1. In this video, I experimented with a more "Mukbang" style of video. Even though I was still talking like in my previous videos, I tried to show more of the eating-only moments and avoided extra close-up shots food or additional editing tricks. What do you think? Did you enjoy this mukbang-style video better than other food videos I've done? Let me know in the comments below!

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