1. I love ❤️ your platter today sooo much ????❤️
    By the way dear .. how is life going in your new location … hope you enjoy it with family ????????

  2. The main thing is you and your family have a roof over your heads at least ☝??? I’m so happy for you all, and that time will come quick… sooo in the mean time pretend your all on holidays ????

  3. Congrats on your new home! Sending good vibes for a speedy build on your forever home! That cheese is so oooeey and gooey!! Mine never looks like that. What kind do you use?

  4. Ohhh sweety ?, Congratulations ? ? ? ?, i'm so happy for you and your family, no more Room hotel ???????. This video is perfect ?❤️❤️❤️❤️????DELICIOUS ? ? ?

  5. i LOVE costco hotdogs!! haven’t had one in forever but when i was young i’d put parmesan cheese on it from the packets they had for the pizza ? idk why but it was soooo good

  6. LOL I’m about to order myself some pizza before it’s to late ? I can’t sit here tonight and be hungry while watching her videos ! Haha

  7. I just want to break the phone's screen and come to you and eat because it's horrible!!!! ??? Love you Phan ❤ and that's looks so yum! You're so lucky ??

  8. Ooooh que rico phan me encanta el spaghetti se ve delicioso ,me encantan tus vídeos !!! Besos y bendiciones ??

  9. What did the neighbors say who who were responsible for the fire?
    I m happy to finally see you in comfort.
    Hope you live a much better life. Leave to think about what is already gone. Just move on….
    Have a good day ?

  10. At least use a different shade of lipstick…lol SAS IM SURE DOESN’T APPRECIATE THIS MUCH OF A COPY CAT … I know you can find something ORIGINAL to do in your videos… ?

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