ASMR MUKBANG 대왕 가리비, 문어, 새우, 전복 등 다양한 해물을 넣은 해물찜 밥도둑 먹방 SEAFOOD STEAMED OCTORPUS EATING SHOW Hải sản

Completion ~~~~~ Today I prepared spicy seafood steamed at home We have octopus, shrimp, hermit, squid, abalone, red scallops, oysters and giant scallops. I will eat really good food today! First, I’ll eat jjakkumi first It’s really delicious! abalone The red scallops on the cabbage wrap I’m going to eat this octopus I’ll eat shrimp as well Next is the key shell I’ll eat a key shell! Cuttlefish Abalone and ramen I really enjoyed it today Today I made spicy seafood steamed rice It’s because we made seasoning with roasted vegetables differently than usual It was much lighter and more sued Especially the cabbage wrapped next to it went well with the steamed seafood I think I’ll use cabbage frequently Next time, I’ll find a more delicious video then!! Hi ~~~~~~

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