ASMR Mukbang|매콤한 쭈꾸미 삼겹살에 밥을 볶아서 카레우동과 먹방!

ASMR Mukbang|매콤한 쭈꾸미 삼겹살에 밥을 볶아서 카레우동과 먹방!

Hello~ Everyone~ (^^*) I am gonna eat CHUSAM today. CHUSAM is abbreviation of Chukumi & Samgyeopsal. Chukumi is webfoot octopus and Samgyeopsal is pork belly. And this is my kitchen. Hello~ I am Kani jjang~(^^*) Annyeong~❤️ Today I have prepared chukumi samgyeopsal and curry udon. I will eat well~(^^*) When I went to a market, marinated chukumi was on sale. It was 12,000 KRW (10.3 USD) per 1 pack. So I bought a pack and some pork belly. Although chukumi itself is also yummy, it tastes much better when pork belly is added. I made a video of eating CHUSAM in a restaurant a few months ago. And it was very yummy. But today’s chukumi was spicy. Very spicy. I didn’t add any chili or chili powder. But it was really spicy! Because it was hot and spicy, many of my viewers would be surprised
if they tasted this. Whenever I eat very yummy food or spicy food, I feel sorry about the fact that I am the only one
who feel the taste. But I got many e-mails from my viewers who are going to travel Korean soon. They accepted my suggestion to join my mukbang. Finally I have someone to share the taste. (^^*) I am so excited to meet them and make mukbang videos. (^^*) Let’s add some rice. Rice is primary food in Korea. In Korea, side dishes are not meant to be served once. Koreans make many kinds of side dishes in advance. Those side dishes are for eating rice. Koreans eat a bowl of rice with the side dishes as a meal. And the remained side dishes after meal are preserved for the next. Eating a bowl of rice means end of meal in Korea. Wait! Why am I explaining this? (^^*) Anyway Korean meals are like that (^^*) About 10 days have passed since I had moved to a new house. But I couldn’t organize the rooms yet. I was too busy because of Lunar Month New year. It was yesterday. And 12 people gathered in my house including me and my husband. They are relatives of my husband. Although we had very good time, it was hard time as well (^^*) And today my parents and sister visited here again. When I was young, I always wait for these big holidays. Now these days are burden and stress. But I think family members would seldom get together without these holidays. So I decided to focus on positive things.(^^*) In Korea, family means less and less nowadays. And people get more and more lonely. When I visited Vietnam, I felt families there are much more intimate than Korea. Someday I want to make such a family too (^^*) Today’s subtitles are up to here. Please be careful for new coronavirus, all my friends! Marinated chukumi was on sale in a mart. There I added samgyeopsal and ate. This is called “CHUSAM” It goes well with mayonnaise too. It was a good meal~
See you again~(^^*)

100 thoughts on “ASMR Mukbang|매콤한 쭈꾸미 삼겹살에 밥을 볶아서 카레우동과 먹방!

  1. 그렇습니다. 바이러스가 치명적이므로 바하마에서 가장 큰 팬으로부터 조심스럽고 행복하게 식사하십시오.

  2. Broke my heart to hear about your family not being that close and it shattered my heart knowing that family doesn’t mean a lot in Korea.
    I am someone who is very family orientated and I can’t imagine my life without them I’m terrified of being alone and or lonely so it made me a bit emotional to see that.

    I want nothing but happiness for you and your family. Family is really all we have and sometimes we need a reminder to love our families and hug them and tell them you love them because you never know when it’s your last time 🙂

    Stay happy I love you 💜

  3. 와…. 진짜 맛이겟다 ….
    솔직히 언젠가 한국에 가고 싶어요
    도와주세요 언니 😊😊
    love from indonesia ❤️

  4. i like you old mukbang,i like your old place when you ate,i like your old edit,i like your old how you ate,i like it,your old think is better

  5. At 1:23 her eyes went from 😑 to 😳 when she smelled that "OCTOPUS" 🤣🤣(not hating I just love how she reacted like that)💖💯

  6. Kak G-NI jaga kesehantan ya aku liat diberita penyakit corona menyebar dikorea selatan juga jaga kesehatan ya kak ❤️👍

  7. Makan lah telur yang dimasak dengan matang^^ karena itu bisa memicu virus baru corona^^ tetap waspada pada kesehatan lingkungan^^ hati-hati pada orang flu^^

  8. Está más barato hacer esa comida con cada ingrediente que andar comprando en paquete
    10USD = 600+ARS
    Me cago de hambre, jajajaja

  9. Tenho uma sugestão de comida pra você, é bem popular aqui no Brasil e todos que provam gostam muito, o nome é COXINHA !

  10. I'm a black girl from Florida and I love when you explain things to us that we would not know otherwise. If you ever visit you are welcome to my home❤️❤️❤️

  11. 博主要注意锻炼身体,看你主页上传的头像。再和你本人现在一对比,真的胖了至少20斤

  12. Úi yêu chị quá chị ăn nhìn ngon thật mãi ủng hộ chị ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  13. Wow 😍..i'm really intrigued about how that webfoot octopus taste🤔..looks so yummy everytime😀😄😶..also, what do you call that vegetable at 7:38? ☺🙂

  14. No one ask u about your house or whatever we just wanna see u eat ok so dont tell us about u holidays or whatever no one ask u

  15. the way she eat in every videos is very natural that's why I really like to watch her ..unlike others that was so oa for a mukbang.

  16. อยากกินอาหารเกาหลีแต่ไม่มีโอกาศได้ไป🥺

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