ASMR Enoki mushroom *SAUCE RECIPE* Spicy seafood octopus 주꾸미, 팽이버섯, 바다포도 먹방 *레시피* MUKBANG

ASMR Enoki mushroom *SAUCE RECIPE* Spicy seafood octopus 주꾸미, 팽이버섯, 바다포도 먹방 *레시피* MUKBANG

chopped garlic green onion Korean gochujang Sesame ginger powder Sugar powdered Korean red pepper Mix onion, garlic, sugar, ginger powder, gochujang, red pepper powder and sesame seeds Sesame vinegar Sugar Kochujang Add vinegar, sugar, kochujang, and sesame to make the dipping sauce Hello Today I prepared spicy enoki mushrooms, octopus and sea grapes Boiled octopus This is a Kochujang sauce with vinegar. Chewy The sauce is spicy and sweet and sour This is sea grape Dip in sauce Sea grapes have a good texture It tastes just like seaweed It smells a little like the sea. The texture is fun Enoki mushroom Enoki mushroom is really delicious It’s spicy and sweet It’s a spicy and sweet octopus. The chewy taste is good Among the comments about Enoki mushroom chewing I laughed a lot after reading the comment, “It sounds like a dog barking.” I think that means it’s noisy. I’ll eat octopus and enoki mushrooms together. So delicious My mouth is full of spicy and sweetness. Enoki mushrooms and octopus I have to chew for a long time. Thanks to you, i enjoyed delicious meal today. Please click Subscribe and Good. It’s a big help to me. Thank you for watching

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  1. えのきっていつまで噛んでればいいのか分かんないからずっと噛んでだんだん味なくってきて最後おえってなるんだけどところで日本人の方いますか?

  2. eu acho extremamente nojento gente que come assim do meu lado, MAS EU AMO ESSE TIPO DE VÍDEO KKKKK, VAI ENTENDER NÉ

  3. Why do all the Asian asmr people that I watch all stuff their mouth? Like I’m seriously curious… is there a reason? Or maybe a cultural thing? I’ve always been told not to stuff my mouth with food so it throws me off every time I see them shove food in their mouth.

  4. You should put subtitles on that ingredients and it is more interesting to watch if you move backward your camera. Next video please show yourself 💞 very cool sound💞

  5. Она вообще знает что такое "салфетка"? Все это время так и хотелось подойти и вытереть этот рот 😬😬

  6. Of all the asmrtists I watched this is the first time I saw someone with a short hair.Your hair looks gourgeous😍

  7. Я, которая впервые в жизни увидела морской виноград… (А так я обожаю твои видео 🌹)

  8. I thought gochujang was some sort of tomato paste but I decided to google and its CHILI. I know this shit is spicy af!! I could not eat food this spicy lol

  9. 美味しそうです♪

  10. r u just genius that you rite your explain in Hebrew because maybe people in Israel made food with you produce

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