Hello👋🏽 I have been waiting for you Our theme today is Chinese New Year’s Celebration we are eating sweet and sour chicken with fried rice all made from cake Lets! Tuck In! 你好 Nǐ hǎo Happy Chinese New Year to you Chinese new year card its the year of the rat I enjoyed eating that card it was nice and sweet Our main dish today is sweet and sour chicken made from cake broccoli made from chocolate and cake fried rice made from puff rice Lets Tuck in! I’ve got chopsticks I have no clue how to use chopsticks so don’t laugh at me I am going to try I can’t believe I got a chicken on there That is one delicious sweet and sour chicken cake I had to get my fork Special fried rice for you so yummy some broccoli for you that was tasty this is a huge meal I made this sweet and sour chicken from two different cakes one ginger and one vanilla. Let’s see which one this is? that’s ginger I forgot to tell you I made everything here myself for us to enjoy I was just so excited to eat my favourite meal I forgot to say it so these cookies I made for you shall we see what is inside? I know you are supposed to have them at the end of the meal. But I can not wait Aww it is really good it says Golden investment opportunities is arising for you. cookie for you I love cookies oops here we go again…me dropping something. oops That’s what you get for filling up your fork This meal is for at least for people I have no clue what I was thinking making something this ginormous that was the vanilla cake I think its time we cut our cake I love that sound Your Chinese new year’s cake I am going to use a fork for this this so delicate it’s so hard to eat with a fork I will try eating it this way This cake is extremely delicious I need some more cake some cake and special fried rice I can’t get my head around this rice I am going to take it off I forgot to tell you the flavour of this cake I am so sorry it is red velvet cake I am guessing you new that already Let’s see what our 2nd fortune cookies say oh no I just dropped half of it Your determination will bring you much success very nice I hope that happens for us whilst we are waiting for our much success let’s eat some more cake nice big piece shall we see what our last fortune cookie say’s? I am excited it says you will make a name for yourself just remember you are very very special Happy New Year 谢谢 Xièxiè Thank you for stying till the end I hope you enjoyed my Chinese new Years Theme and eating sweet and sour chicken and fried rice with me Thank you for giving me your best currency which is your time, I will see you soon👋🏽


  1. When you said I don’t know how to use chopsticks so don’t laugh at me I started laughing because I can relate. Happy Chinese New Year Mag! Ily! <3

  2. Wow this so so creative! Love it! 😍looks so frigging delicious 😋 and those sounds 😴 send me straight off to sleep! ❤️

  3. Mag: I have no clue how to use chop sticks so don’t laugh at me!
    Me: laughs at little me neither I always poking my self or dropping all my food 😂🤦‍♀️

  4. My favorite part is when the rice fell off your fork. So glad that you didn't edit that out. You have a beautiful accent and whisper.

  5. Wow your baking looks so realistic and the layout is cute! I thought the chicken was actually chicken for a moment. Happy Chinese New year! (although I don't like celebrating the communism)

  6. Omg! That doesn’t even look like cake! You’re so talented. Love you Queen I don’t know how to use chopsticks either lol don’t worry

  7. I’m having Chinese food for dinner tonight lol. Can you cake bone-in chicken wings next? Royals is a fire sub base name 😁🔥

  8. I’ve hit Subscribe because I’m beyond amazed at the creativity. You deserve to have 1 million subscribers and I believe you’ll achieve it. My favourite artist ❤️

  9. Happy Chinese New Year !!🧧Once again there is so much attention to detail from the food to the clothes , absolutely stunning ! My fav meal from a Chinese is very similar , I love sweet and sour chicken with fried rice and I also love chicken chowmein😋Hopefully all the fortune from the cookies comes true this year for you💕

  10. You know I love? That you post right after I get home from work a lot of times. I sit at my table (because my husband isn’t home yet) turn on your video and eat with you. It helps me de-stress. Thank you for your wonderful content my dear friend! May this year bring you all of the success and love you deserve!❤️❤️

  11. i just started watching ur videos recently and im absolutely in love! ur food always looks so real and appetizing and ur accent is adorable! ur so talented and i hope u keep going cuz im sure ur gonna blow up one day!

    with love from 🇪🇬 egypt 🥰❤️❤️

  12. I showed my bf how real this looked. He loves sweet and sour chicken. You make me want to get creative with my food but I’m no good at baking. You did an amazing job

  13. First off, I would like to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year's🐀🐭🐁🎉🎊🎇🎆🎋🎍🎏🎎
    2nd, I really LOVE your videos.📹🎬 I patiently await your uploads and once I get that notification, I watch them🎥 as soon as I'm able to. What amazes me is ALL the details you put into your work. Best ASMR channel by far. 💜 you friend.

  14. I’m just amazed you make all this!!!! You should be in a baking competition or go into decorating cakes. Beautiful work

  15. Just beautifully Amazing! Chinese new year! WOW! You are very talented, but I stated this in one of your other videos. What I've noticed in each one of your ASMR Videos.. is the fact that you are always matching your clothes and nails with the theme (Outstanding!!!).. I appreciate the detail and all the time it takes to cook, decorate, and to present these Amazing beautiful creative cakes/treats for us to enjoy, ( Yum Yum) and you do it with a flair and a smile.😊 I'm grateful. Happy Chinese New year.

  16. I love watching your videos!! You have a gift thats for sure!! This is awesome! Definitely could've tricked me! Lol❤

  17. YES QUEEN!!! You are the truth the layout is amazing excellent work my friend!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    i love ur dress btw!!
    i’m also born in the year of the mouse and i’m turning 12 this year!! the fried rice was my favorite!

  19. Hello there friend!
    Here you go again with your awsome vids! Also I have a Theme request for future vids 😀 Maybe a Theme about Zodiac signs or something space Thing Cuz it seems fun 😀 God bless and have a great year!!!
    De squad

  20. This was fantastic! I always love the themes that you do, they are ever so exciting! Though if you do need a suggestion for a next video, I would be glad to I hand some over! Maybe an Underwater themed video? Possibly. 🤗
    Keep up the fantastic work! And have a fantastic ChineseNew Year! 😁😁❣️

  21. You are so underrated! Not only are your videos incredibly creative but the quality and sounds are amazing😍so in love with this channel, your accent is so nice to listen to as well

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