Are You Seasoning Your Food With Microplastics? (You Totally Are)

Are You Seasoning Your Food With Microplastics? (You Totally Are)

Microplastics could have made their way into this really common food additive, and honestly, I’m feeling pretty salty about it. We’ve heard the term “microplastics”
ad nauseum and they’re pretty much what they sound like; plastic debris that has been
weathered down into tiny fragments, usually 5 millimeters long or less. When we talk about it, we mostly focus on
how this trash affects our ocean life. We regularly find plastic inside the the bellies
of birds and whales. And for our shellfish fans, a study has shown
that European consumers can ingest up to eleven thousand plastic particles a year from eating
shellfish. So, the answer is let’s just avoid all seafood
forever right? Weeell, it’s not going to be that easy. In fact, microplastics are closer to your
kitchen table than you think. Ever heard of a little thing called I dunno,
SALT. YES. SALT. Sea salt to be exact. Those 0.3 millimeter salt grains have microscopic
plastic particles in them. A recent study from Nature found microplastics
inside the grains of 16 different salt brands taken from 8 different countries, which held
plastic fibers and beads as small as 160 microns. The earth is literally taking our trash with
a grain of salt. (btw the study conveniently didn’t list
brands, don’t even look for it I already tried.) The types of plastics inside these salty crystals
are important too. The polymer particles found were mostly polypropylene
and polyethylene which are two types of durable plastics that are used in things like grocery
bags, plastic bottle caps, prescription bottles, lunch boxes and more. And this isn’t the first time we’ve tested
for microplastics in our salt. Even earlier in 2017, researchers tested twenty-one
different types of Spanish table salts and ALL twenty one of them were found to have
polymer particles of polyethylene-terephthalate, which is used to make plastic bottles. So, the answer is let’s just avoid all shellfish
AAND salt forever right? Well avoiding them might not be the best strategy since microplastics
are just everywhere. We’re finding it in our oceans, fertilizer,
food chains, and even the air we breathe. But we really shouldn’t be surprised. This polymer, polyethylene-terephthalate,
you know that one that’s used for plastic bottles, yeah it takes up to 400 years to
naturally decompose. Plastic hasn’t even been around that long
yet. It was invented in 1907, but since the 1950’s,
plastic production has ramped up and now we make over 300 million metric tons globally. And up to 12.7 million tons of plastic waste
enters our oceans every year. It’s barely been over a century and we already
have plastic in our salt guys. But that’s the thing isn’t it? Microplastics haven’t been around long enough
for us to really understand their long-term harmful effects in human body. What we DO know from past research is that
the accumulation of microplastics can cause particle, chemical, and microbial hazards. Particle toxicity may occur if a critical
mass of pieces are localized and cause an immune response from your body (which your
body can’t do much about anyway). Chemical toxicity could occur since the particles
may excrete deadly pollutants they’ve picked up from the environment. Plus, what plastic is made out of isn’t
too good for you. But when it comes to the salt, we ultimately
haven’t found a dosage of microplastics that is harmful to us…yet. The production of plastic is still on the
rise and it’s expected to triple by 2050. So our exposure to it will likely increase,
and we’ll probably have to change the way we think about our plastic production and
consumption. If we’ve already done this much damage,
how much are we going to see in another 30 years? I know I don’t want a dash of plastic to
go with my dash of salt. If you want some simple ways to reduce your
plastic consumption, you can invest in reusable utensils, don’t wrap your compostable food
in plastic bags, give up on gum, reuse containers, buy reusable water bottles, or any of the
hundreds of other ways you could prevent plastic pollution.
It’s not too late to change our ways, and if you still have doubts about all this then,
go ahead and reach for that salt shaker. I’m sure you’ll be fine 🙂
If you think you’re swimming in microplastics now, you’ve got nothing on Ben Lecomte,
the swimmer attempting to cross the Pacific Ocean, RIGHT. NOW. He’s out there as we speak, along with a
team of researchers that will be the first to collect data by hand from one end of the
ocean to the other and Seeker has all the latest updates and info, to learn about more
about his journey check out this video here. I’m Maren, Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Are You Seasoning Your Food With Microplastics? (You Totally Are)

  1. Make a law that puts a cap on how much plastic your allowed to make per year. And anymore that is needed has to be recycled. There are people who drop out of school and have a hard time finding good jobs and are also more than willing to get dirty for a job. Just pay those people to go digging in junk yards, land fill piles, bodies of water, and streets to search for as much plastic as possible.

  2. this is so stupid. companies keep making things out of plastic but somehow it's our job to stop using it? How about we hold these companies accountable for once.. always shifting the blame to the people when it's these multi million industries that are ruining everything for us.

  3. It does NOT matter (well it does , but extremely few micro%) if we (as individuals) switch to alternatives … Because a 100 or a 1000 doesn’t matter … Why that few ? Cuz I am talking about lifestyle changes to avoid ALL plastic altogether , which , a MILLION will start , a 100 or 1000 will keep doing from the next day onwards.

    So basically the solution is in the hands of the governments. They are the force that can “force” the society as a whole to not use any plastic . And by “force” I don’t mean that FBI will knock on your door to check if you have plastic , rather MAKE BIG producers / companies / sellers avoid them … I’m talking Coca-Cola , Pepsi … All the other BIG producers for the beginning. Then move onto the smaller ones. Like you should FORCE THEM to stop producing that .

    Think about this :
    What is the US government doing for example : Ok people you should NOT pollute the oceans , you should use refineable materials etc…. Btw here are millions of soda bottles you can choose from , come buy !

    This is nonsense . The process I am talking about will take YEARS … And if we don’t start now … Another alien planet a few hundred years later will wonder why there is no other life in the universe …

  4. The only thing we could do is to produce biodegradable plastic… i hope all the smartest people in the world would know how it will make for the future..

  5. Thisbvideo was ok but i think the sound deesigner should be fired because i might be old but my hearing just lokensounded loke the audiobwas OFFF

  6. 3:33 it's not too late ? sorry but thats very naive … we all know what will be in 10 years … much more micro plastic and for now no country, no government, nobody really do anything serious to prevent plastics … even if we would stop ALL plastics right now it would take 100 years or longer untill the oceans get back clean and then u can say ist not too late lol

  7. This video is the perfect example of normalizing the contamination of our food by big corporations. Having a pretty woman telling us that is ok to have plastic in the salt that we eat is as having that same woman telling us it is ok to have cancer as a result of it…

  8. That's not the only thing we should
    be worried about

  9. Fantastic video, I love how easy you explained it and I really hope that it opens some eyes out there. Lets us stop using so much single-use plastic and make the switch for a greener future. Not just for ourselves but for our children's sake.

  10. Well it’s not like I can just stop eating
    I’ll start the world saving Kickstarter!
    jk Humans don’t care enough

  11. Somewhere, these microplastics are a form of karma.
    We had almost 30 years, we knew we had to clean up our excessive waste. But we didn't do it, so prepare yourself for plastic accumulation in your body

  12. Welcome the plastic tax, bow down slaves and bed over it’s nice and perky.
    I really hope hell exists for people like this
    As the founder of Save the oceans
    This miss information video should be used as a public educational video to clearly demonstrate how the left wing funded by bankers is controlling a tax, based on lying.

  13. Nature suffers from Man's poor spiritual state. "Man is organic with the world. His inner life molds the environment and is itself deeply affected by it. The one acts upon the other and every abiding change in the life of man is the result of these mutual reactions." ~ Baha'i Faith

  14. Did you just suggest that using PLASTIC utensils rather than metal would be a way to REDUCE plastic consumption?

  15. What? How do they know it takes 400 years for plastic to dissolve when it hasn't even been here so long? Like we don't even know how that set of compounds works yet we make EVERYTHING out of it.. I want to kick person who came up with this plastic fever into their a#s 😫

  16. How about we should just fine big companies that dump tonnes of plastic in the sea for profit instead of blaming consumerism. And why don't we spend like 1% of gdp to just burn plastics instead of shipping them to asian countries where they get dumped in the sea. what's the point of shipping it there if it gets dumped in the sea anyways. It would be even more environmentally friendly to dump it in the ocean straight away over here. it's just retarded.

  17. The giant problem is Why do we add salt to our food?
    The obvious answer people will give is not so really thought out.

    Welcome to industries that made it standard to have salts in your food, and don't have second thoughts about it.

  18. It's not us pesants , it's the rich aholes that have known this for years and said and did nothing ! The big companys their shareholders , look at the roundup debacle and Monsanto god knows how big that's going to be !!!

  19. We need to deal with this, this is a million times more important then CO2 in the atmosphere.

  20. What if the microplastic become radioactive after aging 100 year . Than in 100 year the whole humanity and mammals might extinct

  21. Profit > life. This is how the world has worked, and will continue until we all unite against corporates and their lobbyists.

  22. Wood chips in our grated cheese, plastic in our salt…

    Way to dilute the product… pbly just as much intentionally put in salt for profit as it is 'accidental' or environmental

  23. Plastic is here to stay. I don’t see people giving it up anytime soon. I have a professor researching bio plastics which can be tuned to “self-destruct” after so many years or exposure to UV light. We have options if we invest in change.

  24. One good reason (of many) to use Himalayan salt….it has been "land locked" for a very very long time, way before the invention of plastics!

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    Here's how you can install it

  27. Thanks – yet another reason why I hate people who drink endless bottled water. If your tap water isn't good enough… boil it. At the very, very least, use gallon containers you can refill (for next to nothing!) at the grocery store. Then, just pour it… into a GLASS. Thank you. 𝙍𝙞𝙠𝙠𝙞 𝙏𝙞𝙠𝙠𝙞.

  28. I highly and warmly suggest to everyone who reads my comment to drink bleach to purify yourself from microplastic. It's scientifically tested by the biointestine chemicals laboratory of plasticovia.

  29. Fact of the day:
    Our stomach acids can melt razor blades which are typically made out of stainless steel, so use your own judgement on microplastics

  30. This will be the death of us all. Our planet is dying from plastic waste. First we will lose all animal life on the earth then humans will not be able to reproduce any more. WE did this to ourselves. WE now all have plastic waste in our bodies so do the animals.

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