Are Humans Carnivores? Are We Meant to Eat Meat? (Graphic)

Are Humans Carnivores? Are We Meant to Eat Meat? (Graphic)

Welcome to our eighth nugget. You’ll have
to excuse the mess, I’m in the process of moving. Now the last nugget was hard-hitting
but worth the watch. Today we’re going to talk about something that might be a little
bit easier to stomach. The fact that we humans cannot stomach meat. One of the most common
arguments against a vegan diet is that it’s natural for us to eat meat. If we’re not meant
to eat meat, then what are these for? [dramatic music] Dr. Douglas Graham says “our anatomy, physiology,
biochemistry and psychology all indicate that we are not carnivores.” The following is an
incomplete list of the differences. It’s time for humans versus carnivores. Tongues. Only
the true carnivorous animals have rasping, or rough tongues. All other creatures have
smooth tongues, including humans. Births. Humans usually have children one at a time.
Sorry octo-mom, that’s just not natural. Carnivores typically give birth to litters. Mammary glands.
The multiple suits on the abdomen of carnivores do not coincide with a pair of mammary glands
on the chest of humans. Despite your many pubescent fantasies. Sleep. Humans spend roughly
2/3 of every 24 cycle actively awake. Carnivores typically sleep and rest from 18 to 20 hours
per day, and sometimes more. Perspiration. Humans sweat from pores on their entire body,
carnivores sweat from the tongue only. Drinking. Should we need to drink water, we cannot lap
it up. Carnivores tongues protrude outward, so they can lap water when they need to drink.
Jaw movement. Our ability to grind our food is unique to plant eaters. Meat eaters have
no lateral movement in their jaws. Dental formula. Molars of a carnivore are pointed
and sharp. Ours are primarily flat for mashing food. Our canine teeth bear no resemblance
to actual things, nor do we have a mouth full of them as a true carnivore does. We think
that our puny canines qualify us for eating meat? We should really take a long hard look
at the canines of other non-carnivorous animals. Claws. Our lack of claws makes ripping skin
or tough flesh extremely difficult. We possess much weaker, flat fingernails instead. We
could no more catch and rip the skin or tough flesh of a deer, barehanded, the a lion could
pick mangoes or bananas. So if you think it’s a good idea to do a sneak attack on a wildebeest,
take it down with your menacing canines, and flesh grabbing claws, you my friend, are going
to get Mufasa’d. It’s not just that we don’t have the capacity to fell our own prey, but
we are also biologically and physiologically not designed to consume meat. Diet pH. Carnivores
thrive on a diet of acid forming foods, whereas such a diet is deadly to humans. Setting the
stage for a wide variety of diseases. All of the plant eating creatures, including healthy
humans, maintain alkaline saliva in urine most of the time. The saliva and urine of
the meat eating animals, however, is acidic. The stomach acid of a carnivore is at least
10 times stronger than that of a human, and can be 100 or even 1000 times stronger. Intestinal
length. Our intestinal tract measures roughly 12 times the length of our torsos. About 30
feet. This allows for the slow absorption of sugars and other waterborne nutrients.
In contrast, the digestive tract of a carnivore is only three times the length of its torso.
This is necessary to avoid rotting or decomposition of the flesh inside the animal. You can watch
nugget number four to hear a little bit more about meat rotting in your colon. Microbial
tolerance. Most carnivores can digest microbes that would be deadly for humans. Such as those
that cause botulism. Tolerance for fat. We do not handle more than small quantities of
fat well. Meat eaters thrive on a high-fat diet. Uricase. True carnivores secrete an
enzyme called uricase to metabolize the uric acid in flesh. Humans secrete none. And so,
must neutralize this strong acid with our alkaline minerals, primarily calcium. The
resulting calcium urate crystals are one of the many pathogens of meat eating. In this
case giving rise or contributing to gout, arthritis, rheumatism, and bursitis. Thus,
the dairy that you’re drinking to help your bones is actually leaching the calcium from
them. natural appetite. Meat eaters mouths water at the site of prey. They react to the
smell of animals as though they sense food. For most people the sights and smells of a
slaughterhouse factory farm are so objectionable, that the industry takes great pains to hide
these from us, even going so far as making it a criminal act to show the reality of our
food production. We kill our animals by proxy. Finding the actual carcass or corpse to be
a thing of disgust. We disguise animal flesh by eating only small cuts of muscle and some
organ meats. Even then we prefer to cook them and camouflage them with condiments. We disguise
the reality of meat by changing the name of the foods from what they really are, to something
more acceptable. We do not eat cow, pig, or sheep, but rather mutton, pork, ham, beef,
steak, and veal. And while we don’t talk about being excited to eat blood and lymph, we do
get worked up over a juicy steak. So the next time you’re driving down the highway and you
see some roadkill, rotting out in the sun, if you start to salivate, then yeah, perhaps
you’re meant to eat meat. That’s all we have today. Short, sweet, simple. Be sure to subscribe
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100 thoughts on “Are Humans Carnivores? Are We Meant to Eat Meat? (Graphic)

  1. I'm sorry, but your level of stupidity, ignorance, and misinformation.. Is just outrageous.

    Humans are omnivores. Not carnivores you just wasted everyone's time stating the obvious.

    I respect veganism out of empathy with animal life and the horrible food industry practices. But please educate yourself before misinforming masses with your pseudoscience nonsense.

  2. Why are these types of vegans so ignorant? Forget everything you have been taught and use simple logic for just a few seconds.

    Humans were once like every other animal once. We went about our day surviving, and like every other animal we had to eat. At no time did any human go, "Oh damn I'm going to eat this Mammoth just because".

    Nature created us, humans to be omnivorous – period….. PERIOD!!!

  3. i though we got all our 9 essential amino acids from meats. In addition, a doctor told me you cant compare a homosapian to a feline. However, some points are correct but easily contradicted. Meat industries inject fucked up shit in them thus causing malignant cancers. Low fat diets can seriously reduce testosterone levels. But this is what a doctor told me. idek im a gcse student help me out if im wrong

  4. I saw this guy on the Internet who said " HUMANS ARE 98% CARNIVORE." And I was like b!tch please! Do you realize how much shorter our lives would be if if we were almost completely " carnivorous?"

  5. Yea and everything about pandas physiology indicate they are carnivores but they don't eat meat.
    We have the ability to reason and make tools and weapons so we don't need claws, sharp teeth or an iron gut.
    According to Dr McDougal we absorb animal fats really easy and protein from meat has been shown to have a high bio availability to us.
    I am inclined to think we are omnivores and people have become so removed from where their food comes from they find the reality of it confronting because they don't have to harvest it themselves these days.

  6. I would like you to know that humans are not born with build weapon like animal such as sharp claw , venomous fang and bone crushing jaw

    we are inteligent , we use our brain to make thing easier , if we human have sharp claw , the invention of knife and sword back in acient day will be useless

  7. In the beginning we only ate plants but what happened is the winter years came along and there were no plants to eat we were forced to eat animals for survival which is why we are able to eat meat. I am not saying we need meat now I am just stating how we have evolved to eat meat. And if you are a vegan or vegetarian do not ever buy fruit out of season. This is from my time working for a produce warehouse that shipped the produce to major supermarket chains.

  8. 5 months vegan now, I loved your video and I'll share it with those who never did their research about meat being a basic need in our life xD … What currently meat-eaters say is the same we said before becoming vegans, and their defensiveness comes from them feeling guilty and trying to justify themselves. Been there done that. ! 🙂 I hope you'll make more videos like this, I liked the fact that you didn't use any "strong" language so I can share it with people of all ages xx cheers

  9. you said humans are not CARNIVORES but we are omnivores. not hating on you or your channel I'm just saying.

  10. My molar teeth are quite pointy and jagged. I'm a vegan, but this is really curious to me. I loved all the facts. 🙂

  11. Could you be fair in your argument and treat humans like the omnivores they are, and not the carnivores you claim people claim we are? Your points are valid but this just proves we're not meant to have a meat exclusive diet, which is already known, what you haven't proven is humans can't stomach meat at all, cooked or not. This obviously isn't the case when and entire food group is devoted and recommended for a healthy lifestyle. And don't immediately go to the heart disease statistic, heart disease can be caused by many things, genetics, obesity, things that are common in the American public. If you want a fair debate choose an example of an omnivorous diet that's healthy, not the overly fat and greasy diet of the average McDonald's customer. I myself live off a diet of meats, fruits, grains, and vegetables, with the recommended proportions of sugars and fats, I have a resting bpm of 66 and am currently the only one in my family that has not had the symptoms of the genetic heart defect that my mother's family have suffered from. And example of someone living off an omnivorous diet that's just as healthy as the average vegan, who are overly health oriented on average, which would explain many of the so called benefits you claim from cutting out meat from our diet.

  12. Humans are pretty amazing, because we're smart and adaptable. When we were in the ice age, we could use the skins of animals to stay warm, the bones for tools, and eat their meat because plants were scarce. If plants were scarce, we could eat bugs, and meat. If meat and bugs were scarce, we could eat plants. Humans are made to be adaptable when food sources are scarce.

    Sure, we don't have to eat as much meat now, because we have plenty of plants, but it's hard to deny that we don't have the body of an herbivore or a carnivore. We don't have multiple-chambered stomaches that break down cellulose, or a body that is made for chewing cud for hours, nor do we have sharp canines, strong stomach acid, or long claws. However, if we were meant to be a carnivore or an herbivore, why do we crave both?

    If you want to be vegan for any reason, cool, I respect that, but I believe that humans are meant to eat a wide variety of plants and animals as food because we're made to be adaptable. In the end, it would be nice to cut down on meat consumption to make room for more people and food production. Less animals would be suffering, and we could end world hunger. However, using the evolutionary arguments is wrong, because we're made to be adaptable.

  13. You know that we kinda had a "HUNTING AND GATHERING PHASE"? As in, we ate meat, and we also found fruits and nuts to eat. Our body's can be picky, but when it comes down to it, we can eat most things we find.

    We aren't delicate, if it came down to it, we'd eat anything, until we stabilized to produce agriculture, cavemen drawings even depict what appears to be human-like creature holding a spear, chasing a buffalo.


    We were meant to eat meat, 'nuff said.

  14. some people have evolved to TOLERATE animal products but its in very small quanities, way less than what we eat now. Plus if you look at people who exclusively ate meat like (I could be wrong) Eskimos they did not have very long lives. mostly plants is the way to go, vegan is even better, i mean is taking a b12 supplemnt so bad? at least 30% of people are deficient in b12, even our fellow meat loving humans.

  15. A good number of these 'argument' aren't even related to diet like the sleep, number of children (who is related to number of mammary gland), or show a lack of understanding on adaptation/evolution with the teeth and claw argument in human.

  16. the problems I see here is that you are comparing us to animals which in fact is sensless because you will find similarities supporting your position but as well you'll find stuff pointing otherwise. Saying humans are not meant to swims because we don't hace scales or water proof eyes or whatever is a waste of time though we can swim and survive in water (obviously not live forever). This is just my opinion. I believe we are just an eat all od mostly all being. We can eat meat and plants without a problem and we could say we don't have the same kind of teeth as herbivores and can't digest grass so…well whatever. You'll believe what you want anyway…

  17. Maybe its due to my genetic line but when I was younger my canines were supposedly unnaturally sharper and longer comparatively so to my other teeth. I used to dress up as Dracula almost every year for Halloween as a kid. It wasn't until I spent years eating things that wore my canines down and crunching on ice and consuming much caffeine and grinding my teeth in my sleep that they dulled over time. We are Omnivores we eat what we choose we need a balanced diet and some meat is a good additive to our diets especially if you are a man and are trying to build muscle. The red meats are a good source for L-Arginine etc. We don't like seeing the slaughterhouse because we in the western world have become disconnected from mother nature. I have no problem with butchering meat. But I wont just go out and kill things without reason. If I go hunting it would be to eat not mount on a wall. If I go fishing it is to eat not to tell stories etc… We need some meat because when we were trapped in all of the ice and snow of the ice age we had to adapt to low levels of plant life. Personally I would prefer to live on fruits and seafood. But a steak and some chicken every now and then are awesome as well. if we are herbivores maybe we should be able to crack open coconuts with our jaws or even walnuts without risk to injuring our mouths. It is very simple. NO MATTER WHAT. Something will die for something else to live. Plants are also alive. They are fairly defenseless also. Not only have humans tamed many species of plants but we have turned it into an art called agriculture. We have millions of acres of flied where we plant slaves as food, they cannot run away as we steal their children and eat them for sustenance. Plants communicate with each other also. So how is it better to kill one than the other? This is why we being omnivores should respect all life and be thankful for all we are blessed to have to sustain our existence on such a beautiful mother earth. If you don't want to eat meat then don't eat meat. But vegans have no right to tell others what they have the right to eat. Vegans also kill to eat, or eat what they want in different stages of death. Eating is a very odd necessity of life. Some vegan believe that we are all part of one greater life force if this is truly your belief then why worry about death, that would be just another conversion of the matter and energy of the food into the materials to support the life force in another being.

  18. we are not herbivores and we are not carnivores, we are omnivores, my guess would be that we were originally a scavenging animal, we would plants and fruit most the time but if we came across a dead animal, we'd eat them, like vultures.This would explain why we don't have any natural weapons but can eat meat but then again chimpanzees kill and they don't have natural weapons.

  19. actually. comparing the outside features of most mammals to humans is not proof that we aren't meat eaters.

  20. were not carnivores were omnivores compare humans to omnivores for example the smartest animals chimps dolphins octopi dogs pigs there omnivores some carnivores..smarter animals are predators dumb animals are pray most of the time because hunters need to be stealthy have strategy and work as a team to hunt. prey only needs to know how to be aware and run hell even bipedalism (walking on two legs)is a sign we evolved to eat meat and plants if we were herbivores only being bipedal would be the worst thing to happen to humans we sacrificed with bipedalism speed and climbing for stamina to chase down and tire out prey

  21. All these reasons are good, as long as you don't actually think about them. It is so easy to refute nearly each of these reasons.

  22. +Bite Size Vegan could you please do a humans versus OMNIVORES instead, because this  mostly says we aren't carnivores, but doesn't say we aren't omnivores. (I'm not saying we are omnivores, but meat eaters will)

  23. Literally nobody claims we are Carnivores. Vegans do not seem to be able to distinguish carnivores like leopards, tigers etc from omnivores like humans, pigs hedgehogs, bears, chimps and herbivores like cattle, deer, etc. Like with many things an animals dietary requirements is not black and white. Vegans. Please understand this. We are NOT carnivores, we are opportunistic borderline scavenging hunter gatherers. Herbivores like carnivores are fairly easy to distinguish as they are specialised. Like all other omnivores pigs, otters, apes, we have little specialised features for either group, and we can choose. We are far from a herbivore as we are from carnivores.

  24. We don't need claws or lion's teeth to chew up meat, we have brains that allow us to swiftly kill prey and make knives and forks to eat afterwards.

  25. 1) human jaw, we chew our food side to side like a cow does, this is typical of an herbivore. Omnivores and carnivores jaws go up and down, like a dog.
    2) human beings are disgusted by the sight of blood guts and gore, another characteristic of an herbivore. Carnivores and herbivores are not disgusted by blood and gore.
    3) humans can only eat meat if it's cooked. If we eat it raw we get sick. Omnivores and carnivores are able to eat a live animal raw.
    4) when human beings cut meat out of their diet completely and stick to a plant-based diet, the life expectancy goes up, the chances of dying from the three main causes of death , heart disease respiratory disease and cancer decline, and the person is in better health.
    5) The Okinawans are one of the longest live people on the face of the planet and have thrived on a plant-based diet, but since the last century the western diet has been introduced to them and now they are not living as long, suffering more heart disease, and more illness.
    6) Bad cholesterol only comes from eating meat-based diet.
    7) human tongues do not have fat or meat receptors on them, which would be characteristic of an omnivore or carnivore .
    8) animal products actually make our health worse. They clog our arteries. If we were meant to eat meat it would make our health better. There is already a correlation that demonstrates that meat eaters live a shorter life, And die more frequently of the most common diseases. Cutting meat out of your diet cuts your chances of type two diabetes, cancer, heart disease, Respitory disease.
    9) The size of the human intestines are characteristic of an herbivore.
    10) human teeth are not designed to eat meat, especially our canines. They are not shaped like meat eaters teeth. Omnivores have sharp molars that hang over the low jaw.
    11) human stomach pH is between 4-5. An omnivores stomach PH would be extremely acidic, at about 1. For example, a wolf could eat 20 pounds of meat in a single sitting. By comparison, a human would have to eat 100 hamburgers in one sitting.
    12) The stomachs of omnivores are two thirds the size of their digestive systems, which is characteristic of an omnivore. Herbivores tend to be one fourth the size, which is the type of system we have..
    13) most of our primate cousins are not meat eaters..
    Finally, put a two-year-old child in a crib, and throw in an apple and a bunny rabbit. Notify me when the child eats the bunny and plays with the apple…

  26. We are omnivores. We have teeth meant for eating fruit, (The middle ones) and teeth meant to rip meat apart (The canines and the teeth past them [The pointed ones]).

  27. I hate it when people compare our teeth to other carnivorous, or other kinds of animals. Our modern teeth are like this because we eat cooked meat, we cook our food, barely anyone eats raw food.

  28. A hippo would bite a hole in man, and would probably eat that man afterwards. They definitely need to change the classification of this herbivore to omnivore.

    Go vegan!

  29. Every vegan out there listen up. Stop comparing humans to carnivores, obviously there will be differences, we aren't carnivores. If you really want to compare try comparing us to other omnivores, then you will see how nicely we match up. I'm so tired of vegans using carnivores to compare us to because they know there will be an obvious difference and then they can turn around and say, "see we're herbivores". Guess what vegans, we don't lie on either end of the spectrum, rather, nicely in the middle.

  30. Why did she cut her hair short? Now she looks like a crazy feminist and less people would take her seriously.

  31. There is no such thing as we are meant for this and that. We are omnivores.

    Your teeth and tongue and stomach argument is easily debunked: WE LEARNED HOW TO HUNT AND COOK.

    We are a different kind of 'animal'. You cannot compare us to tigers etc. It does not work like that and it's blatant cherry picking.

    I'm vegan by the way but I'm aware that those arguments don't hold true. It's comparing apples to oranges. Or aliens to humans. We evolved because we ate what we ate, EVERYTHING.

  32. Humans are omnivores. Our digestive systems are built somewhere in the middle of carnivores and herbivores. The range of plants that a cow of horse can consume far exceeds anything a human can, not only that, those species have the intestinal fortitude to ferment plants more efficiently so that they can gain the nutrients from plants raw. Humans can eat certain plants raw, but for the most part, for hundreds of thousands of years, to better efficiently eat plants we need to cook them first.

    In regards to sweating, while our primate cousins can, as well as other species, humans are by far the best at perspiration cooling, horses being a close second. Now the reason why we do is up for debate, what is not up for debate is that adaptation gave humans a significant advantage in regards to hunting. Humans are not particularly fast but are evolutionary adapted for stamina which far exceed most if not all land dwelling species. Sounds boring, but our paleo ancestors would literally run an ostrich to death on a hot day.

    To sum up, proto humans scavenged for meat, which gave the adaption to eat meat in modern humans. The advent of cooking gave of humans more efficient way to consume food which includes meat. While, we may not look like it, humans were and are hunters because our stamina exceeds most animals. Do modern humans eat too much meat or have a need to eat meat today? i probably wont disagree with that point, but to say humans aren't adapted for meat or were not hunters are flat out false.

  33. noo nooo noooo, we are omnivores… We are not carnivores or herbivores. Omnivores.. There are also herbivores with sharp claws or teeth they don't need to eat meat. No we do not hunt animals down and rip them with teeth and claws, but we don't have cows teeth either or 4 stomachs. Our teeth are a mix of carnivore and herbivore. So, you can't compare that. The last thing, we do not have a spiral loop or a large and long cecum that we use to store plants in so we can digest them better. We have the stomach size of an omnivore, which is almost the same as a carnivore. On the other hand, we have a longer intestine like a herbivore, but not as short as a carnivore, but somewhere in between. So there are a lot of facts that lead to us being omnivores. A few examples of omnivores, bears, hens, pigs, dogs, mice, chipmunks, hamsters, ants, box turtles, some sharks, foxes, great apes. So i mean, do they all have large or flat teeth, or large or small/no claws? No, some of them have, some of them don't because they are omnivores. Like humans.

  34. people don't understand that omnivores take up most of the carnivorous characteristics lol when we literally have none. people just need to accept the fact that we are herbivores and we should stop killing animals for our selfish needs. people realise that the cow that you ate for dinner last night ate plants before hand and we are just getting our nutrients from there.

  35. we are omnivores like all great apes. Yes chimps and gorillas eat meat when they get the chance and usually it's cannibalism. They do eat bugs a lot. I think our diet in prehistoric times was a lot less meat though but as many traits as we have with herbivores we have just as many traits with carnivores, which makes us like all great apes, opportunistic. We humans especially in the western countries could stand to eat a lot less meat though cause we were never meant to eat animals all the time because meat was a rare commodity as it should be treated today.

  36. I am vegan.
    We have evolved to eat and digest meat. There is no evidence to suggest our ancestors ate meat. Perhaps meat isn’t the healthiest option but it is a sustainable option in the case of starvation.

    Contrary to popular belief, the vegan diet isn’t a natural one. B12 supplements, protein powder, and Tofu are some of the many human-made food sources that help us stay vegan. You can do a more raw vegan diet but still, all vegans are encouraged to take b12 supplements, eat nutritional yeast, and fortified milks, why? Because largely, we cannot get adequate amounts of b12 without supplementation.

  37. How do you explain chimpanzees hunting in packs for meat a small percent of the time..since they are 98% like us mabe thats where the desire comes from, hunting for b12

  38. Humans are not Carnivores. We're Omnivores. We Eat Plants AND Meat.

    If we don't have powerful jaws or similar that's because (big shocker) we use tools. We process plants and animals with knives, fire, pots, pans, water and so forth. Why use claws when you can get out a flint knife or a spear? We've been doing this for about five million years. Indeed eating more meat drove our evolution of brains, communication skills and dexterity both in terms of the nutrients it provided and the challenges it presented our ancestors. It takes little brainpower to hunt down, outsmart and subdue a salad.

    As for "LOL! EAT ROADKILL!" Might as well say a vegetarian should spend time eating grass since you live in a land of idiot strawmen.

  39. I am a huge meat and egg eater! But that being said I love vegans, vegetarians, and fruitarians. Because thanks to them, I have more access to grass fed grass finished beef, ocean caught fish, and lamb. I even have more access to the rabbits I shoot in the eye out of my organic garden!
    So in essence, I hope the whole world (except me) goes Vegan!

  40. Humans are the only animal species that kill for fun and amusement, which is not right, but humans are carnivores get over it

  41. Except dogs do NOT sweat from their tongue, they sweat from their paws. I hate when people spew non absolute correlations and try to pass them off as facts.

  42. Ummmm you guys do realise that our teeth are very strong and it doesn't matter if they're not sharp because our jaw is really strong so that just proves that we were made to eat meat.

  43. Obviously we don't have to rely on our "biological instruments" to hunt and kill prey. That has to be the most retarded argument out there against eating meat. There's a reason Human Beings are at the top of the food chain. We developed tools to make us better at surviving. That's the reason we don't live in puddles of mud anymore. I'm fine with people who want to have a vegan diet, it literally doesn't affect anybody. What affects people and pissed them off is when you jump on a pedestal and think you're some super-being. You can't call yourself connected to nature and earth loving when you blatantly throw the fundamental law of nature out the window because it's "cruel". An actual intelligent person would combat animal cruelty by fighting for a more clean and humane way of raising and killing the animal. That would actually work. This shit is just insanity.

  44. You do realize there are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores? Humans are omnivores and have been for atleast 200.000 years.

    We are the single best hunters who ever walked on the face of this planet. No, not because of our teeth or finger nails, but because of our brain, our hands and our endurance. Anyone who uses their brain realizes that meat is a very easy source of food. We simply have to throw a stone at a deer to scare it and follow it for a few hours and we have a free meal when it is exhausted. There is no single predator who has a better success rate at hunting. We are the cause of possibly the biggest extinction event on Earth ever, namely our very presence and that was before we even created the first cities, before we had modern weapons, before we polluted the planet. We hunted down the biggest and meanest beasts, by team work, intelligence, tools, etc. No need for big claws. The only animals we cannot hunt are plankton, because they are too small for our eyes to see. Our digestive system has bacteria which has evolved with us, to also digest meat and even the plankton which we don't hunt, but simply drink.

    Perhaps for you it's disgusting to see a dead animal. Women used to pick berries, nuts and vegetables. That is no offense, but it's the truth. Yet for almost any human tribe it was nothing but normal and they did nasty rituals with the organs of the hunted animals.

    Or perhaps you confuse us with Neaderthals. Many believe Neaderthals were vegetarians. Yet, you should realise that the cause of the extinction of Neanderthals is by our hands. Most likely, we ate them. We ate them all….

    What you do, is claiming an orca is not a carnivore, because it doesn't have four legs. It's irrational. We can digest almost any organic matter. It is shown that we can survive without eating any meat. It is shown that we can survive by eating only meat. What is healthier for you? Almost always to have a good balance between the two. Would the world be a better place if we only ate like herbivores? Probably yes…

    We are the biggest virus of this world, the real monsters. Can't you see? Hell is empty and all the devils are here. Most we're likely unleashed because we started eating meat. We most likely became smart because we started to walk on 2 legs, hunted and ate flesh. We have evolved rapidly compared to many other mammals.

    Since you like stupid challanges, go ahead and don't eat for 21 days. Then go into a big room where there is one 1 side a bunny, the other side a cabbage. I bet the bunny is dead in 3 seconds and a few minutes later it will have dissapeared. Where would it have gone?

  45. Nice video, but not very open minded. Everyone is different, I personally cannot tolerate too much veg, never have, hungry in five mins, gas and feeling rubbish, ever read the blood group diet! . Having read a lot recently on the deficiency of vitamin B12 and D in humans, I suggest some good reading on this subject. Many illnesses are due to the lack of this vitamin in our bodies because of processed diets and lack of good meat, our bodies absorb this vitamin easilier from meat diets rather than veggie diets, it’s just processed through the body in a different way. Many drugs that are taken for cancer and diabetes etc actually deplete this vitamin too. Whilst I won’t knock anyone for choosing how they would like to eat, let face it, these days there are a lot of choices, I would suggest a good vitamin B12 supplement to be taken if you do choose not to eat meat or animal products. Studies now coming about are proving that the lack of this vitamin can contribute to dementia and many other serious problems, it’s also not widely spoken about, hush, hush!. Personally if I was left alone for weeks in a field starving hungry and all there was to possible feed on, some kind of grass or a small animal, I know which one I would choose!

  46. Actually humans are scavengers aka omnivores noone ever said humans werent meant to eat plants either, every sensible person knows that humans along with every other primeape eat both meat and plants equally and human teeth were meant for eating anything we can get our hands on like monkeys, humans are the smartest side of the tree and gorrilas are the strongest but both eat meat and plants all this proves is as much bullshit as calling humans herbivores because both ain't true

  47. Nobody argues against the vegan diet. Vegans viciously attack the omnivore diet, then turn around and play the victim.

  48. Stomach pH of humans and dogs are very similar, as are our gut bacteria. Are we dogs? No, but our digestive systems are closer than a human’s is to a herbivore. It seems that we are omnivores that lean more toward carnivore. This explains how we feed our high energy brains with the least energy expenditure. Meat and organs give us more bang for our buck.

    Do you salivate when you walk out of the house and see a lush green lawn?

  49. Can't wait to eat a steak tonight. It's nutritious and will never spike my sugar; oh, and will keep me satiated. I rather eat like a predator than the prey. Just saying.

  50. How can you explain our endurance then? We evolved it especially to run down animals that can’t sweat and cool themselves. Now clearly humans can’t run everyday for miles after prey and need time to rest. We eat starches and fiber to sustain our diet when we don’t eat meat. I don’t think there is any argument that humans are carnivores but clearly we are not natural vegetarians.

  51. What do smooth tongues have to do with being carnivorous? And even then humans are omnivorous, like chimpanzees and orangutans and bonobos. And what does giving birth to multiple offspring at once have to do with diet? If we follow that logic, rabbits are the most deadly predators on the planet.

    The pair of mammary glands coincide with the fact that we are primates.

    That is because we are omnivores. We have more energy.

    We sweat from the entire body because we don’t have fur.

    Great apes, which we are related to, don’t lap water either.

    Again, we are omnivores.
    Again. Omnivores.

    Read above.

    That’s what knives, spears, arrows, and even guns are for.

    No. I’m gonna use a gun for that. Or an arrow. Or a spear.
    Again. Omnivores.

    Again. Read above.

    We cook food. Our ancient ancestors would have been able to digest said microbes. We, however, cannot because we cook.

    Actually we can handle large quantities fine, if you actually exercise.

    Hence why we keep our bodies alkaline.

    Fake word. And no. It’s not disgusting. It’s normal.

    Humans don’t consume rotten meat. However, I have had a fresh deer that committed suicide with the help of my moms van. She was delicious.

  52. This all wrong. Humans are closer to carnivores than we are herbivores. We had 3 million years to evolve into what we are now BECAUSE of meat. You say a carnivores stomach acid is 10-1000x stronger than ours, but our stomach acid is up to 100,000 times stronger than a baboons stomach acid. Why do we have a gallbladder; and a rather large one at that? Obviously for digesting fat, unlike horses which are herbivores, don't have a gallbladder at all. There is no such thing in humans as an essential carbohydrate. There is however a need for protein and fat. Why is heme iron which comes from animals only more bioavailable to us than non-heme iron which comes from plants? We don't have 4 stomachs like a cow, we can't digest cellulose not even a little bit, and we don't take 48 hours to digest our food. While carnivores only take 4-6 hours to fully digest food, humans take 10-12. Thats a lot closer than 48 hours. We may not be full blown carnivores but we were on our way to becoming 100% carnivore. 1 thing stopped it, the agricultural revolution.

  53. Yes, we do not hunt with our teeth, we hunt with our hands and tools, so stfu saying "we aren't supposed to eat meat" WE ARE NOT LIONS OR WOLVES OR WHATEVER

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