Are Carrots Good For Detox?

Are Carrots Good For Detox?

Hi and welcome my name is Sara Peternell. I’m the owner of Family Nutrition Services. Today I’m talking about one of
my very favorite subjects which is detoxification. If you’ve been following
me for a while you know that I love to talk about detox
and I’m a huge advocate of doing daily detox rituals that can help support your
best health and including your healthiest liver ever even during fall
and winter times which sometimes doesn’t seem very intuitive we usually think of
this spring in the summer but fall and winter we also can incorporate a lot of
healthy foods into our diets so that we can continue sort of this facilitation
of enhanced daily detox so while I’m talking about this I just want to point
you in the direction of a couple of other videos that I have here on YouTube
one is my roasted Brussels sprouts video I can show you how to make these really
quickly they’re super easy kids love them and then I have another video which
is actually one of my favorite Thanksgiving side dishes and it’s a dish
for antioxidant rich cranberries which are also really great for supporting
your liver and helping to promote daily detox but today what I want to talk
about is the role of carrots and how they can be very helpful in helping you
take care of your liver you know the thing is is that we just sort of
sometimes cross the thought of carrots don’t really cross our mind sometimes
maybe move towards more advanced or fancy super foods when we’re thinking
about cleansing but carrots are really just you know delicious and refreshing
and they can be eaten a variety of different ways and also combined with
other foods to enhance your body’s nutrient levels and also to really
promote optimal digestion and detox one of my favorite things to do with carrots
is to juice them I have a juicer it’s a Hurom Hur om juicer and it’s a
cold-pressed juicer it’s very quiet and it’s easy to clean and I love to just
make some carrot juice sometimes I’ll add a little fresh citrus or maybe a
little chunk of raw fresh raw turmeric to my carrot juice and you only need a
small amount the thing is is carrots are loaded with antioxidants one
of them is actually called foul Karen all okay so that’s kind of a hard word
to remember foul Karen all is an antioxidant that’s found in a lot of
vegetables but especially in a lot of the brightly colored vegetables and it
is an antioxidant that helps to restore tissue including your skin cells and
your digestive tract and this high antioxidant food carrots really is
beneficial to all of your organs in that it really helps to combat free radicals
or any damage that maybe is taking place inside of your body so think about your
liver for just a moment if you will and sometimes we do some things that are
maybe not so good for our liver like maybe over indulge during the holidays
or me come back from vacation and we know we haven’t been eating our normal
diet having a couple of days incorporating some fresh carrots raw
carrots carrot juice come and even cooked carrots can be a great way to
really boost your body with lots of antioxidants and this file Karen all
which is very helpful in combating any of the damage that may have been done to
your organs while you are kind of stepping outside of your normal healthy
regimen another component of carrots that’s really really important to know
about it’s just that they’re really high in fiber the fiber from carrots really
helps with removal of all kinds of wastes but it’s also really helpful in
binding to some of a very undesirable toxins like heavy metals lead cadmium
and other toxic substances that can live deep within the tissue of ourselves so
carrots being a great source of antioxidants but also a great source of
fiber you want to make sure that you’re incorporating these into your daily diet
when you really want to have that kind of daily removal of some of those
unhealthy substances finally carrots you know as I was saying they’re really rich
in antioxidants carrots are a great source
beta-carotene and this can help with your skin your eyes they can help with
UVA UVB protection from the sun’s rays which leads to sunburn and skin cancers
and things of that nature so consuming plenty of carrots on a regular basis is
really great for all of your first line defenses your skin protection of your
eyes really great for hair and nails as well the beta carotene and those really
rich antioxidants from the bright orange color of carrots and other brightly
colored vegetables is a great way just to kind of help fortify your your skin
and your other your other barriers and boundaries in your body to protect
against the toxins that were you know facing every single day whether it’s
from pollution or foods or other things like that so you know don’t go crazy
don’t have a giant 18 ounce carrot juice every single day that can can
potentially be too much but a little bit of carrot juice for a few days in a row
or just incorporating shredded carrots on salads. I love to roast carrots in the
oven with just some olive oil and sea salt and sometimes some fresh herbs and
include those as part of my regular you know healthy diet incorporating carrots
as much as I can for daily detox so thank you for checking out this video
all about carrots and how they help to keep your body healthy and help protect
your body’s detoxification systems remember don’t forget to check out my
video about healthy brussel sprouts and how to prepare those for your family
and also a great side dish that I love to make during the wintertime especially
during the holidays which is an antioxidant rich cranberry dish you can
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appreciate you liking and sharing these videos and set your notifications so you
get my next videos that will be coming out soon thanks and remember to go get
your carrot juice have a great day

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