Ann’s Kitchen Tour + Mean Comments, HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon

Ann’s Kitchen Tour + Mean Comments, HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook THat I am Ann Reardon
and so many of you have asked for a behind the scenes tour and kitchen tour so heres
a really short one for you. If I’m filming then I usually film here in this little space
in my kitchen. I am filming the castle cake today.
And I use several different mounts for the camera and just the one camera and move it
around. so that I can get different shots as I’m going. And if you see me cooking on
the stovetop I am of course cooking here and the oven just here to bake all the cakes.
I’ve got all the utensils and everything I need here. SO this is the pantry cupboard
where I have all my staples like flour and sugar and all of those things we use every
week. And then I’ve also got another cupboard where I keep all of my How To Cook That stuff
in boxes and the reason for that is keeping the block of chocolate and all of that seperate
from the normal eating food means that it doesn’t all just get consumed with normal
eating food. ANd then the mixers and down the bottom is where I store my camera bag
and put all my camera and equipment in that one. ANd then we have the fridge which is
much like everyone elses fridge I am sure full of fruit and veg and everything we are
going to be eating for the week. ANd of course the cake that I am making, the top shelf is
usually reserved for How To Cook That stuff so cream and egg whites an other ingredients
up there and then the rest is what we eat. I used to film using my iphone I had an iphone
4 so the early video are quite pixelated and not great quality. Then I swapped up to an
iphone 5 which was HD so a great improvement but the sound quality if I was any distance
away still was not very good. And so now finally I have swapped up to a cannon xa20 which is
a great camera to use. And then once I have filmed how to make it then I come over here
to my cupboard which is also my office. ANd then I edit the videos down to make them shorter
so that they are nice and concise for you to watch. I edit using adobe premiere pro
and here’s a mini macaron pop tutorial for you and then after that I’ll read through
some of your comments. To make the macaron pops pipe a circle of
ganache onto each half, then add some melted chocolate into the centre of each one.
The place a stick into the chocolate and swirl it around to cover it and then place the other
shell on top. You might find it easier to prop up the sticks
on something so that they are level while the chocolate sets.
To make the macaron shells you’ll find several recipes on my channel, just click on howtocookthat
just below this video and it will take you through to the channel and you’ll find those
recipes there. There is even a trouble shooting video for those of you who have made macarons
before and had problems. Then put your lids on. Then if you like you
can decorate some of them with little fondant flowers. And then you can take the macaron pops the
chocolate will hold them securely on the stick so they wont fall off. And you can put those
into whatever stand you want this is just a stand that I’ve just made out of wood with
a nice sturdy base so it doesn’t tip over and then some straight round pieces of dowel
and just using a large drill bit drill in some holes and then hot glue gun those in
and the drill in a few more smaller holes so that you’ve got places for all the sticks
to fit. And then after I’ve finished editing I upload
it to YouTube. I then type in the captions for those who don’t speak English and those
who can’t hear. ANd then of course I read all your lovely comments.
You are so creative and I love your accent. I hate that accent I’m sorry it is just so
annoying love the video though. How could anyone dislike this is the best cake ever.
Over 177 weight watchers didn’t like this video. Love this video but it annoys me how
she says chocolate. I love how she say chocolate and aluminium, it’s like chucklik and alooomineeum.
All I can say is wow thank you for generously sharing your skills with others. Do a google
plus cake and a youtube cake and make the google plus cake taste terrible and force
anyone who eats the youtube cake to also eat a slice. Make 1D riding on a unicorn jousting fin on
my little pony. Make an iphone cake, not beiber, do a kit kat, book cake, can you do a make
up cake, frozen cake please. I hat Australians so much. The others, they don’t like us. yeh I know,
why? Australia is awesome beautiful beaches, gum
trees and great people. I didn’t follow your recipe and it didn’t
work why not? You are awesome at making desserts. Here is
a secret whisper. You are better than my mum. shhh don’t tell.
Thanks for watching and if you enjoyed the macaron pop tutorial make sure you click the
thumbs up and share the video and subscribe to How To Cook That for more cakes chocolate
and desserts, have a great week and I’ll see you on Friday.

18 thoughts on “Ann’s Kitchen Tour + Mean Comments, HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon

  1. I’ve seen criticism tear people apart. You’re awesome Ann, and as a fellow Australian, I would like to say thankyou and ignore the idiots that criticize you. There’s Literally nothing I can say that’s wrong with your videos! <3

  2. I know this was filmed forever ago and you will probably never read this, but I wanted to say your show has helped me tremendously. I have used your videos in my class to show how science can be fun (Aerobar video). I have made things for my students that were a huge hit. You even managed to find a nut free Macaron recipe. That alone makes you a saint. Thank you for doing this.

  3. I love your videos! You’re really talented! There is no way I could do anything like what you do, but it’s nice to watch, except that I’m always hungry after. Keep up the great work! Also, your voice is so calming! 🙂

  4. You are Awesome, Ann! Keep doing what you're doing – your creativity is Amazing! You have true Talent that you're sharing with the world – never mind the naysayers – what have they done? Nothing probably! You keep on keeping on! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! And completely echo Soralella71'c comments! <3

  5. About the greatest thing i accomplished so far is a rum raisin baked alaska with home made vanilla icecream and Caribbean rum cake with rum syrup… lol 🎨

  6. Everything about you is amazing outstanding….. Beautiful 😍😍😍🥰😍❣️😍😍❤️😍❤️😍❣️ ❤️😍❤️😍😍❤️😍❣️ Very nice cute and beautiful 😍😘😍 😘 I just subscribe your channel and I love everything about you and your videos 😘🥰

  7. Ever since the Steve Irwin days, Australian accent had been difficult to understand for me. Now thanks to your channel, I binge watch and rewatch your videos so often that even when I talk to myself in the kitchen its in your accent 🤣 tbh your speach is very sweet and comprehensive.

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