Ancient Thai Food - SHRIMP MANGOSTEEN CURRY at 8 Seat Restaurant in Bangkok! | สำรับสำหรับไทย

Ancient Thai Food – SHRIMP MANGOSTEEN CURRY at 8 Seat Restaurant in Bangkok! | สำรับสำหรับไทย

– Hey everyone, I hope you're
having an amazing evening. It's Mark Wiens, I'm in Bangkok, Thailand, and tonight for dinner we
are going to a restaurant called Samrub Samrub Thai. Is that correct? – Yeah. – Oh I did say it correct. – One more time. (laughing) Samrub Samrub Thai. – Yeah. – Believe it or not those
two words are not the same. It means Samrub, means it's a term that refers to, it's a very old term for food, and then samrub means for, and then Thai and it is one
of my favorite restaurants at the moment in Bangkok by Chef Prin who is the former head chef of, the former head chef of Nahm. Chef Prin is extremely talented and he uses a lot of ancient recipes. So he makes a lot of Thai dishes that are very rare that are
almost impossible to find. All of Chef Prin's dishes
just burst with flavor. We are on our way, we
should be there pretty soon. (upbeat music) The restaurant is located
the Soy Sauce Factory. It's an old soy sauce factory warehouse which as been converted into an art space and then the restaurant is located at the back of the art space, they've put, it's really like bar counter
chef's table seating. Everybody, you can see the chef cook, you can see the whole team
as they assemble your dishes, your dinner, your food, and so it's a full culinary Thai, ancient Thai food experience. (traffic noise) (restaurant staff talking loudly) Oh so this will be a different
menu from the one we had? – Yeah, totally different. – [Mark] Totally different. – Yes. – [Mark] Cool. This is a new menu.
– Everything different. – [Mark] Okay. (restaurant staff talking loudly) Such a cool space, it's so laid back, and I love the table top
counter chef's table, but yeah, you walk through the art space, you get to the table, and they are already
preparing the first course. They're shucking oysters. All the herbs are out. But what's cool about this entire space is that they have the menu
just up on the whiteboard. So it's so laid back, it's so chilled out. This is the main menu. I've been here one other time, but this is gonna be a
completely different menu from what I had last time. It's written in Thai and English. Cumin leaves, yes. So one of the highlights of eating here is the ancient recipes are
from very old old books that Chef Prin uses and so
we're just taking a look at one of the cookbooks,
one of the recipes. It's so exciting for me
as such a like Thai food lover and supporter to
be able to taste dishes that have just haven't
really been prepared, probably by some people
but just not available, for so many years, for so long. (restaurant staff talking loudly) There's no measurements, no,
it's just the ingredients. – [Chef Prin] Yes ingredients. – [Mark] Oh wow. – [Chef Prin] And my taste. – Chef Prin was explaining to me one of the dishes that
he's making tonight, but in this ancient cookbook there's no, and this is similar for many
old cookbooks in Thailand, is that the ingredients are listed but there's no quantities,
there's no measurements. So it's up to the chef, it's up the cook, it's up to your tongue
to remember the taste, the balance, the ratios of ingredients, and so Chef Prin was
explaining to me that yeah, part of the recipe is
your tongue and yeah, I mean taste testing is
necessary when you cook Thai food but also the knowledge, the experience. (chair dragging loudly) The first dish that they are making, the first course is (in foreign language), which is an ancient Thai recipe and actually in Thai it's
name is (in foreign language) but then in English it
says the Marian Plum, so they're slicing the Marian
Plums, slicing chilies. It's gonna be– Oh and green mango, green mango as well. Yeah, I'm not totally
sure what it's gonna be, if it's a relish, if it's a
salad, if it's its own thing. One of the things like I just,
that I just can't get over is the quality of ingredients,
the like mix of ingredients, and how like, I mean just the
chef putting his knowledge of the ingredients and
his judgment of taste and balance and flavor, and that's what we're gonna see throughout this entire meal tonight. (upbeat music) (in foreign language) – With me again. (laughing) – Okay, so the first course
is here the Marian Plums. It's, there's a mixture of
peanut and palm sugar inside it. – Yes. – And then he topped it with young ginger, (in foreign language) which is a citrus, and then kafir lime leaf and a little, a few fine shavings of chili, and this is a one-biter. – How is it? – Oh wow. (in foreign language) Oh wow, the contrast
of flavor and texture, and like that's an
explosion in your mouth, like the citrusiness, oh! Oh that is stunning. And then the same like topping but on a green mango is then this one. Yeah, same mixture, different fruit, totally different texture. The Marian Plum is almost
like mango in texture but more sour and then
that is an actual mango but a green mango, you know like crisp and just sour and wow. (in foreign language) The next course is a oyster. – He's like fried it.
– He's like fried it. He fried it, like there's
a batter, he fried it. And then with a sauce,
paired with a sauce, and then topped it with, I'm
not sure what it's topped with. Some kind of like– – [P'Tan] A bean sprout. – [Mark] A bunch of things
and then also maybe, oh, bean sprouts? – Bean sprout. – And there's garlic, there's coriander, there's finely shaved, I think I'll take out half of it. I would one bite this normally
but it's gonna be so good I know that I'll wanna savor it. (restaurant patrons talking loudly) Oh I taste the coconut vinegar. That's the coconut vinegar in
that sauce I think, oh wow. That's just a burst, you know, like it almost goes up your nose and it's so strong and
so amazingly sourly good. – Even if I don't eat oyster naturally, I don't eat oyster.
– Oh yeah. – But I finished it already.
– Gone. – I don't like oyster. – Wow, and like, the
oyster is half cooked. (in foreign language) And that sauce is just ridiculous. Almost unbelievably good. Wow. (upbeat music) (in foreign language) – So it's like fresh beef,
he grilled the beef lightly, then sliced it up, diced
it up, and then mixed it, with the description
there's a lot of tree basil, (in foreign language) in Thai, which is tree basil and then topped it with what looks like toasted garlic, and then there's also tree basil leaves that you can wrap it in
so it's like a beef mix. It looks unbelievably good, and he mixed in a bunch
of citrus and yeah, a variety that is spectacular looking. Yep. Nee knows it. (speaker drowned out by background noise) – Yeah. (in foreign language) – [Mark] Sand ginger. – Sand ginger. – In the salad that I
haven't even heard of, it's called (in foreign language) which is sand ginger,
(in foreign language). A little bit like galangal, but I've never even heard of
it and it's in the beef salad. (in foreign language) – [Mark] I don't even know
what to say about that. That's unbelievable, the
beef melts in your mouth. Oh, I'm just like, I'm in awe. That sand ginger is herby in there, and then you got the aroma of the herbs, the garlic it's nutty. I honestly don't even know what to say, that's like beyond, beyond delicious, and then you've gotta
wrap it next in the leaf. Oh that's the tree basil, okay, oh wow. The next part of the meal is gonna be the (in foreign language). Everything with rice Thai style, whereas before they were
just the single bites, so they're preparing everything, there's gonna be a couple
of different dishes, maybe five different dishes
that they're preparing all right now in a row to go with rice. What I love about every time that I've had Chef Prin's cooking is
how herb driven it is. So many herbs like driving so much flavor, so many like tongue feels
and then just the like, the perfect balance of spice, of sourness especially, and then just the subtle
sweetnesses the he adds in. (pan sizzling) (speaker drowned out by background noise) Okay so you can eat
that whole thing right? He's making a shrimp curry
with young mangosteen, and he's just given me one
of the young mangosteens just to eat. Oh wow. Look, he's so good. This curry is unlike any other
curry that I've ever had, and he's seared off those tiger prawns, and then like that just looks
unbelievable, unbelievable. (upbeat music) I am so just amazed how Chef
Prin and the entire team, their knowledge of food
and ingredients and taste. The knowledge of his tongue. He just, like, made that curry. Just, wow, I can't believe it. It's so good. (in foreign language) (pan sizzling) Chef Prin is making (in foreign language) which is with beef,
which is all with basil, and he wagyu fried the beef. It smells so unbelievably good, and he added in a splash of, is it whiskey or, oh, Regency Brandy. Secret ingredient. And the main dishes are served. Well the soup is (in foreign language) which is pomfret, a sour
southern soup with pomfret, and this, in there's tumeric,
there's lemongrass in here. Wow this looks good. Oh wow. The fish. The fish just like flakes apart on your tongue without even chewing. You definitely do not
need teeth to have fish, and then the soup is like perfectly sour, the like mustardiness of the tumeric. I'm moving on to the Blue
Swimmer Crab with coconut cream which is (in foreign language), and you can see how thick
that coconut cream is. There's also fermented rice in here. The crab. You can dip the plate of vegetables and other things in here, and this one is like a fried lemongrass. Oh wow. That (in foreign language). It's like, the curdled coconut cream. It's almost like yogurt coconut cream, but pure coconut cream, and then just like, in a like
slight sour fermented taste. I think I might shed a tear at this meal. Mix it up more and try some of that crab. The herbs in there, the
crab, the coconut cream, and then after I stirred it up I can taste more of that fermented
rice in there as well. Okay next dish I'm gonna try this. This is the (in foreign language), which is a duck salad with Longkong fruit, and it's again just so herb driven. You see the fried shallots, the chilies. This looks unbelievable, and then the roasted grilled
duck on there as well. I'll add this to my rice this time, and then get a little bit of everything on one bite with the rice. With the Longkong, with the grilled duck. Dish after dish, I can't even like, I can't even comprehend it. That duck is so smokey but contrasted by the sweet Longkong
fruit that's just like, that's just like gushing with sweetness on top of that smokey saltiness, and then herb driven. I can't even like explain
it it's just amazing. The shrimp curry is called
(in foreign language), which is the shrimp curry
which we saw him making, fried off those, seared those
tiger prawns which are huge. Then with the curry paste,
then with all those herbs, then with the yummy mangosteen. This is one of the most beautiful
spectacular looking dishes I think maybe I've ever seen. Onto my plate. Adds some of the mangosteen on there. Rehydrate it. Rehydrate it. I think I'm gonna have to just go in with my fingers on this guy. It's so big too, it's so big and meaty. Take off the (mumbles), and come back for the juices later. Okay I cannot wait any longer. (in foreign language) – Do you want a beer? – Wow, yeah sure. Wow. The shrimp is cooked perfectly. So muscular, tough,
perfect, and that curry. I like that, I gotta try it again just like that curry, straight curry sauce. The shrimp paste in
there, the citrus again, that is like hard to comprehend again. Just everything in the
curry is actually slight mild yet powerful and it's like citrusy. Okay we gotta try the mangosteen, and then what we have to do
is squeeze on some of the, more of the citrus, it's like a Chinese, it's kind of like a tangerine. The entire mangosteen,
when it's young like that, it has a little bit more of a sour taste. It's also crisp, more crunchy,
yet soft at the same time, and then it's a little
more like a stringent, a little more bitter. I can barely handle this food you, I just want to lick everything here. There's another dish that
would make a grown man cry. This one is the (in foreign language), the beef with, yeah. There's all the basil, the minced beef. Wow, that looks amazing too. Wow, that is stunning, and that's like an ancient
style of (in foreign language). The like umami, the fish sauce,
the melt in your mouth beef. The basil is so fragrant. The pepper in there it
slightly tingles your tongue. Oh that's outstanding. Oh wow, unbelievable. I think I tried all the main dishes now. Every one of them, like, wow. (in foreign language) One more garnish to try. Fermented fish entrails
with jackfruit seeds. Oh that's a jolt of flavor. Oh wow, the fermented
saltiness, that is umami. Yeah, everything is impressive. There's no way to choose
a favorite dish here, it's just all, they're
just all so so good. Oh the lemongrass taste
is in that and then how, I love how when you eat it with the fruit, with the rose apple that just like, completely juices in your mouth. I didn't even notice the lollipop. (upbeat music) Wow. That is insane. (in foreign language) (speaker drowned out by background noise) (in foreign language) – Desert time, and for
desert Chef Prin took this, made this block of icecream, and the icecream is made with
black or purple sticky rice, and so he made it in an entire block form, then he sliced off pieces,
like shavings of it. It stays like hard and
frozen for a very long time. Then he sliced fresh mango,
just straight fresh mango, on top of that and then a fritter made from like golden beans, but I think they're similar
related to mung beans but different and yeah, that's (mumbles), I love the like simplicity, oh and a little bit of
coconut cream on top as well. So I'll try and get a
little bit of the ice cream and the mango first. I think I'm just gonna destroy it. Nee how's the desert. (speaker drowned out by background noise) – How's the desert. – So good. – Let's try it. – Very crispy, very crispy. – With the crispy fritter. Oh the mango and then the ice cream it does have like, this like,
kinda sticky texture to it. From the sticky rice
actually, that's what it is. So fragrant. The texture of this is very complex. Yeah, it is. It's like almost gummy, but not sticky, but not in a too sticky kind of way. – I think they choose mango very well. – That pairs like perfectly with it. It does.
– Yes. – Coz then the mango is juicy and sweet. (in foreign language) Oh you're supposed to add salt to it, too. Okay I'm gonna add the crispy
fritter at the same time to get everything in one bite, and then you add a little bit of salt. Okay I'm gonna sprinkle
on a little salt now. The salt brings out the flavor, and I love it's not too sweet. In fact the mango is much, the natural mango is much
sweeter than the ice cream, and that's something I
love about his cooking, this food is at, none of it is like sweet. It has a little bit of sugar but all natural traditional
sugar to balance the flavors but not used in excess. (engine rumbling) (footsteps) But I'm gonna tell you straight up, that is one of my
favorite Thai restaurants. Chef Prin is one of my
favorite Thai chefs. His food is, it's like every single bite, every single dish blows your
taste buds off your tongue. I cannot like say enough
good things about Chef Prin, about his cooking, about
that meal that we just ate. Dishes that I've never tried before and yet having a foundation of Thai food helps me to appreciate it even more because I appreciate his skill, his knowledge of Thai
food, of Thai ingredients. So that's gonna be it for this video. I wanna say a huge thank you for watching. I will have the information
in the description box below, but Chef Prin and Samrub Samrub Thai, it is only open on certain days and then he opens it up for reservations but it goes really really fast, but I will have all the information in the description box. Yeah, if you have a chance
to eat with Chef Prin, if you have a chance to
eat at Samrub Samrub Thai, it is really a life changing Thai meal. I want to say a huge thank
you for watching this video. Please remember to give it a thumbs up. If you enjoyed it leave a comment below. I'd love to hear from you, and if you're not already subscribed, click subscribe now and also click the little bell icon so
that you get notified of the next video that I publish. Thanks again for watching and
see you on the next video.

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